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People are always curious about Does Anyone Use Floppy Disks Anymore? Floppy discs have been in use for decades, but how long have you gone without using one? Even while modern software like Microsoft’s Office suite still uses it as the save icon, you’re unlikely to come across one in nature. Considering that a standard floppy disc only has 1.44MB of storage space, there’s no need for these discs to remain in use.

Does Anyone Use Floppy Disks Anymore?

Floppy Discs are still used by some people who have no choice but to utilize them. Almost all manufacturers have ceased supplying the discs they require. To some, the floppy disc is a relic of the 1990s.

Use Floppy Disks Anymore

Does Anyone Use Floppy Discs In The Current Century?

Yes. Many US missile silos have been decommissioned, but the ones remaining still store their data on 8-inch floppy discs! Why? Tried and true trumps convenience when the stakes are high enough to warrant it.

In my neighborhood, there’s a textile mill, so that’s another example. Because they’re from the 1990s, their computers have 3.5”-disc drives. These discs hold all of their sewing patterns. Could they acquire new computers that can read DVDs Or USB Flash Drives? Sure. They’ll buy the new machinery as soon as they can raise a few million dollars.

Why Use A Floppy Disk In The First Place?

Floppy discs have both advantages and disadvantages. During the ’90s, they offered a lot of advantages that made them popular. Floppy discs enjoyed the following advantages during their heyday years:

  • They are low-priced.
  • Floppy discs can be taken with you.
  • Because the disc is protected by the plastic covering, there is no need to travel it in a case.

A built-in write protection feature keeps your data safe from being accidentally overwritten or erased. Early computers may not recognize current data storage devices, yet floppy discs are commonly compatible with them. A boot disc can be created by saving a specific boot program to it.

When you boot from a floppy disc, you can check for memory problems and perform any necessary corrections. They can be reused.  Using Floppy Discs has certain drawbacks, which have contributed to their diminishing market demand. Their storage capacity is significantly lower than that of current storage devices.

  • Their effectiveness can be affected by factors like heat and magnetic fields.
  • Moisture and dust are quite damaging to them.
  • This means that they have a low data transfer speed.
  • As a result, floppy drives are becoming increasingly rare in contemporary computers.
  • The plastic cases of floppy discs are more pliable than durable.

Is It Still Possible To Buy A Floppy Disc Drive (FDD)?

You also can find FDD and floppy discs on Amazon decades after their golden time. They’re still made and sold, even online, by a few companies. Floppy discs, on the other hand, are still readily accessible for purchase on the internet. However, it’s advisable to check the fine print before buying a product because some merchants don’t make it clear if their goods are brand new or not.

Are Floppy Disks Rewritable?

A detachable, rewriteable magnetic recording media called a floppy disk is made up of a disk-shaped polymer sheet covered on the front and back with magnetic material and then enclosed in a jacket. It is also directed as a flexible disk on occasion.

Can Floppy Disks Be Reused?

Floppy disks may typically be recycled. This is because they are frequently produced using highly recyclable materials. These materials consist of iron oxide-coated metals, adhesive rings, polymers, and stainless steel.


Here we conclude all discussion about Does Anyone Use Floppy Disks Anymore? Floppy discs are still in widespread use on a large number of vintage machines. However, this isn’t the only instance.

There are still several government agencies that are still using gear that is decades old. For instance, a company in my nation recently purchased 130000 3.5-inch floppy discs. Even though it occurred almost a decade ago, I have a feeling they’re still in use today.

Many devices that are not pcs, but yet employ floppy discs, are still in use today. Floppy discs could be used to save settings on some older electrical equipment. Yamaha SY77 is still used by my friend’s band.

Frequently Asked Questions

Floppy discs: Are they still in use?

It is still possible to use floppy disc drives for vintage industrial computers, but they have been replaced by data storage technologies with far better storage capacity and transfer speeds, such as USB flash drives, memory cards, and optical discs.

Is it worthwhile to keep old floppy discs?

If you’re looking for long-lasting, high-density storage, you’ll need to look no farther than 1.44MB 3.5inch discs.

How much aftermarket is there for outdated floppy discs?

Even though the number of floppy discs being sold is on the rise, it is still a little market. Floppy discs have been selling around 170 each year for the previous few years. A typical day here sees the sale of about 20,000 vinyl albums. For some people, that’s the main advertising point.

Diskettes with floppy drives were commonplace till when did they become obsolete?

By the late 1990s, floppy discs, as vital as they were, were on their way out. A more stable alternative to floppy discs, rewritable CDs, was introduced. The floppy disc was widely considered to have died in 2011.

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