Do iPhones Thermal Throttle? (Things You Should Know)

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Here is the fact you like to know about “Do iPhones Thermal Throttle?” In an effort to address a widespread battery discharge problem, Apple took the contentious and ultimately very expensive decision to throttle its older iPhone models in 2017.

Although its intentions were ostensibly good, the fact that it made users’ devices slower led to a lot of backlash from users who suddenly had to deal with a noticeably worse user experience whenever they wanted to do something like send a text, make a FaceTime call, or play a game while driving to work. Learn how to turn it off and utilize the improved charging in iOS 13 to prolong the life of your battery.

Do iPhones Thermal Throttle?

The lifespan of the device will theoretically be extended, enabling it to operate at a functional level for a more extended period. Apple formerly added this feature to MacBooks to prevent overheating. However, iPhones can also be throttled to extend battery life.

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Throttling is a phrase that can also be used to describe computer hardware that restricts the performance of other components. For instance, a higher-performance computer often needs a powerful cooling system to enable the CPU to work at its full potential. The process of “thermal throttling,” in which the cooling system throttles the CPU, can result from inadequate cooling of a CPU and lower processing speed.

Why Does Apple Throttle Its iPhones?

While it’s annoying to find your iPhone suddenly using a small fraction of its power, Apple throttles its iPhones beyond a certain age for a good reason. With each charging cycle, the iPhone’s battery capacity decreases as it loses its potential to deliver peak power.

After a few hours of use, your iPhone may also abruptly shut off after the battery reaches a certain level. Apple developed software to restrict the performance of the iPhone and lessen the demand placed on the battery.

How To Install The Latest Version Of iOS On Your iPhone?

You might have to upgrade to iOS 11.3 or later to get the option to turn off iPhone throttling. Here’s how to upgrade your iPhone to the recent version of iOS:

  • Activate “Settings”
  • Click “Software Update” under “General.”
  • The “Software Update” box will either inform you if you already have the most recent version of iOS installed or ask you to do so. It will take more than one update to bring your phone up to date if you are using an iOS version older than 11.2.

Should You Turn Off iPhone Throttling?

Turning off performance management makes sense if you value performance over longer battery life. Your battery’s life expectancy will be reduced as a result. Another cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new phone is to change the battery for $49 or $69, depending on your current model. Battery replacement may be more cost-effective than purchasing a new iPhone if you currently own a reasonably modern iPhone, such as the iPhone 8. After all, a new iPhone costs more than $49–$69.

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How To Disable Device Throttling And Enable Optimized Charging?

Users of iOS 11.3 now have the option to turn off the CPU throttling that generated so much criticism. Additionally, iOS 11.3 includes a ton of battery health data. Apple included capabilities that show the battery’s condition and alert the device user when necessary maintenance is needed. The Settings app’s Battery tab is where you may find that information. Go to the Battery tab, search for the Battery Health button, and tap it to see if your device is being throttled.

Find the section that states Peak Performance Capability on the resulting screen. You’ll see some text below that states that performance management has been implemented or that your battery is currently sustaining typical peak performance and that built-in software and hardware that counteracts performance effects may be detected as your battery ages. If it says the latter, your mobile has throttling turned on.

You should see a toggle switch next to the notification that performance management has been implemented; switching it off will stop device throttling. If the toggle is not visible, your battery is in good condition. Thus there is no need to be concerned.

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IOS 13 or later, you’ll see Optimized Battery Charging below Peak Performance. With the help of this technology, your phone may learn how often you charge it and slow down the process, so the battery doesn’t overcharge and lose all of its capacity. If you plug in your iPhone to charge it overnight, the initial charge will go much more slowly, and the charge should be finished by the time you unplug your phone in the morning.

Optimized Battery Charging should have a toggle next to it that, when turned on, activates the feature. It’s a good concept to do this because anything that preserves your battery and lessens the likelihood of throttling is beneficial. The throttling may extend the ability to hold a charge, but performance is noticeably diminished.

Final Summary

Here is an important point to conclude our discussion on Do iPhones Thermal Throttle? It’s not shocking that Apple will keep slowing down iPhones. It’s not like it was just done as a joke; there is a reason why it was done in the first place. But at least you know it’s occurring now, and more importantly, you can do something about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apple throttle phones?

Apple confirmed the throttling almost a year after it was first implemented and said that it affected phones with older batteries, those that were short on charge or cold, which might impair a battery’s performance.

How can I tell if iPhone is being throttled?

You can verify the battery’s original capacity and whether peak performance throttling is necessary under Settings > Battery. You can disable the throttle if it is reported that your phone is being throttled from this location.

Why do iPhones slow down after two years?

The battery in your iPhone may be nearing the end of its useful life if you’ve had it for a while. Apple may remotely reduce your phone’s performance once the battery has reached the end of its useful life.

Can iPhones break heat?

Using your iPhone or iPad in a heat wave could result in lasting damage. Your iPhone may display a warning screen if the temperature rises too high. While you might still be able to use your iPhone to make emergency calls in this situation, it’s advisable to turn it off and store it somewhere more fabulous to avoid harm.

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