(Quick Steps): Changing CMOS Battery Without Losing Settings

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Here is the solution to Changing CMOS Battery Without Losing Settings. In essence, you can’t, but you won’t lose all the information; instead, it will just revert to its factory settings, and you might need to adjust the time. Please note how it is set up at the moment before changing the battery.

Changing CMOS Battery Without Losing Settings

You can change the CMOS battery by connecting a few clips leads to a battery with the same voltage, looking for a location on the main board directly connected to the battery, attaching the clips to it, and then replacing the battery. There won’t be any data loss thanks to the extra battery.

CMOS Battery Without Losing Settings

In doing this, you must be careful to avoid touching other objects with the clips and confirm that the voltage and polarity are accurate.

  • Change the battery while the circuit is active and running. This might be doable, but you’d need to use caution. It might not be feasible.
  • The data may be kept for a specific amount of time. This is accurate in some of my circuits but only in some. Fortunately, my data is confidential and hard coded, and I can quickly restore it.
  • There might be two batteries; you should swap out one before the other. Most likely not, as it would increase complexity and expense.
  • Such a cowboy. Jumpers can be attached using microchips or solder.

Run those cables to another battery that is proven to be reliable. Using this “cowboy circuit,” a temporary battery will be connected in parallel with the CMOS battery, preserving your data even after changing the battery.

Your previous battery can be taken out when the new battery has been installed. However, given how you phrased your query, I worry that you might need help to use this approach. I’ve done it a few times over several years.

Why Do I Need To Replace My CMOS Battery?

  • The date or time settings on the computer keep changing.
  • When the computer boots, an error or alert message, such as the following, is displayed.
  • Read Error on CMOS
  • Fault CMOS Checksum
  • A CMOS battery problem
  • Low system battery voltage
Why Do I Need To Replace My CMOS Battery

If you experience any of the problems above or the warnings, you should change the CMOS battery. The following parts go into depth on how to replace it.

Locate Your CMOS Battery

Please ensure you know about ESD and its risks before entering your computer. The battery is located on the motherboard when the computer case is opened. Make sure it is obtainable and erasable. These days, the CR2032 battery in the image is the type of coin cell CMOS battery used in most PCs.

A metal clip or bar may be used to secure some CMOS batteries. Slide the battery out from under the clip to remove it. To remove the battery, do not bend this clip; if you do, the new battery might not stay in its socket.

Go to the motherboard literature or contact the computer maker if you can’t find the CMOS battery. You may locate the motherboard documentation online if you no longer have it. To fully access the CMOS battery on some computers, you need to unplug cables, remove disks, or take apart other components.

Obtain Battery Information

Sadly, most manufacturers fail to specify the particular brand and model of the CMOS battery. We advise noting the battery’s specifications (voltage, chemistry, wiring) when you’ve located it. Remove the battery if you can, then bring it to a store. The battery type most commonly used with computers is CR2032.

Removing The Battery

It’s easy to remove the coin cell battery from your computer. Grab the battery’s edge with your fingers and raise it out of the socket, keeping it in place. On certain motherboards, the battery is held in place by a clip. If your computer’s motherboard includes this clip, you should slide it up with one hand while removing the battery with the other.

Be sure you are familiar with ESD and its possible risks before entering your computer. Sadly, not all CMOS batteries can be taken out. Some manufacturers only permit the addition of a replacement battery.

If your computer does not have a coin cell battery, consult your manual or contact your computer’s maker for more information. If your computer’s motherboard does not have a removable battery, you must set a jumper on the motherboard to install the new battery.

Insert The New Battery

Remove the previous battery and install the new one after making your purchase. The new battery should be inserted into the motherboard’s secondary battery socket if your computer lacks a removable one.

Enter CMOS Values

Reset the CMOS values to default after replacing the battery by turning on the computer. When all the values have been entered, save the settings before leaving. Several CMOS configurations let you save values and leave with a single critical push, like F10.

Bad Hardware

After taking all of the aforementioned actions and still receiving the error, there may be a more severe problem. A defective motherboard or power supply is the most likely culprit. Consider changing the motherboard or the power supply to fix the problem. At this stage, we advise visiting a computer repair facility to have the problem identified.


Please understand the above information about Changing CMOS Battery Without Losing Settings. Swap out the battery while the computer is still functioning numerous times. While computers were still in use, I would swap out a defective BIOS chip for one from a working motherboard. In modern motherboards, chips are sadly soldered in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the CMOS battery without losing settings?

When the PSU is turned on, the motherboard receives standby power, preventing CMOS settings from losing when the battery is removed.

Will replacing the CMOS battery reset BIOS?

Your console’s Date/Time/Location settings are also stored in the BIOS (CMOS) battery. These functions will revert to their standard settings when this battery is removed and inserted again. The BIOS settings on your console are also the default settings unless an end user has changed them.

Is it safe to replace the CMOS battery?

Whether or not the PC is turned on, that CMOS battery has a steady drain. It is safe to swap out the battery even when the motherboard is powered on and connected.

What do I do after replacing the CMOS battery?

Reset the CMOS values to default after replacing the battery by turning on the computer. When all the values have been entered, save the settings before leaving. Several CMOS configurations let you save values and leave with a single critical push, like F10.

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