Why CPU Does Not Have Popcnt Error? Cause + Solution

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When you run Apex Legends on your computer, you get an error notice that says “CPU Does Not Have Popcnt” Well, we’re sorry to tell you this, but your processor isn’t supported by the game. If you’re getting the popcnt problem, your computer probably has an older Intel processor that doesn’t support the SSE4 instruction set.

Many fans of the shooter Apex Legends have been dissatisfied with recent patches, as the game has ceased launching on their machines as a result of the update. The error “CPU Does Not Have POPCNT” or the associated “CPU Does Not Have SSSE 3” appeared instead of allowing gamers to enter into their gaming accounts, despite the fact that the game met the system’s needs. We’ll think about what to do now, how to solve a bug and obtain a chance to fight in the royal battle.

CPU Does Not Have Popcnt

When running Apex Legends on your PC, do you see the error message “CPU does not have POPCNT!”? We’re sorry to break it. The game isn’t compatible with your processor. If you encounter the POPCNT issue, your computer most likely has an outdated Intel CPU that lacks the SSE4 instruction set.

CPU Does Not Have Popcnt Erorr


According to Wikipedia, the CPUID.01H; ECX.POPCNT [Bit 23] flag indicates support for the instruction POPCNT, community count (count number of bits set to 1). POPCNT was first implemented by Intel in the Nehalem micro-architecture, then by AMD in the Barcelona microarchitecture.

This instruction uses integer registers instead of SSE registers. It is not a SIMD instruction, although it does debut at the same time as the SSE4a instruction set and was introduced by AMD. It’s treated as a separate expansion with its own set of CPUID bits to signal support.

What Does The Apex Legends Problem CPU Does Not Have POPCNT Mean?

Certain circumstances must be met in order for the program to start, and even though the device’s components meet all requirements and nothing previously prevented the start, modifications were made during the update, and as a result, new needs were presented to the hardware, notably the CPU.

Game Error: CPU Not Supported In Apex Legends

Let’s start by determining what the issue is reporting. When a window with the message “CPU does not have SSSE 3” shows instead of the game beginning, it signifies that your processor does not support SSSE 3.

A week after the game’s launch, an error message with the wording “CPU Does Not Have POPCNT” appeared, indicating that the POPCNT processor does not handle the game, which means it would not start. As a result, the CPU does not have the required characteristics to work with Apex Legends, according to the message for each of the faults.

Now we must define what SSSE 3 and POPCNT in the CPU mean. The features of a CPU are not constrained by the number of processing cores and clock frequency, as everyone familiar with the “internals” of the PC system knows; among the parameters of the primary component of a computer’s hardware is also a set of supported instructions.

New versions of instruction sets featured in modern processors appear as computer technology evolves. SSSE 3 (Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extension) is the name of the new set of commands. Instead of raising the number, Intel added S to the fourth expansion of the name when introducing them into its products.

Each of the 16 packed arithmetic instructions in SSSE 3 supports 64-bit (MMX) and 128-bit (HMM) registers. In terms of POPCNT, it’s part of SSE 4.2, and it’s also part of AMD’s SSE4A. The instruction comes in three flavors: 16-bit, 32-bit, and 64-bit registers.

Software engineers, including PC games, use the same directives used by chipmakers; in the case of Apex Legends, they are SSSE 3 and POPCNT, which your CPU must support. If your CPU does not follow these guidelines, or if it does not meet the minimal requirements, Apex Legends will not launch.

As a result of the changes made by Apex Legends’ developers to improve the game, a large number of gadgets that could pull it was weeded out, which was the cause of the mistake. At the same time, the issue isn’t with the developer; it’s with the new standards, which have relegated all CPUs from previous generations to the outsider league.

You can use the specialized CPU-Z programmed to see if your processor fits the requirements. All of the sets used by the CPU are listed under the CPU tab, under Schematic. Apex Legends requires an upgraded SSSE 3 instruction instead of the old SSE 3, as well as SSE 4.2, as SSE 4.1 support is no longer accessible.

Does Apex Use CPU?

Apex Legends is essentially a GPU-bound game. Thus a powerful CPU is not required to enjoy it on a smartphone.

How Do I Fix My Unsupported CPU?

The majority of the time, when you try to start Apex Legends on your outdated PC, you receive the error message “Unsupported CPU: CPU does not have POPCNT!” It indicates that the game is incompatible with your old CPU, which is most likely an older Intel CPU that was not designed with the SSE4 instructions set.

How Do I Fix Apex Legends CPU Does Not Have Popcnt?

  • Employ a POPCNT emulator. To run Quantum Break on pre-SSE4, there are programs like the POPCNT Emulator created by ogurets.
  • Utilize Intel SDE.
  • Upgrade the CPU.
  • Halt the POPCNT Instruction check in Apex Legends.


This article focuses on the error “Unsupported CPU: CPU Does Not Have POPCNT” that displays when you try to play Apex Legends on an older computer. It also offers a number of solutions to the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Popcnt CPU, and how does it work?

Most modern CPU architectures contain a popcount instruction, which stands for “community count.” It counts the number of set bits in a machine word, which is what it does. For example, popcount (00100110) is 3 while popcount (01100000) is 2 (assuming 8-bit words for simplicity).

What does it mean when it says the CPU lacks Popcnt?

The error “CPU does not have POPCNT!” in Apex Legends means your PC isn’t supported. Well, we’re sorry to tell you this, but your processor isn’t supported by the game. If you’re getting the POPCNT error, your computer probably has an older Intel processor that doesn’t support the SSE4 instruction set.

Is Apex Legends playable on this computer?

According to Apex Legends’ system requirements, you’ll need a CPU that’s at least as powerful as an Intel Core i3-6300. In order to operate it, an Intel Core i5-3570K processor is required. You can play the game if you have at least an NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 graphics card.

Is Apex Legends compatible with my PC?

Your PC will need at least a GeForce GT 640 or a Radeon HD 7700 to pass the least video card requirement. In comparison to Fortnite, Apex Legends requires a bit more RAM – 6 GB rather than 4 GB. A Core i5-3570K or AMD comparable CPU is required for your PC.

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