Can You Fix A Bent iPad Screen? Process Guide

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The front of an iPad is covered with what seems like miles and miles of lovely glass real estate, which makes for a beautiful product. Sadly, despite Apple’s best efforts, they are also rather delicate. The fact is, Can You Fix A Bent iPad Screen? from cracked displays to warped frames? Every day, someone comes into the office for an iPad repair.

Can You Fix A Bent iPad Screen?

Unless it’s a newer iPad, you should take it to Apple and have them replace it if it has been bent and is a bit older and more flexible. Options for repairing a bent iPad Pro are there?

  • Visit an Apple shop.
  • You can fix it yourself; see the home cure below.
  • Could you take it to a separate repair facility?
  • Use it. You are without other choices.
Fix A Bent iPad Screen

How To Fix Your Bent iPad? What Choices Are There?

The last thing you want after spending your hard-earned money on a new item is to discover that it is defective. Unfortunately, this has lately occurred to a small number of angry iPad owners. Soon after purchase, they realized that their brand-new tablet had been bent.

The fact that some of the bent iPads still met requirements made matters worse. Apple decided not to replace them as a result. That’s why adhering to this one critical rule is crucial to get a free replacement.

Is It Possible To Consider Bent iPad “In Spec”?

The answer is, surprisingly, yes. Apple asserts that a procedure known as co-trim is used to manufacture specific iPad Pro cell variants. Simply put, it’s a high-temperature activity that could impact how level the device is.

The final product must, however, adhere to exacting requirements for evenness; otherwise, Apple will decline to provide the tablet. It allows for 0.4 millimeters, a little under four sheets of paper’s thickness, or roughly 400 microns of variation along any side.

Because of the additional straight edges and the presence of the radio wire portions, the aberrations in evenness may become more noticeable only from particular review places that are invisible during everyday use, according to Apple’s explanation of how to restore a bent iPad.

These minor variations won’t change over time with regular use and have no impact on the strength or capacity of the walled-in region. Your broken iPad Pro will be replaced by Apple, but it will cost you. A Macworld reader found that his 2018 11-inch iPad Pro was starting to twist down the middle after a month of regular use.

Specifically, in light of Apple’s revelation that some 11-inch iPad Pro units would be bent from the time you opened the box due to a manufacturing problem with the cooling system, to see if the company would replace the product. In an unquoted statement, Apple implied that this was usual and that units would not be returned after the first 14 days.

Using A Home Remedy To Fix Bent iPad

It may be stretched by folding it in half. I did the following to both my iPad Pro and Air 2: Put it on two pencils, one at each end, bent side up. You can gently press down on the iPad with your palm, but only so gently.

Using A Home Remedy To Fix Bent iPad

By doing this a few times, you don’t want to break the glass, but you also want to stay moderate. When the line is straight, keep going. Take good care of your iPad and keep it from bending in the first place.

Take Bent iPad To Third-Party Repair Shop

Schedule a visit to a reputable Apple repair facility (third-party vendors). There will always be exceptions, but in most cases, the glass and LCD must be removed before the iPad’s body is reshaped using a specific tool.

If you can arrange it, get it looked out even if you aren’t currently having any issues. Your phone’s screen could fracture if the frame is bent, requiring a pricey repair.


To sum up, Can You Fix A Bent iPad Screen? Here are some essential key points. Please put it on two pencils, bent side up, at either end. Apply pressure to the iPad with your hand, being as gentle as possible. Repeat this a few times; only bend the glass slightly at a time. Until straight, repeat. Try not to turn your iPad in the first place, and treat it gently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes an iPad to bend?

There have been rumors that some iPad Pros came with a slight curve. Apple claims that the tiny bend is not a flaw but a consequence of the manufacturing process.

Can you fix a dented iPad?

You’re more likely to ruin something that interferes with the device’s functionality than merely its appearance if you attempt to patch a dent in the casing. Apple does not fix visible damage that does not impair the functionality of the device, whether you have AppleCare+ or not. Not at all, no!

Does Apple warranty cover bent iPad?

Nothing will be done if the bend is judged to be within tolerance. If the bent were considered so severe as to exceed the manufacturer’s tolerance range, buyers would be given a replacement device.

How extended is the iPad warranty?

Each iPad has a limited warranty that covers up to 90 days of free technical support and one year of coverage for hardware repairs. AppleCare+ covers your iPad, Apple Pencil, and iPad keyboard for up to two unintentional damage events per year.

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