DISM Restorehealth Error 4448 | Causes + Solution

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When users attempt to use DISM to repair issues with their operating system, they may see this error. DISM, on the other hand, may fail to complete the operation owing to corrupted system drivers, resulting in the DISM Restorehealth Error 4448. The WOF Driver found corruption in the compressed file’s Resource Table. If you are facing the same problem, please read this post; we will assist you in addressing it.

DISM Restorehealth Error 4448

A corrupted system file causes DISM error 4448. The wof driver discovered a corruption, which can be rectified with an in-place system upgrade. Also, look for problems with your hard drive that could prevent your PC from booting up. Let’s fix it.

  • Look into your antivirus. Rarely, your antivirus software may be the root of this issue.
  • Choose the proper location for the Install—wim file.
  • Install a copy.
  • System image components should be cleaned.
  • Launch the troubleshooter for Windows Update.
  • Windows Update services should be reset.
  • Turn off proxy.
How To Fix DISM Restorehealth Error 4448

How To Fix DISM Restorehealth Error 4448?

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The blunder When the user tries to execute the DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) to correct system faults, the WOF driver encounters corruption in the compressed file’s Resource Table.

However, the utility may fail to restore the system owing to faulty system drivers or Windows 10 system files, resulting in this error message.

Fortunately, you can resolve this issue by following a few troubleshooting procedures. To fix DISM error 4448, the WOF driver met a corruption on your Windows 10 PC; follow the procedures in the article below.

Upgrade To Windows 10 On The Run

  1. Get the Media Creation Tool.
  2. To get the Windows 10 setup screen, run the program. To accept the terms, click Accept.
  3. Click Next after selecting Upgrade this PC Now.
  4. The modern version of the Media Creation Tool for Windows 10 will be downloaded. Click Next after you’ve finished downloading.
  5. To finish the in-place upgrade, follow the on-screen instructions. 

An in-place upgrade is a method of upgrading Windows without destroying personal files or uninstalling apps. If the In-Place upgrade using Media Creation Tool fails, try installing the latest updates for your PC using Microsoft Update Assistant.

Run Microsoft Update Assistant 

  1. For the Windows 10 update assistant, go to the Microsoft Download Center.
  2. To download the update assistant for the most recent Windows 10, click the Update Now option.
  3. Start the tool Windows10Upgrade9252.exe. When UAC prompts you, select Yes.
  4. In the Update to the latest version of the Windows 10 screen, click the Update Now button.
  5. The utility will perform a system check to determine system compatibility. Select Next.
  6. Windows will download the updated file. To download the update, make sure the metered connection is turned off.

Follow the on-screen directions once the update is ready to install. To install the updates, restart your computer. Check if the WOF driver discovered a corruption in the compressed file’s Resource Table fault had been addressed after the restart.

Check For HDD Failure

  • Open File Explorer and select This Computer.
  • Right-click your hard drive and select Properties.
  • In the Properties box, click the Tool tab. Under Error-checking, click the Check button.
  • Select Scan Disk. If any problems are discovered, Windows will scan the driver and display them.
  • If a fresh install doesn’t fix it, the WOF driver detected a corruption in the compressed file’s Resource Table error in Windows 10, check for hardware failure on your hard drive.
  • Your system may fail to boot normally due to bad disk sectors or mechanical driver failure. To check for faults on your hard drive, use Windows’ built-in error-checking feature.
  • A corrupted system file causes DISM error 4448. The wof driver discovered a corruption, which can be rectified with an in-place system upgrade.

Also, look for problems with your hard drive that could prevent your PC from booting up.

DISM The Component Store Has Been Corrupted

The following techniques will be examined to resolve the component store corruption issue on Windows 10/8/7: Use the command Restore Health. Reset the components of Windows Update. In your antivirus program, whitelist dism.exe

Will DISM Delete My Files?

As it is being installed, the DISM utility checks your machine for errors and corrects them. Any problems that the tool discovers or resolves are recorded in a log file that is created. None of your applications or data will be impacted. In order to correct the error, you can run the utility.


I hope the issue DISM Restorehealth Error 4448 has been resolved. If you find any more problems feel free to ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to correct a WOF?

As Administrator, open the Command Prompt. For Command Prompt, type cmd in the search bar and select Run as Administrator. The System File Check utility will analyze your computer for corrupt or missing system files and make necessary adjustments. Wait for the tool to finish and display a 100% completed statement.

What does it mean that the component store is repairable?

Because you stated in your query that you received the notice “The Component Store is Repairable,” this suggests corruption, and you should execute the repair. Virginia is the Queen of Time. This response was useful to 19 people.

What is the duration of dism RestoreHealth?

You’d use /RestoreHealth to scan the image for component store corruption, run automatic repair operations using Windows Update as the source, and log the corruption. Depending on the extent of corruption, this could take 10-15 minutes to several hours to complete.

What causes corruption in the component store?

It can be used differently with the Command Prompt command line. An error may appear after attempting to perform a command. The component store has been corrupted is one such DISM issue. An error in the image file has produced this error.

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