(Fixed)Discord Not Working With Bluetooth Headphones Android

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Here we start all about Discord Not Working With Bluetooth Headphones Android. One of the world’s most well-known online communication platforms. Discord revealed earlier this month that its Android app would undergo a significant redesign to enhance the quality of the mobile experience.

For unfamiliar gamers, gamers use Discord mostly to chat while playing games. One of the top VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) programs is Discord, thanks to features like Keybinds, Priority Speaker, and YouTube / Twitch Integration.

Discord users on Android have reportedly been complaining about troubles with the app’s audio on their Bluetooth headphones, according to a recent post by 9To5Google. The problem has gotten much worse over the past few weeks as more Android users have started using the updated Discord, which is based on React Native.

Discord Not Working With Bluetooth Headphones Android

React Native means an experience constantly growing faster across all platforms Discord is available on while maintaining Android and iOS particular patterns in the UI. Design specifics and UI components will now be more consistent across desktop, iOS, and Android, according to a blog post by Discord earlier this month about React Native.

Discord Not Working With Bluetooth Headphones Android

For other applications, audio, music, and calls, earbuds are fine. I may choose between “WF-1000XM4”, “Speakers,” and “Phone” for audio output. The speaker and the phone function well, but selecting WF-1000XM4 has the same result as picking “Phone.”

I Tried Following:

  • Using force to end the conflict
  • Delete Discord’s cache
  • Removing all Discord permissions and adding them back
  • I am removing the “WF-1000XM4” option from the audio output choice by disabling the “calls” option in the Bluetooth earbud settings.
  • Using Bluetooth to connect my earbuds while in the voice channel after joining it with Bluetooth turned off had no effect.
  • Resetting the phone
  • Turning on and off Bluetooth
  • Reconnecting and unplugging the earbuds

How To Connect & Use Bluetooth Headphones With Discord?

Follow the offered simple instructions to pair a Bluetooth headset with the fascination so it may function properly.

  • Refresh the tab after connecting the Bluetooth headset to the target device in step 1.
  • After that, select the audio icon to access the audio options. Set your Bluetooth headset as the default in the sound settings via the sound control panel.
  • Next, examine the Playback and Recording section’s audio quality.
  • Close the Audio Control Panel in step 5 and navigate to Discord User Settings.
  • Make the headset the default option in the Audio and Video dropdown box.
  • In this manner, the headphones on your Discord app for your mobile, laptop, computer, or tablet will function as intended. All of this had to do with using Bluetooth headphones with Discord mobile.

How To Fix Discord Not Working With Bluetooth Headphones Android?

 Use the Web version of Discord in your browser if the headset issue only affects the desktop client. The web version of Discord shouldn’t have the same bugs that the Discord app has.

Discord Not Working With Bluetooth Headphones Android 3

Check Your Audio Settings

  • Ensure that your default audio device is your headset.
  • Select Open sound settings by performing right-clicking on your speakers‘ icon.
  • Open Windows 10’s sound settings
  • To access the Sound Control Panel, scroll down.
  • Panel for sound control
  • Select Show disabled devices by right-clicking on the white space between the Playback and Recording tabs.
  • Use the right-click menu to make your headset the default audio device.
  • Don’t forget to ensure that Discord’s audio volume is off in your Sound Mixer settings.
  • Type “sound mixer” into Windows Search to find it.
  • Select the Sound Mixer menu.
  • Locate Discord under App volume and device options, and check sure the book is not off.

Run The Audio Troubleshooter

Two helpful audio troubleshooters in Windows 10 can assist you in automatically resolving issues with audio playback and recording.

  • Select Troubleshoot in the left-hand pane by going to Settings.
  • Look for and launch the troubleshooters for Playing Audio and Recording Audio.
  • The built-in audio troubleshooter for Windows 10
  • Review to notice if the sound is now coming from your headset.

Disable Your Headset Software

Try turning off any additional software you were using to improve the performance of your headset to see if that fixed the issue. Many users reported that they could finally hear Discord audio through their headsets after turning off their headset software.

Users with Corsair headsets couldn’t pick up any Discord audio; for instance, they resolved the issue by turning off the iCUE software (Corsair Utility Engine Software). Some of these tools, or at least some of their functions or settings, do not work perfectly with Discord.

Enable Legacy Audio Subsystem

Try switching back to the Legacy Audio system if your headset is incompatible with Discord’s most recent audio subsystem.

How to do it is as follows:

  • Open Discord, then select User Settings (gear icon)
  • Select Voice & Video, then choose Audio Subsystem.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose Legacy to enable the legacy audio subsystem in Discord.
  • Close the settings window, relaunch Discord, and see if the problem has been fixed.

Verify Your Sound Output And Input Configurations

Discord may not know which audio device to choose if you did not select the appropriate one in the settings (in your case, your headset).

Discord Not Working With Bluetooth Headphones Android 3

Here’s how to change Discord’s default audio device to your headset:

  • Open Discord, then select User Settings (gear icon)
  • Choose Voice & Video.
  • Select Settings for Output and Inputdiscord output input device.
  • To choose your headset, use the dropdown menu.
  • Save the changes, then see whether the audio problem still occurs.

Change The Server Region

Although only a tiny percentage of people found this strategy practical, we nonetheless felt it was essential to include it in our article. Changing the server zone can resolve the Discord headset issue for some people.

This is how to accomplish it:

  • Select Overview under the server settings.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose the Server Region.
  • Decide to choose a different region.
  • Restart Discord, apply the modifications, and test your headset.

You now have six helpful solutions if Discord audio isn’t coming through your headphones. Tell us which strategy you found worked the best.

Final Summary

The quickest fix for Discord Not Working With Bluetooth Headphones Android would be to remove the app and sideload an older version of Discord’s Android app from a reliable source (like APKMirror). According to a Discord announcement, the previous Discord Android applications will be disabled by September 1, 2022. This implies that the app won’t function until you update the most recent Discord app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Bluetooth headphones on Discord mobile?

Discord for Android features a button that lets you choose between your available audio devices, such as the smaller speaker for your ear, the louder speakerphone, and your Bluetooth headsets, precisely when you’re in a call or voice room.

Why won’t my headphones connect to Discord mobile?

The Discord app is not playing audio over headphones if your audio device is not selected as your primary input and output device. You can solve the problem by making your headphones the primary output device.

How Do I Fix Bluetooth Audio on Discord?

•       For the microphone to function, you must manually change the connection to “Headset” or “Handsfree.”
•       The audio quality starts to deteriorate noticeably when you enter headset (voice chat) mode.

How do I modify the audio output on Discord mobile?

Tap your profile photo in the bottom right corner of the screen in step one.
•       Tap “Voice” under “App Settings” after scrolling down to that area.
•       Depending on the mode you wish to use, press “Push to Talk” or “Voice Activity” at the bottom of the screen.

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