Disney Plus Stopped Working On My Sony TV | Causes + Fix

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Disney Plus is a relatively new addition to the app streaming world. It is, nevertheless, a welcome addition! All of your favorite Disney movies from childhood are gathered in one place and maybe watched at any time. What if Disney Plus Stopped Working On My Sony TV?

Disney Plus Stopped Working On My Sony TV

If your internet connection is unreliable, the Disney Plus app will not work on your Smart TV. Refreshing the signal might be as simple as unplugging the router for a few minutes. Remove any items that interfere with the Wi-Fi signal and move the router closer to the TV.

How To Fix Disney Plus Stopped Working On My Sony TV

The Disney Plus app isn’t working for a variety of reasons. The Smart TV and the Disney Plus app have different concerns. This article will help you resolve some of the possible causes of problems with the Disney Plus app.

Why Is Smart TV Disney Plus Not Working?

You expect the Disney Plus app to work whether you want to watch a childhood favorite or see if the modern remake does its justice. A peaceful evening rapidly becomes tense when it isn’t working.

If there is a conflict between applications on your Smart TV, the Disney Plus app will not work. These unneeded apps will clog the memory space required to run the Disney Plus app. Restart your TV after uninstalling any programs you don’t use regularly.

How To Fix Disney Plus Stopped Working On Sony TV?

Check Network Connection

Most of the time, the remedy is straightforward. Ensure you’re on the right network when troubleshooting issues with apps like Disney Plus. Networks can get switched when several devices are streaming from multiple providers.

Check The Router

The router is in charge of sending the Wi-Fi signal to your television and other devices. The Wi-Fi signal required to run the Disney Plus app successfully will be weak if the device is too far away from the TV or is overloaded from use.

To avoid signal interference and improve WiFi strength, move the router closer to the TV. Restarting the router will clean the network and give you a better WiFi connection.

Clear TV Memory Cache

The Disney Plus app is undoubtedly getting used these days if you have children or are a child at heart. The memory cache fills up faster each time the software is used. The memory cache is high-speed memory storage that stores frequently used data.

Your Smart TV will not be able to find the stored information for the Disney App if the memory cache is too full. Clearing the memory cache regularly is a good idea. By heading to your TV’s Settings and selecting Applications, you may clear the memory cache. Select “Clear Cache and Clear Data” from the drop-down menu.

Ensure A Stable Internet Connection

It’s easy to overlook the state of your Internet connection, but it’s a crucial factor to consider. You may be thinking Disney Plus services aren’t working, but it’s also possible that you’re dealing with a shaky or poor Internet connection.

To test your Internet connection speed, you can use SpeedTest or the Fast web tool. That could be the issue if it’s completely bad. For example, if you have a wireless connection, you should verify the signal strength.

Put another way, if the streaming device is close enough to your network to provide a fast connection. You can restart the router or reconnect to see if this resolves the problem. If your Internet speeds have not improved, contact your ISP’s customer service (Internet Service Provider).

Update The Application

Whether you are using it on your smartphone or your television, not everyone keeps up with the latest changes. As a result, you must check for app updates on your smartphone and your television (as applicable to you). For example, there was a documented issue with the Disney+ app crashing on Sony Bravia smart TVs (running Android). However, a simple software update remedied the situation.

Check For System Updates

It’s also good to keep your system’s firmware up to date. Ensure that you have updated the most recent available system update, whether it be for your smart TV or smartphone. A compatibility issue is sometimes the root cause, which may frequently be resolved by just updating your system (if an update is available).

Reinstall The App

If nothing else works, uninstalling and reinstalling the program to resolve any temporary issues. You’ll have to log in again, so be sure you don’t forget your credentials before uninstalling the program.

How Do I Update Disney+ On My Sony TV?

  • Decide on Google Play. Depending on your TV’s menu, choose Apps first if necessary.
  • In the top right corner of the screen, click the profile symbol.
  • Pick Manage applications and games.
  • Choose Updates.
  • You can choose to Update all or choose any listed program to update.

How Do I Clear The Cache On Disney Plus On Sony TV?

  • Your remote control’s Home button should be pressed.
  • Launch Settings.
  • Depending on the menu choice on your TV, the subsequent steps may change: Choose Apps. View all apps. Display the system applications. Choose apps.
  • Choose your favorite app, or choose them all under System apps.
  • Then click OK after selecting Clear cache.

Is Disney Plus Compatible With Sony TV?

Android TV models can be utilized with the Disney+ app. You can download the Disney+ AndroidTM app from the Google PlayTM Store or Sony Select on your Android TV. Contact the Disney Plus website or the Disney Plus Help Center for further details about the app.


This is odd, but it’s possible that Disney Plus Stopped Working On My Sony TV because they’re out of commission. It’s also conceivable that the problem is caused by a problem with your home Internet service, in which case you should contact your ISP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t Disney Plus working on my TV anymore?

If Disney Plus isn’t working on your Samsung TV, try clearing the cache within the app, resetting the Smart Hub, double-checking that you have a TV model that supports the app, resetting your internet, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, or closing out of the app and turning your TV off and on again.

What is the problem with Disney+?

Sign out and restart your streaming device, whether a mobile phone or a computer. You can connect your streaming device to your internet device using a wire. It’s time for a new version of Disney+. Remove the program and clear the cache before reinstalling the Disney+ app if this doesn’t work.

What is the best way to relaunch Disney Plus?

Open the app and log in. Look for the film or TV show you wish to watch again. The letter I should be tapped. Press and hold the restart button.

What’s the deal with the Disney Plus login screen being black?

If you get a black display when trying to access the Dispneyplus login page, Disney has probably restricted your IP address due to suspicious activities on your Windows PC/computer. To see if it helps, try connecting to an alternative WIFI network or using mobile data.

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