Do All Dell Laptops Have The Same Charger? Answered

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Have you ever wondered Do All Dell Laptops Have The Same Charger? All Dell laptop chargers are not compatible with all Dell laptops since the power supply needs of each model are different. All laptops that utilize the same connection and need the same amount of power can be charged using these chargers, as long as they are coupled with a compatible model.

Some Dell laptops, for example, may only require 35 Watts of power, while others may demand over 100 Watts of power to run. The difference in power output could damage laptops that aren’t meant to use Dell chargers.

Do All Dell Laptops Have The Same Charger?

Maybe yes or no. Although there are minor differences, the adapters are not the same. There are two types, one of which is a 65Wh adapter and the other is a 90Wh adapter, that I am aware. The 65Wh adapter should function well if you are only using your laptop. A 90Wh adaptor is necessary if you use a docking station or a few external devices.

Whether it is 65 or 90 watts, it isn’t usually clearly stated on the adaptor. The quickest and dirtiest way to figure it out is to multiply the volts and amps by the output power, which should be 19.5 volts. You may reasonably estimate the adapter’s wattage using that.

So, a 65-watt adapter should have an output of 19.5 volts and 3.3 amps. The production of the 90-watt adaptor should be 19.5 volts and 4.6 amps. Never try to use an HP, ACER, or another brand adapter on a Dell; they are not compatible and most likely use different voltages and power plugs. Dell-branded universal adapters ought should work just fine.

Dell Laptops Have The Same Charger

Do I think so? However, there is a small distinction between them. As far as I know, both the 65Wh and 90Wh models are on the market. The 65Wh adapter should be sufficient if you’re only using your laptop. With a few external devices or a docking station, you will need a 90Wh adapter.

In certain cases, the adapter’s label may not indicate whether it is a 65 or 90-watt model. Find the output voltage (It should be 19.5 volts), multiply the volts and amperes, and voila! This will give you a great idea of the adapter’s wattage. As a result, the output voltage and current of a 65-watt adaptor should be 19.5 volts and 3.3 amps, respectively. 4.6 amps at 19.5 volts is the recommended voltage and current for the 90-watt adaptor.

Use a Dell-specific adapter instead of an HP, ACER, or any other brand’s adapter because they’re not made for Dells and may not use the same voltage and power plugs. Dell-branded universal adapters should work just fine.

By Wattage, Not Brand

Using a charger with a specific wattage guarantees compatibility; the brand name on the charger merely guarantees that the item will operate with a particular laptop. It’s possible to get an error or harm your computer if you move between two Dell laptops with compatible Dell chargers that are both 75W and 90W. It’s possible to get around this issue by using a different brand of charger that has the same type of connector and wattage as your Dell laptop.

Voltage And Amp Complication

There is no guarantee that the charger will not harm your computer, even if it matches your laptop’s wattage. If you want to know how much power anything consumes, you can divide the voltage by the amperage. Alternative charger voltage and amperage should be close to the manufacturer’s charger specifications. The laptop will not be damaged if you use a Dell replacement charger.

Are Dell Laptop Chargers Universal?

Due to variations in the power source requirements between different Dell laptop models, not all Dell laptop chargers will function on all Dell laptops. While coupled with suitable models, the chargers are made to work with all laptops that have the same type of connection and need the same amount of power.

For instance, some Dell laptops might only need 35 Watts of power, while others might require over 100W. A Dell charger might function with a computer it wasn’t designed to, but the laptop could be harmed due to the different power output.

Is There A Universal Charger For A Dell Laptop?

A few businesses have included particular chips in their computers and chargers so that they may talk to one another. For example, Dell frequently employs this technique to ensure that non-OEM chargers are incompatible with their computers. Therefore, if you attempt to use a non-OEM charger with a Dell laptop, it will not function.


This is all about Do All Dell Laptops Have The Same Charger? Several aren’t well-assembled and, as a result, aren’t recommended. Although some are decently built, I recommend sticking with a reputable manufacturer that provides a warranty. Here’s what it’s been like for me.

It took about a month for one of them to fail, and two years later, the other one is still working, but the build quality is nowhere near as good as the original. Keep in mind that adage: you get what you pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the charger for all Dell laptops the same?

Because different Dell laptop models have different power requirements, not all Dell laptop chargers will work with all Dell laptops. As long as the charger is connected with a compatible model, it is designed to function with all laptops that utilize the same connection and require the same amount of power.

Are laptop computers sold at Walmart?

Computers are available at Walmart, but you may buy better laptops of higher quality elsewhere. According to Perez of, “Walmart boasts low prices on goods like computers and TVs, but the brands are also lower quality.”

On a Dell computer, where do you find the battery?

The battery compartment on the bottom of your computer’s chassis is where you’ll want to place the Dell laptop battery. A snapping sound will be emitted as the battery is inserted.

What is a universal laptop charger, and how does it differ from other types of chargers?

USB-C is a universally accepted method for charging. A USB-C charger may theoretically power a laptop with a USB-C port and power bank, regardless of the USB-C charger you use. Real-world implementation is taking a long time. USB-C chargers are typically interchangeable, but this is not always the case.

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