Can Jitterbug Phone Be Used With T Mobile? Answered

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This article holds all information about Can Jitterbug Phone Be Used With T Mobile? The Jitterbug Flip2 is the cheaper of Lively’s two device alternatives, and it’s also the simpler model thanks to its retro flip phone style, coming in at $99.99 (plus activation).

The Jitterbug Flip2 is perfect for anyone who only wants to make calls, send texts, and occasionally take pictures. This phone is simple to use thanks to its big buttons, loudspeaker, and large screen. This phone also has an M4/T4 grade for hearing aid compatibility, making it a fantastic choice for millions of Americans with severe hearing loss.

Despite having a straightforward design, the Jitterbug Flip2 has numerous sophisticated functions that set it apart from other flip phones. There is a special 5Star button on the handset’s outer edge. This button connects you to a Lively monitoring agent who will evaluate your situation and, if necessary, call for help from emergency services or a loved one.

The 2-megapixel camera on the Jitterbug Flip2 is undoubtedly its only drawback. It can shoot pictures in a pinch, but the Jitterbug Smart3’s camera offers better clarity and quality. However, this flip phone camera is roughly on par with others.

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Can Jitterbug Phone Be Used With T Mobile?

Yes, it is now T-Mobile network compatible

BYOD Compatibility

The compatibility of devices from other carriers or those lacking T-Mobile software with our network cannot be guaranteed by T-Mobile. See the Non-T-Mobile phone & software disclaimer for further information.

  • T-Mobile cannot test the call quality, efficiency, data speed, feature compatibility, or other features of Non-T-Mobile Devices. Depending on the initial carrier settings, experiences may differ.
  • If you have any concerns about the item’s functionality, use, or performance, get in touch with the manufacturer.
  • Verify the terms of your smartphone’s warranty and your contract with your current carrier to learn whether you need to unlock the device.
  • Access to and coverage of our fast 4G LTE network are not always available or guaranteed.
  • Your device needs to be compatible with T-frequency Mobile’s range.
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Check Eligibility

  • A device needs to be unlocked to work on the T-Mobile network. Take a look. If necessary, unlock your mobile wireless device.
  • T-Mobile cannot issue an unlock code; instead, contact the original provider.
  • If your device isn’t compatible after using the methods below, you can switch to a T-Mobile phone or tablet by trading in your old one.

BYOD Check Online

  • Visit the T-Mobile website’s IMEI Status Check | BYOD & SIM Cards page.
  • Type your IMEI and press View the BYOD eligibility on this phone.
  • If the tool indicates “No match found,” ensure the device is compatible with T-Mobile frequencies. If you’re unclear about the device frequencies, contact the manufacturer.
  • Check to see if your smartphone supports VoLTE and Extended Range LTE.

Start Using Your Device

Need Assistance?

  • Consult the user manual for the device to identify which T-Mobile SIM card you should buy; for more information, see Buy a SIM card.
  • If you don’t have a T-Mobile plan and need assistance activating your phone or tablet, choose the best plan for you.
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Have A Current Account?

To function on the T-Mobile network, the Internet and photo messaging settings must be adjusted.

  • Insert the SIM card, power the device, and launch a web browser.
  • Some devices might update themselves, but if not, use the BYOD T-Mobile data & APN settings to modify your settings.
  • If data and picture messaging is still not functioning, get in touch with the device’s maker for additional guidance.

Where To Buy Jitterbug Phone?

The most recent Jitterbug phone is the Flip model, available from GreatCall for $99.99 with any monthly plan and a $35 one-time activation cost. GreatCall serves as the Jitterbug cell phone service provider. Jitterbug phones are available at other places, including Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon. GreatCall sells the Jitterbug Smart2 for $149.99 with any monthly plan and a one-time $35 activation charge.

If you’re still wondering, yes, you can use the Jitterbug with AT&T. Jitterbug phones are locked to only function on the GreatCall network and are incompatible with AT&T’s Wireless network. There are no AT&T phones comparable to Jitterbug, but you can check out the AT&T flip phones if you’re seeking one. Additionally, there are no AT&T cellphones comparable to the Jitterbug Smart2, but you can select any AT&T smartphone with an easy mode switch.

Final Verdict

To conclude, Can Jitterbug Phone Be Used With T Mobile? The Jitterbug phone is a serious candidate for the finest mobile phone for seniors. The functionalities that assist seniors in being more in touch with their needs are what we enjoy best, even though it does away with the complexity of modern phones.

Even while it comes at an additional cost, adding the immediate response feature would, at the very least, guarantee that seniors have access to aid should they require it. Additionally, valuable features of the phone are the magnifier and support for hearing aids. However, the Jitterbug phone is not simply for older adults. Jitterbug’s collection of mobile phones can be worth looking at if you want a straightforward phone that is yet contemporary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Jitterbug phones work on tmobile?

Jitterbug phones were created expressly to operate on the GreatCall network, supported by the country’s most extensive and reliable wireless network. Only the GreatCall network offers the 5Star emergency response service and award-winning U.S.-based support of GreatCall.

What carriers work with Jitterbug?

The Jitterbug uses the Verizon network and is run by GreatCall, an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). The same LTE bands 4/13 and CDMA capability found on entry-level Verizon handsets are present in this device.

What is the downside to the Jitterbug phone?

If you frequently text or call on the phone, the battery life is less than a day. The device isn’t water-resistant. When choosing a subscription, it might be challenging to forecast how many minutes or texts you’ll use each month. Camera images are frequently shaky or of poor quality.

Will Jitterbug phones work in 2023?

Once the networks are shut down, some Tracfone, flip phones, Jitterbugs, and even outdated smartphones won’t be able to place calls. Most of these devices, commonly referred to as “third generation” phones, were introduced about 20 years ago and will cease to function with most carriers in 2022.  

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