Connection Refused No Further Information Minecraft Server

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The ” Connection Refused No Further Information Minecraft Server” error usually indicates that your attempt to connect to the server was unsuccessful. So, read the article to know the causes and solution.

Connection Refused No Further Information Minecraft Server

This error is often caused by a network issue, such as a faulty server connection, an incorrect Minecraft client version, or a firewall blocking your effort to connect to the server.

Why Connection Refused No Further Information Minecraft Server

Mahjong created the most popular sandbox game, Minecraft. It has a large player base, and it continues to grow every day. Many players have recently noticed a recurrent connection error in the game “$AnnotatedConnectException Connection rejected no additional information” Across all servers. Let us delve more into the meaning of this error and why it occurs. Let us also look at the finest ways to resolve this error.

What Causes The Connection Refused Error?

Numerous reports from customers led us to investigate and develop a series of remedies that successfully resolved the issue. There were other things we looked into, and we’ve listed them all down below. That’s why:

  • An incorrect IP address or port may be the source of a connection failure when trying to reach a server. After the server approves your connection, you’ll be able to communicate with the server using the correct IP address and port. Unless you have a static IP address, which is rare, your ISP’s IP address changes, and multiple users may be assigned the same IP address. This necessitates frequent IP updates.
  • Also, your Windows Firewall may be blocking you from accessing the server. The Java files and the game directory must be excluded from Windows Firewall for the game to effectively connect to the server.
  • Minecraft requires that the Java program be upgraded to the most recent version to function properly. Suppose your device’s Java is outdated, and the launcher is upgraded to the most recent version. Some game aspects may malfunction, and the server connection may be disrupted.
  • Incompatible Software: A list of incompatible software with Minecraft may create problems if installed on the computer you’re trying to connect to the server. There is an official list of incompatible software with Minecraft that creates issues.

Now that you know what the problem is and how it works, we’ll talk about how to fix it. To avoid any disputes, it is recommended that you test these options to be presented.

The Solution

The first step is to determine whether the problem is unique to you. You can achieve this by having someone on a separate network try to connect to your server using your server’s IP and Port. If the other end-user can connect, the problem is most likely a connectivity problem on your end. If the other user cannot connect, this indicates a server problem.

Determining if the issue is limited to your network or affects all users who attempt to connect is crucial to solving the problem. Users may occasionally be unable to connect to various servers owing to network configuration issues. If this is the case, the end-user must confirm that port 25565 is open for sending and receiving on their network’s firewall.

Suppose other individuals on the same network can connect. In that case, one possible remedy is to add Minecraft and the Minecraft Launcher to the exemption of your firewall and antivirus software, as the connection block could be caused by your PC, not the entire network.

If you can link to other servers but not to your own, even though it is up and running, it’s possible that the game is being played with an invalid client, such as one for a different version, or that the server has stalled. The recommended solution for such an issue is to reinstall your client and restart the server to ensure that the files are not destroyed.

Check For Port Filtering

We found multiple cases where consumers were unintentionally restricting ports. Even if the port forwarding was operating properly, the filtering will override it and prevent you from connecting to Minecraft servers. Check the network configurations of your router and local PC to ensure that port filtering isn’t enabled and, if it is, that the relevant ports are being filtered.

Check ISP Network Access

If none of the previous techniques works, you should examine the network access provided by your ISP. ISPs will sometimes block network access to specific domains and prevent you from accessing them. Check with your ISP to see whether internet access is truly banned.

You can also switch your internet connection to 3G on your smartphone and see how that works for you. Your ISP is most likely blocking you if it does, and you’ll need to switch networks. If Minecraft works with Mobile Data, your ISP is preventing the connection. Please get in touch with your ISP for assistance if this is the case.

Uninstalling The Incompatible Programs

First, look over the list of incompatible applications with Minecraft – you can find it here.

  • If you’re using Windows 10, go to the Start Menu, pick Settings, and then the ‘System’ option. Select ‘Apps & Features from the left pane of the next window.
  • Using Windows 7, go to the Start Menu and click ‘Control Panel’, then ‘Programs and Features.’
  • The steps above will display a list of all installed programs on your computer.
  • Select the software/app incompatible with Minecraft, create the problem from this list, click the ‘Uninstall’ button, and wait for the program to be removed.
  • If there are multiple programs/apps to be deleted, choose and uninstall each one individually.
  • Complete the uninstallation by following the directions in the pop-up box.
  • Finally, reboot the machine after removing all incompatible programs, and then try logging into Minecraft to see if the problem has been resolved.

Resetting The Internet Settings

In certain cases, the error is caused by a faulty internet connection, and restarting it may resolve the problem.

  1. Disconnect the router from the power source and wait 2-3 minutes to reset the internet settings and remove the DNS cache.
  2. Reset the router settings by reconnecting it to a power source and turning on the power button.
  3. Now try logging into Minecraft to see if the problem has been resolved.

If you know the root cause of the issue generating the server error in Minecraft, try one solution. If the root cause is unknown, try each of the methods listed above one at a time, and any of them will undoubtedly fix the Connection error “$AnnotatedConnectException” Connection rejected no additional information” that occurs in the Minecraft game. Various users have attempted these solutions on various occasions and have been found to address the problem.

Apex Hosting Connection Refused

The error is most frequently caused when the server is down because no connection can be made. Making sure it is active and completely loaded will probably resolve the majority of issues. Locate the Start and Force Stop buttons at the top of your Apex server panel.

Why Does My Minecraft Server Say It Can’t Connect To The Server?

Verify your network connection’s status and ensure no applications prevent outgoing connections. Try turning off any active firewall software or altering its setup. Restart your router and modem.


That’s all on the “Connection Refused No Further Information Minecraft Server” error. It can be resolved by adding Minecraft and its launchers to your Firewall and Antivirus exclusions and making sure your network’s firewall and router are open to send and receive port 25565. You won’t have to worry about firewalls blocking users from joining your server if you utilize an Apex Minecraft Hosting server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no connectivity on my Minecraft server?

Alternatives include: Checking if your network connection is active and if any apps obstruct outgoing connections. Disable or change the configuration options of any existing firewall application. Restart your router/modem.

What is the IO Netty channel for? Abstractchannel No further information?

A Connection Timed Out Error is netty. Channel. Abstract channel annotated connect exception. It makes it impossible to connect to a gaming server. The Minecraft connection refused error is caused by a problem with common IP connectivity.

Why is it impossible for my friend to join my Minecraft world?

If you receive the Minecraft unable to connect to the world problem, restart your computer and the game. If the error notice persists, you may need to remove your buddy and re-add them. After then, see if you can connect to your friend’s virtual world.

Having trouble connecting to the server?

Close all of your open apps before rebooting. Once all apps have been closed, switch off your device and wait for it to shut down completely. Turn it back on after 10 seconds. 99% of the time, this will fix any internet connection problems.

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