Can I Use A DS Stylus On My iPad? (Answered)

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In this article, we discuss all Can I Use A DS Stylus On My iPad? Although Apple built the iPad’s touch screen to be used with a fingertip instead of a stylus pen, doing so can improve accuracy, allow for use while wearing gloves, or make the device more accessible for those with special needs.

Although Apple doesn’t make any style, other companies have created compatible tools. Please make sure the stylus you purchase specifically states that it is consistent with the capacitive touch screen on the iPad because not all styli are.

Can I Use A DS Stylus On My iPad?

Yes, but it is made to function with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod. It must be a stylus with a softer, wider tip that resembles a finger. Some of them are reasonably priced.

Use A DS Stylus On My iPad

Touch Screen Technology

Resistive and capacitive touch screens are the two main types of consumer electronics. Two layers of the displays on resistive touch screens produce a current when they are pressed together. To function, these screens need intense and focused pressure.

Capacitive touch screens, like those used in iPads, work by disrupting the screen’s electrostatic field through the electrical conductivity of the user’s finger. Although capacitive touch screens have a firm surface and can be used without applying pressure, they cannot be used with gloves.

Compatible Style

A stylus must conduct electricity similarly to a human finger to function on a capacitive touch screen. Most capacitive styli accomplish this by pressing on the net with soft silicon rubber tips that flex similarly to the end of a finger.

Several companies, including Pogo, Wacom, and Griffin, produce these tools. Styles with comprehensive tips better mimic direct finger taps, while those with small tips enable more precise control.

Incompatible Styli

On an iPad, resistive touch screen styli are inoperable. This style, like the ones that come with the Nintendo DS and older-style palm devices, is recognized by their narrow, penlike tips, typically composed of hard plastic or metal. Since active styli require specialized hardware integrated into the writing surface, they are incompatible with the iPad when used with graphics tablets.

Special-Use Styli

There are other iPad styli available for additional purposes. There are styli made for sketching and painting with a brush-like or wedge-shaped tip, and others with precise information so you can see your lines as you draw them.

Other unique styles include telescoping style, finger-worn styli, marker-shaped styli for kids, and even a stylus in the form of a guitar pick. Any non-standard stylus model will function on the iPad if the product specifies compatibility with capacitive touch screens.


The answer is yes. If you are thinking, Can I Use A DS Stylus On My iPad? For use with the Apple Pencil, the display must have a second specialized digitizer (one for finger touches and the other for the Apple Pencil). Since none of the iPhone models have a dual digitizer, the Pencil is incompatible with iPhones.

However, you are free to use any capacitive stylus of your choosing. The style that are capacitive feature rubbery tips that mimic erasers. Some have a rubber nub with a metal mesh fabric covering.

If you’re searching for a fine-tip stylus, I’ve noticed a battery-operated capacitive stylus with a 2mm fine-point tip on; it costs only about a third as much as Apple’s Pencil. I have yet to try this battery-operated stylus. Therefore, I can’t attest to its effectiveness or quality. You may find it by searching for “Apple Pencil” if you want to see it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the DS stylus work on the iPad?

Yes, it won’t work. Since the iPad features a capacitive touch screen, a short plastic stylus will not function.

Can I use a DS stylus on my iPhone?

Because an iPhone uses a capacitive touch screen as opposed to the resistive touch screen used on the Nintendo DS system, a Nintendo DS stylus will not function on an iPhone.

Why do some styli not work on iPad?

Check the Battery section in the iPad’s Notifications view if you’ve previously associated your Pencil with the tablet and discovered that it no longer functions. Your pen either needs to be recharged or has to be linked again if your Pencil is not visible there.

How do I attach a stylus to my iPad?

Connect your iPad and first-generation Apple Pencil. Take off the cap and connect your iPad’s Lightning connector to your Apple Pencil. Tap the Pair button when you see it. Your Apple Pencil will remain paired until you restart your iPad, activate Airplane Mode, or connect it with another iPad.

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