Do I Need Geforce Experience? Quick Answer

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NVIDIA GeForce Experience is a software suite that includes NVIDIA graphics card drivers. But have you ever thought Do I Need Geforce Experience? Let’s look at how to set it up and use those interesting added capabilities and some often-asked questions.

Do I Need Geforce Experience?

Technically, you don’t even need GeForce Experience; some people go to great lengths to install only the driver rather than the entire suite. However, because of the large number of functions available, we strongly advise most customers to install GeForce Experience.

Need Geforce Experience

How To Download And Install Geforce Experience?

GeForce Experience, on the other hand, features a relatively simple installation procedure. To begin, visit the GeForce Experience download page and select “Download Now.” It’s time to start the installer after downloading the setup application. Install the installer by double-clicking it, just like any other Windows program.

You must first sign in to GeForce Experience after installation before using it. You can use a Facebook login instead of an NVIDIA account if you don’t already have one.

When you first sign in, you will be taken to the Home Screen, where you’ll see a tour and the option to have games automatically optimized as you install them. For the time being, we recommend unchecking this option and skipping the tour. You can always return to it later if you feel like you’ve missed something.

What Does Geforce Experience Include?

The Game Optimization function on the Home Screen, the Driver Update tool on the Drivers Screen and the NVIDIA Share overlay for capturing and recording gameplay are the three main pillars of GeForce Experience.

Before we get into the additions, let’s talk about why you should buy GeForce Experience in the first place: simple driver updates. When a new driver becomes available, you will be notified automatically on the Drivers screen. You can also do the settings to have driver updates downloaded automatically; however, this isn’t recommended if your connection is bandwidth-constrained or latency-sensitive.

The driver update procedure is also rather simple. You can select between an “Express” and “Custom” installation once the download is complete. Express will upgrade your current driver with minimal effort, whereas Custom provides a few additional options, including a clean reinstall.

How Does GeForce Experience Optimize Gaming?

The Game Optimization feature in GeForce Experience can help users simplify graphics optimization. This is particularly important for people who cannot tweak their graphics settings independently. To optimize a specific game, go to the home screen and choose the game you want to improve.

I’m using Doom Eternal for this tutorial. When you select a game on GeForce Experience, you’ll be presented with a slideshow of several in-game screenshots highlighting and discussing various graphical effects.

NVIDIA Share In Geforce Experience: How To Get It?

NVIDIA Share, formerly known as Shadowplay, is a software solution from NVIDIA that allows you to record and stream games directly from your GPU. Although we’ve already prepared a more comprehensive introduction to NVIDIA Share, we still want to provide you with a good starting point in this article. To begin, press Ctrl + Z to bring up your NVIDIA Share overlay.

You can toggle each of these features at will and adjust their settings from here, as long as they are not enabled at the time (for example, you can’t alter Instant Replay settings while it’s recording). If you need any specific settings, click the gear symbol to access them. The options menu of NVIDIA Share has a few hidden jewels that most users won’t need to bother with.

“Privacy Control” and “Audio” are the two key things I recommend adjusting. If you’re on a desktop, “Privacy Control” will allow Instant Replay and Recording to work on your computer, making it less likely that you’ll be interrupted by alt-tabbing out of the game.

However, desktop and laptop users will want to go into “Audio” to split their audio tracks. You can achieve crisper recordings of your desktop/game audio by enabling “Separate both tracks.” When editing and uploading the video, you can still use the mic track, and having it as a distinct track makes it much easier to edit and remove background noise.

Nvidia GeForce Experience Won’t Optimize Games

The most likely reason for your inability to optimize the game in GeForce Experience is damaged user configuration files. Additionally, the problem may be caused by incorrect game settings, antivirus or firewall blockages, faulty graphic card drivers, or even DNS settings.

Should You Use GeForce Experience To Optimize Your Games?

It eliminates the tedious task of looking for driver updates. It makes it exceedingly simple to optimize your games so they may be appropriately played, taking into consideration your computer’s hardware.


That’s all I have on Do I Need Geforce Experience? It may be time to make a complete reinstall if you’re having problems with GeForce Experience, such as crashing or other difficulties that are hurting your gameplay. If your problems appear small and you want to start afresh, follow the steps above and select “Perform a clean installation.”

If you’re still having problems after a fresh install, you might need to go a step further. You need to download Display Driver Uninstaller in this case. Reboot into Safe Mode after making sure DDU, and your driver install executable are in an easy-to-find location in your files (even your desktop will suffice).

DDU should be run first, followed by installing your new driver and a restart of Windows. If you’re still having problems after this, you’re probably dealing with either a graphics card problem or a problem elsewhere in your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I optimize my games with Nvidia GeForce Experience?

It Depends. Those with lower-specced hardware benefit the most from the Geforce optimization. If you’re using a 9th or 10th generation i7 or i5 CPU, an RTX2070 or higher, and playing games at 1080p (or 1440p), you’re not pushing your system to its limits.

Is GeForce Experience required to update drivers?

If you don’t use the GeForce Experience application, you’ll have to search for and install updates manually. However, GeForce Experience is a more robust tool requiring creating an account. Even only to get driver updates, you must create an account.

Is it true that removing GeForce Experience improves FPS?

To increase FPS in graphics games, disable Nvidia GeForce Experience Overlay. Disabling the GeForce Experience Overlay will, in theory, make graphics-intensive video games run faster. The entire Windows system will run smoothly, and RAM management will improve dramatically.

Is GeForce Experience problematic?

NVIDIA GeForce products, Nvidia’s brand of GPUs, come with GeForce Experience loaded by default. The more serious of the two flaws (CVE-2020-5977) can result in various malicious attacks on targeted systems, including code execution, denial of service, privilege escalation, and information exposure.

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