8 Ways For Decorating Around A TV (Do This)

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Do you ever get stuck when it comes to Decorating Around A TV? I know it was difficult for me to imagine how to make our large television blend in with the rest of my living room and not stand out like a sore thumb. I finally found a solution that I liked after MONTHS of searching for options.

But before I got there, I wasted a lot of time on Pinterest and tried multiple times. Fortunately, I saved all of the ideas and thought it would be great to share some of the unique and inventive ways to design a television.

A TV gallery wall emerged as a popular design style around a decade ago. Why? People thought enormous black TVs were unattractive and didn’t make a good focal point in most spaces. Because no one wanted an unattractive black box in the center of the room, television buyers all over the world began constructing gallery walls around their televisions.

Decorating Around The TV

Go ahead and look up “TV gallery wall” on Google to see how some people wouldn’t know where to finish. They continued to add to their Television gallery wall until you couldn’t tell there was a TV there at all. Worse, the TV didn’t match the decor and stood out as weird and fragmented in the scheme. The art sometimes obscured the wall-mounted TV, and the TV obscured the wall decor.

How To Decorate Around A TV?

Use Shelving Or Built-Ins To House Your TV

Add shelving or built-in bookshelves around the Television if you have a handy partner or the funds. Yes, before the 1990s, built-in shelves were highly common. Then the craze died down, and people began ripping them out of their homes.

All of the magnificent original 1920’s built-in cabinets and shelves were ripped out, which makes me sad. So, what’s this? People are now spending thousands of dollars to have built-in storage installed. Builders are increasingly including them in new homes, leaving a huge, open area in the middle for a large flat-screen TV.

The built-in trend, I feel, is here to stay this time, as generations have learned to enjoy the craftsmanship and the ease of more storage. Built-in bookcases are a terrific way to display everything from books to pictures (and of course, the television).

Select A Serene Background

Anyone who wants to turn their television into a work of art should consider the Samsung Frame TV. Simply choose a background or piece of art to keep on the display, and then surprise your guests when ESPN comes on it with a single click.

Blogger Carrie Waller combined her Samsung TV with a few additional frames to create a boho-inspired little gallery wall above her console. When the television is turned off, it fades in with the rest of the room. Yes, this method works best with thin screens, but it may be used to achieve a similar appearance with any flatscreen TV.

On The TV Wall, Aim For Balance And Symmetry

It’s no longer acceptable to say, Oh, I’ll just place this here to hide that old nail gap. A balanced appearance will appear tranquil and well-planned. A wall with haphazardly hanging items is perplexing and unnerving.

You don’t have to put items in the exact same sized images on either side of the Television, but you should measure your wall to ensure items are appropriately placed. Don’t go overboard by putting too many things on the table to seek attention.

Use Lighter Colors To Call Attention To The Television.

Remember that the TV should be the focal point when designing around it. Frames and art in bright, neutral colors are quite effective. Since wall mount TVs is darker, juxtaposing them with another bright and dark piece of art on the same wall gives a cluttered and perplexing appearance.

Balanced frames and light artwork will appear more planned and meaningful. However, if white walls aren’t your thing, any solid color can suffice. In blogger Colleen Pastoor’s bedroom, a navy blue actually assists her television set blend in without any further steps.

This appearance can also be achieved with the use of black. Remember to counteract the darkness with bright items, as Pastoor did with her white shelves and curtains in this room. It also helps that her room has a lot of natural light.

Create A TV Gallery Wall With The Same Frame Style

The TV gallery wall looks more coherent when the frames are the same color and design. Rather than being hidden, the Television becomes the focal point of the design. Any shade frame will do, but keep them in line with the overall decor of the area. Rather than trying to suit your frames to the current style of the TV, fit them to the environment.

Remove The Need For Additional Tables

Michelle Scheibe designed her own built-ins while leaving enough space for a television to be placed in the center of the room. One advantage of this design style is that it saves space—no console or media stand is required, but the overall look is furniture-like. If you can’t afford bespoke built-ins, two bookshelves flanking either side of your screen could help you get this appearance on a budget.

Include Comfy Accents

Blogger Marly Dice had a wide wall to fill around her Television, but she used photo frames and other items, like a blanket ladder, to completely change the space. The television remains the focal point of the room, but it is softened by calming furnishings and a gentle color scheme.

Pay Attention To Your Floors

Blogger Jess Keys hung her TV over a fireplace for a more intimate movie-watching experience. The basic, art-free walls serve to bring attention to the stunning, color-filled rug she picked for her area.

How Do You Style A Wall Behind A TV?

Choose a photo wall. Try hanging various-sized pictures, paintings, or posters on the wall behind your TV stand for an art gallery effect.

  • Add a wall covering.
  • Check out an entertainment center.
  • Construct a brick wall.
  • Choose 3D wall art.
  • Include wall molding.
  • Consider Wall Panels.
  • Fix decorative mirrors.


I realize there are a number of methods for Decorating Around A TV, and I’ve only scraped the surface here, but I believe I’ve provided you with a good starting point for your own ideas. There’s no excuse to sit in front of an unattractive television when there are so many excellent ways to change its appearance.

I hope these ideas have given you some ideas for how you might accomplish something similar in your own home. Make sure to forward this along to your friends and save it for later!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that TVs look better when hung on the wall?

The most important benefit of hanging your TV on the wall is the amount of room it saves. You don’t need a table or any other surface area to put the TV on, which is very useful in a small room or house. As a result, you can have a larger display without having to worry about how you’ll fit it into your viewing space.

What is the recommended amount of space around a television?

These slots and holes must never be blocked or covered in order to assure dependable operation and prevent overheating. The Television should be 2 to 6 inches wall on the back, with about 4 inches of air circulation room on the sides.

What do you put on the walls on either side of a television?

Of course, you may surround your TV with some great flora, but we think the show-stopping option is to surround it with colorful books, organized in a cascade range of colors on two shelves above the Television as well as on towers to the right and left side.

Is it okay if I set the TV in front of the window?

Windows can be a pain since the glare from the sun makes it difficult to see clearly and can promote eye strain. Do not place your television in front of or opposing a west-facing window. Adding opaque, room-darkening blackout drapes to your windows is an even easier solution.

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