Can Office Chairs Explode? Quick Answer

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Ergonomic seats, which are intended for comfort and allow you to stay in one position for long periods of time without becoming exhausted, are common in offices, Do you know Can Office Chairs Explode?

Can Office Chairs Explode?

Despite the rarity of this incidence, explosions from office and gaming swivel chairs have caused catastrophic, even fatal, injuries in several circumstances.

Office Chairs Explode

A Chinese woman was the first to experience this when she was dyeing her hair while sitting in a computer chair that burst, gravely wounding her. As a result, office chairs have the potential to explode. It is, however, a rare event.

The presence of gas cylinders in the height adjustment feature of office chairs is the explanation for this possibility. These gas cylinders are prone to exploding; however, the manufacturing methods and standards prevent this.

Whatever the rarity of an event, knowing about it makes us fear that one day, while we’re absorbed in our job, the chair beneath us explodes! To put your mind at ease, this article will explain how the perpetrator in the topic, namely the Gas Cylinders In Office Chairs, work and why they burst.

What Causes The Explosions In Office Chairs?

You should also investigate the following factors as possible causes of Office Chair Explosions:

User Abuse Or Negligence

It is not always the fault of the manufacturer, but rather the user’s own carelessness. Regardless of the chair’s quality, repeated abuse can lead the cylinder to burst. The cylinder is damaged when significant weight is placed on the chair. Direct damage to the gas canister, on the other hand, can result in an explosion.

Safety Standards Are Inadequate

Sometimes the safety standards imposed on manufacturers are insufficient. These requirements will be imposed by the government, and when quality and safety standards are compromised, production becomes slightly less expensive. You may save money by purchasing an office chair from one of these companies, but the risk of an explosion is not worth the savings.

Using Regular Air In Gas Cylinders

One of the most common cost-cutting strategies employed by manufacturers is the use of regular air in gas cylinders. This dishonesty is a violation of safety regulations that all businesses must follow, and failure to do so can result in harsh consequences for buyers.

When normal air is used to pressurize office chairs, the interior of the cylinder rusts due to frequent friction. Rust can corrode the cylinder over time, producing gas leakage and, finally, an explosion.

Defective Models Or Dangerous Pieces

Office chair manufacturers are sometimes held liable for hazardous pieces or models. For cost-cutting purposes, they may produce malfunctioning chairs that are extremely dangerous to consumers.

How To Avoid A Gaming Chair Explosion?

Although Office Chair Explosions are unlikely, if you’re concerned and want to feel better, the best thing you can do is make sure you have the right gaming chair for you.

Let’s look at some of the features you should look for in an ideal gaming chair if you want to avoid gaming chair explosions or something that happens all the time – wearing out.

Don’t Be Scared

The most important thing is to remain calm. If you hold this thought in your mind and keep thinking about it, you will have uneasiness and be unable to sit in even the most comfortable chairs.

As a result, you must retain your cool. Things will start to get better once you relax. You’ll feel a lot better, and believe me when I say that your chair will be really safe and comfortable.

Make Proper Use Of The Chair

Various YouTube and other platforms include bloopers and experimental videos showing gaming and office chairs exploding after being subjected to high-impact weights.

That isn’t a problem because, in most cases, chairs aren’t built for this type of activity. All you have to do to keep yourself and your equipment safe are utilize the chair properly, without attempting to use it in any unusual or unusual ways.

Purchase A Comfortable Chair

This, in my perspective, is more broad guidance. The thing about gaming seats is that they’re designed to allow you to sit for hours on end without feeling stressed or uncomfortable.

This is only feasible if the gaming chair you choose is fully ergonomic and comfortable to use. So, when you buy a gaming chair for yourself, make sure that it is comfy, that the material is nice, and that the overall quality is excellent.

If You Have Gas Troubles, Switch Seats

You might already be using a gaming chair and haven’t given the gas cylinder seat adjustment mechanism a second consideration. That’s because good gaming and workplace chairs don’t require users to deal with the construction’s internals.

How To Avoid A Gaming Chair Explosion

However, if there is an issue or problem with the gas cylinder and the height adjustment is not working, you should replace the gas cylinder or the entire chair. This will help you to relax and enjoy your time in the chair.

Purchase A Chair From A Reputable Manufacturer

Buying a gaming chair from a respected company is the greatest approach to address all of your concerns. This is because the chair’s quality, as well as the chair’s safety rules and construction, will be meticulously checked for user convenience.

Simultaneously, there will be no cutting corners or skipping out on high-quality construction materials in order to reduce production costs and increase revenues. Buying from a respected gaming chair manufacturer is the best way to keep your worries at bay and acquire a fantastic chair.

Can The Gas Cylinder In Office Chairs Explode?

Most modern chairs include gas cylinders that can be adjusted for height, but they could blow up. There aren’t many instances of office chair explosions, and the risk that one will occur is rather low, so you shouldn’t be alarmed.

Are Office Chairs Dangerous?

The cylinders could blow up in really tense circumstances, therefore there is a risk. However, if you correctly install the chair by following the directions, you may easily ensure your safety. Naturally, keeping that in mind, your primary concern should always be your ability to sit properly in your office chair.

Can Chairs Explode?

Height-adjustable chairs of the modern variety often have gas cylinders that pose a safety risk due to the possibility of explosion. You shouldn’t worry too much about an office chair exploding because it’s not likely to happen and it hasn’t happened very often.


So there you have it: the answer to your inquiry about Can Office Chairs Explode? However, you shouldn’t be too anxious about Exploding Gas Chair, and you shouldn’t be too alarmed the next time you sit on your office chair. You should be alright as long as you buy from the correct locations and check for quality.

Also, make sure you’re putting the chair together correctly. We even have a tutorial to help you put your office or gaming chair together correctly! Hopefully, this post has answered all of your questions and provided you with the assurance that your office chair is secure!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the possibilities of a chair bursting into flames?

Office chairs have a one-in-a-trillion risk of exploding. In fact, only three times in the history of office chairs have something happened like this.

Is it possible for adjustable chairs to explode?

There have been instances where the pressurized gas pneumatic cylinder that adjusts the height of an office chair has failed. Despite the rarity of this occurrence, there have been reports of exploding office and gaming swivel chairs resulting in serious and occasionally deadly injuries.

Is it possible for gaming seats to explode?

A gaming chair might explode due to a variety of factors. Low-quality gaming chairs may experience problems with the gas cylinder.
Explosions could potentially occur if the chair is not used properly. To avoid a squabble, buy from recognized brands, utilize the chair sensibly, and replace the seat if any gas issues arise.

Is there any gas in office chairs?

Your office chair’s height can be maintained via a hydraulic-pressured mechanism, a mechanical system, or even a gas-pressurized canister. Most office chairs nowadays include a gas-pressurized canister system for height adjustment.

What are the dangers of workplace chairs?

An office chair is extremely unlikely to explode due to tight manufacturing restrictions. While the pressured air inside the gas cylinder inside an office chair can cause it to explode, the risk is quite minimal.

In-office chairs, what kind of gas is used?

A typical office chair gas cylinder is made up of two pieces. The top portion, known as a gas spring, is 28 mm (1.1 inches) in diameter. The compressed nitrogen gas and some oil for lubricating are held in the gas spring.

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