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Many people have concerns about Amazon Returns, which is understandable given the plethora of regulations and laws at play. But have you ever thought Does Amazon Keep Track Of Serial Numbers? Amazon returned product serial numbers, and the process that goes along with them is a source of confusion for some people.

Does Amazon Keep Track Of Serial Numbers?

No, it doesn’t seem that Amazon keeps track of serial numbers. Amazon does not, but individual sellers may. Of course, Amazon may constantly adjust its policies if this continues to be a problem.

Amazon Keep Track Of Serial Numbers

Does Amazon Look At Serial Numbers?

It is true that when you buy something from Amazon, the seller prints the serial number and barcode to ensure that if you return it, Amazon will find the same item. This may seem excessive, but considering that some individuals went through the trouble of purchasing a new item and exchanging an old one to get their money back, it seems logical that they inspect them.

That’s the quick answer; if you’d like the complete answer, feel free to read the remainder of the essay; you never know what you’ll discover. However, there is a concept known as virtual tracking.

What Is Virtual Tracking And How Does It Work?

By using virtual tracking, Amazon can use the same products from several sellers to expedite order processing and deliver items from a fulfilment centre closer to the customer. A virtual tracking system is used to trace the origin of qualified products for free shipping. Fulfilment centres don’t keep identical items from various suppliers in the same place.

What Happens If An Item Is Returned With A Different Serial Number?

Buying a used car can be a challenging experience, so if this happens accidentally to you, you should attempt to be as cooperative and truthful as possible to avoid further problems. This is because many scammers operate in this manner, which Amazon is well aware of.

This means the vendor, whether a third-party seller or Amazon themselves, will instantly deny any refund and inform the consumer that the serial number is not identical to what was purchased.

Is It Ever The Case When Amazon Refuses A Return?

As long as the goods are returnable, Amazon is legally required to accept any returns. However, Amazon may refuse to accept a replacement or take action if the consumer has made excessive returns.

Which Items Are Not Returnable?

The following are some items that you can’t return, no matter how much you want to:

  • Laptops, desktop computers, and Kindles (after a month of delivery)
  • Items with damage protection seals and specific health and hygiene goods may be eligible for reimbursement without the need to return them.
  • For Made-to-order and personalized goods, only a few exceptions to this rule apply if the product has been damaged or contains mistakes.
  • Amazon’s digital music store offers downloadable songs.
  • There are no returns or refunds for flowers and plants. However, there are exceptions for legitimate reasons.
  • Gift certificates for Amazon
  • Prepaid cards can be used to make in-game purchases on consoles, including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Phone cards that can be recharged at any time
  • No serial number or Universal Product Code can be found on products.
  • Software and game downloads are examples of digital purchases.
  • Tickets to a theme park
  • bought via Amazon’s video marketplace
  • Liquor and food (can be reimbursed or replaced if food is ruined or there is a delivery problem.)
  • The use of combustible liquids or gases, for example
  • Another “product” that can’t be returned is a live insect, which some may find strange.

What Happens If A Customer Requests An Excessive Number Of Returns?

The average Amazon customer is unlikely to find themselves in this predicament. However, it’s possible that we would wonder about it if we’re considering returning a product for the third or fourth time. In 2018, Amazon terminated a customer’s account for making “excessive” returns in a year. That happened in 2018.

Does Amazon Check Serial Numbers On Returns?

Yes! They do check serial numbers when parcels return.

Does The Best Buy Check Serial Numbers On Returns?

As of 2022, Best Buy does check serial numbers on returned items. Best Buy will start processing your return request if the product and receipt serial numbers are the same. The customer must, however, submit a return request during the proper return and exchange window.


Concluding Does Amazon Keep Track Of Serial Numbers? And What To Do Return Item With Different Serial Number Amazon? A consumer can’t get a refund from Amazon if they return an item and the serial number doesn’t match. Amazon will deny the refund and ask why the numbers don’t match. Keeping track of goods’ serial numbers is essential for both the buyer and the seller to avoid any complications with purchases, which is why they’re there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to track serial numbers?

Is It Possible to Track Serial Numbers? Using serial numbers, you may follow a product from the moment of its creation through to its delivery and sale. You can keep track of a product’s history by using its unique identifier.

Is Amazon’s return policy based on serial numbers?

They won’t be affected by it. 80 percent of things are not inspected after they return, even if they claim to do so. Please get in touch with the company’s customer care department. The return carrier may misplace an item, or the fulfilment centre may fail to process it properly after we get it.

Do returns with serial numbers get checked?

Yes. The serial number and barcode must be scanned when the item is sold. As a result, the serial number must be scanned when returning the item to ensure that it is, in fact, the correct one. Buying a new item and then returning the old one to get your money back is why this happens.

What’s the best method to keep track of serial numbers?

A spreadsheet is an excellent tool for keeping track of everything. Different columns can be created for each piece of information, such as the serial number, product name, and purchase date. Personal and business items can be separated using various tabs in the same document.

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