Do I Need A Keyboard For My iPad? (Brief Answer)

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Here is all information about Do I Need A Keyboard For My iPad? Although the iPad features an applicable virtual keyboard, there are a variety of situations where a real keyboard for your tablet is necessary. Please understand us.

When it comes to virtual keyboards, Apple has excellent technology. They are, without a doubt, among the best in the business, and they have lots of fun features that help mask the fact that they are on screen.

Do I Need A Keyboard For My iPad?

Actually, NO! Suppose you’re using it to take notes. Since I don’t type much, it’s difficult to judge, but most keyboards even a Smart Keyboard seem cumbersome. Several apps allow you to take notes manually that can later be converted to text.

Need A Keyboard For My iPad

Why Keyboard For iPad?

Despite the iPad’s functionality, some users still prefer a conventional keyboard, especially when typing for extended periods.

Why Keyboard For iPad

Type Faster

An external keyboard could make browsing the web and sending messages simpler if you feel more at ease using one than a touch screen.

Type On The Go

Using a keyboard with your iPad can be better if you type a lot while on the move but detest dragging around a laptop.

Make Use Of Your iPad As A Computer

Are you lacking a computer? A lot of what a Mac can accomplish, your iPad can also do. Purchase an iPad stand to use a keyboard with it, or seek a case and keyboard combination.

When You Shouldn’t Buy An iPad Keyboard?

For some jobs, an on-screen keyboard could be preferable to a connected one. Here are some iOS features that using a physical keyboard may make you miss:

When You Shouldn't Buy An iPad Keyboard

The Virtual Touchpad

On touchscreen devices, you may typically move the pointer to a particular section of the text by touching it with your finger or holding it still to control the cursor. Although it mimics what the mouse does, this motion is frequently not nearly accurate enough to swiftly position the pointer where you want it or pick a substantial amount of text.

When you press the screen with two fingers, the on-screen keyboard transforms into a touchpad, solving the problem. You’ll have more accurate control as the cursor follows your finger movements on the touch screen.


While auto-correct is compatible with a physical keyboard, entering a lot of material frequently takes longer than it saves. The iPad still highlights words it thinks you’ve misspelled when auto-correction is disabled, but it provides you the option of which word to choose rather than automatically correcting it. By typing the first half of a word and then tapping the proposed word to complete it, you may also use the screen’s suggested words to speed up content entry.

On-Screen Keyboard Alternatives

You can utilize an alternative if you prefer something other than the built-in on-screen keyboard. The iPad can run widgets inside other programs, like a photo filter that opens in Photos. You can set up a keyboard like this as a device if you like Swype or other keyboards that allow you to glide your finger through words rather than tapping them out.

Voice Dictation With Siri

Siri is excellent at capturing voice dictation, despite receiving a lot of attention for its use as a personal assistant or for answering queries. A microphone key can be found on the standard on-screen keyboard. You can tap this microphone key to speak into your iPad whenever the keyboard is visible on the screen.

What Features Are Important For An iPad Keyboard?

Okay, so you’ve decided that your iPad needs a keyboard. What sort of keyboard should you get, though? It’s crucial to consider the characteristics you’ll require and choose a keyboard that fits. If not, time will be wasted on trial and error.

What Features Are Important For An iPad Keyboard

The cost may be high if you require an iPad keyboard for work. Additionally, analyzing features might help you determine whether you need a keyboard. Consider some of the most important aspects of choosing your iPad keyboard.

Number Pad

Long numbers can be entered quickly using the 10-key keypad or number pad. It makes a difficult task seem relatively simple just by its practical layout. But you won’t find the iPad to be strong in this area. Consider opting for a keyboard with a connected number pad if you need to enter a lot of data or are logging many digits. Alternatively, if you only need a 10-key keypad, you can purchase one separately.


With the use of two fingers, the virtual keyboard on the iPad can transform into a trackpad. But if you switch to an external keyboard, you won’t have access to this feature unless you want to constantly move your palm up and down to use the iPad’s touchpad.

Buying a keyboard with a built-in touchpad is one option. Possibly like this: Along with a few other places, Amazon sells this keyboard. Numerous choices accomplish this dual goal, giving you access to a keyboard and a mouse.

Final Verdict

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to buy an iPad keyboard?

Apple’s Magic Keyboard for iPad is a dependable and respectable keyboard for your iPad Pro or iPad Air. It is comfortable to type on, and the shell effectively shields the iPad from drops. The viewing angle is suitable for the majority of tasks. However, artists might find an iPad drawing stand more appropriate for their needs.

Should I get a laptop or an iPad with a keyboard?

In addition to having a full keyboard, laptops are more advantageous than iPads for office work since they can more readily handle demanding applications, complex spreadsheets, and word processing.

Does having a good keyboard make a difference?

If they have the right features, such as mechanical switches, N-key rollover, and a wired connection, gaming keyboards may be worthwhile. Most of the additional functions that come with a gaming keyboard aren’t helpful or worthwhile, but they can be convenient.

What kind of keyboard do I need for my iPad?

The ideal iPad mate is the Magic Keyboard Folio. It has a fantastic typing experience, an integrated trackpad for fine-motor work, and a 14-key function row.

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