Can Jitterbug Phone Receive Pictures? (Quick Answer)

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This article assists you all about Can Jitterbug Phone Receive Pictures? Lively’s jitterbug phones are designed with user-friendly features for older persons. To make staying in touch simpler, the Jitterbug Smart3 and Jitterbug Flip2 provide high-quality audio, large buttons, and large print.

You can upgrade your phone plan to include senior-specific features because these phones are for older persons. Examples include the Lively Link app, the Urgent Care virtual doctor visits, and a Personal Operator. Additionally, every plan includes 5Star Service, which links you to a medical emergency operator who can assist you in a frightening scenario.

Can Jitterbug Phone Receive Pictures?

There are two types of Jitterbug phones: basic and more straightforward, offering you the choice between a touchscreen smartphone and a traditional flip phone that can make calls, receive texts, and snap pictures.

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Jitterbug Pricing And Service Plans

The Jitterbug Flip2 ($99.99) and the Jitterbug Smart3 ($149.99) are the two Jitterbug phones available from Lively. For any phone, you must choose a speak and text package. The data plans available for the Jitterbug Smart3 range in price from $2.49 for 100 MB per month to $30.00 for unlimited data per month. The cell phone plan for any phone can then be supplemented with an extra Health and Safety Package.

Jitterbug Minutes, Texting, And Data

To utilize Jitterbug’s Verizon towers, you don’t have to be a Verizon customer. You’ll have mobile service in much of the US with a network that size. Unlike Verizon’s standard service, you can use Jitterbug to make phone calls or send texts without entering into a long-term commitment. The service remains with you from month to month, but the talking minutes, messages, and data you use each month will cost money.

Features For People With Hearing And Vision Impairments

For those who have problems hearing conversations on other cell phones (so you won’t have to shout at the pizza delivery person when ordering dinner), the Jitterbug Flip2 is hearing aid compatible. And if it still isn’t sufficient, switch to a speakerphone for more robust audio. Its wide backlit screen features bold type and a magnifying tool to make reading words and numbers easier if you have a visual impairment.

Jitterbug Flip2 Keypad And Buttons

The Jitterbug Flip2 has physical buttons on its keypad, including command buttons for YES and NO, which we’ve lost in the touchscreen era. There is also an ON/OFF button to make activating your phone clearer. However, the Urgent Response Service button is the most excellent button on the Jitterbug Flip. This big red button links you to a Lively operator who can contact emergency services like paramedics or the fire brigade if you choose one of the Health and Safety plans.

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Accessibility And Controls

For older folks who have trouble reading, this Jitterbug smartphone has a straightforward primary menu, large, legible lettering, and a lighted screen. It has a dependable speaker for people whose hearing isn’t what it once was, just like the Jitterbug Flip2. The speaker isn’t as loud on its own, according to the customer reviews we examined, but if you put it on speakerphone, you’ll be able to hear everything.

Messaging And Features

The Jitterbug Smart3 can text, call, and even video chat with your contacts. We also appreciate the talk-to-text function that enables hands-free messaging. Additionally, its 13 MP camera is on par with premium smartphones made by Apple and Samsung. To capture images of your next vacation and get images from friends and family.

The Jitterbug Smart3 has an internet connection just like any other smartphone. Go online to read the most recent news, obtain phone numbers and directions, and check your email messages. It also includes a GPS that can be used to get directions using the map feature.

Jitterbug Health And Safety Features

Additional capabilities that keep you linked to your loved ones and emergency agencies are part of the optional Health and Safety Plans. All the plans Basic, Preferred, and Ultimate include 5Star Service and mental exercises.

Urgent Response Service

When an emergency arises, Jitterbug’s monitoring staff can assist you, converting your phone into a straightforward medical alert system. This capability is available on both the Flip2 and Smart3 mobile phones. Press the red star button on your phone in case of an emergency or if you fall in the kitchen. Operators at Jitterbug will guide you through the crisis and dispatch emergency personnel to your location.

Urgent Care

Use Jitterbug’s Urgent Care function if you need to see a doctor right away but don’t want to deal with going to the hospital. You can connect remotely with a nurse or doctor by pressing a button. Using this tool, they may potentially give you a prescription for drugs. To obtain urgent care on your Jitterbug phone, you must have the Preferred or Ultimate plan. However, it’s a valuable feature to have on hand if you frequently visit the doctor or have health-related queries.

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Brain Games

Mental wellness is essential as well. Enjoyable brain games incorporated into your Jitterbug phone will keep you bright (and entertained). Test your memory and spatial abilities to keep your mind busy and to move. They’re also enjoyable. Both phones and all three plans have access to these mental exercises.

A service called Lively Link will inform your closest friends about your phone usage. Jitterbug will let them know if you lose your phone, fail to charge it, or push the emergency button so they can assist you. Only the Preferred and Ultimate plans offer this functionality.

Personal Operator

The Personal Operator option will connect you with a specialist who can assist you if you need assistance locating information such as addresses or phone numbers. The only package that includes the Personal Operator option is the Ultimate one.

To Sum Up

I hope you understand the details of Can Jitterbug Phone Receive Pictures? The Jitterbug Smart3 and Jitterbug Flip2 are designed with elderly users in mind, featuring simplified menus, illuminated panels, and loudspeakers. They both have built-in games, but unlike mobile devices, you won’t be bombarded by notifications about new apps or software updates.

Keeping in touch with loved ones via cell phone doesn’t necessitate a device that’s difficult to use or a source of distraction. You can choose between a touchscreen smartphone and a traditional flip phone that can make and receive calls, text messages, and take images from the Jitterbug line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the downside to the Jitterbug phone?

If you frequently text or call on the phone, the battery life is less than a day. The device isn’t water-resistant. When choosing a subscription, it might be challenging to forecast how many minutes or texts you’ll use each month. Camera images are frequently shaky or of poor quality.

How do I send pictures from my Jitterbug?

Hello, Everett. Once you sign into your Google account on your new Jitterbug Smart2, your images should be accessible under the photo icon in All Apps if you were logged into a Google account when you took them. By utilizing the USB charging cord and following the on-screen instructions, you can transfer your images to your PC.

What cell service does the Jitterbug use?

The Jitterbug uses the Verizon network and is run by GreatCall, an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). The same LTE bands 4/13 seen on entry-level Verizon handsets are supported, along with CDMA.

Does Medicare pay for the Jitterbug phone?

The short answer is “No” for most seniors as of 2019. Personal emergency response systems are not covered under Original Medicare.

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