Can I Put A Bigger Deck On My Mower? Brief Answer

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Here we start all information about Can I Put A Bigger Deck On My Mower? Many fine lawnmowers are destroyed by the rust of the deck. When I see somebody tossing out their lawnmower, I think it’s ridiculous. So, can you swap out the decks on different lawnmowers?

Can I Put A Bigger Deck On My Mower?

The answer is yes. However, the relationship between engine power and deck size is frequently linear. There is a large variety of lawnmower decks accessible. Engines can be swapped out without any problems. Distinctive features of the blades & drive systems are possible, though. Over the past twenty years, I’ve worked as a mower technician, and I’ve replaced a lot of decks. I’ll let you know how to switch up your deck in this post.

Put A Bigger Deck On My Mower

You’ll learn how to prevent frequent blunders and how to have a smooth engine change. Please check out the Commercial Mower Repair Video Library, which demonstrates a wide range of routine mower repair and maintenance tasks, including blade sharpening and pull cord replacement, no-start troubleshooting, and carburetor cleaning.

Is It Possible To Increase The Width Of My Mower’s Deck?

Does my mower have an option for a larger deck? Increasing the size of your mower’s deck does increase its power; nevertheless, engine power & deck size are usually inversely linked.

Interchangeability Of Decks On Riding Mowers

It’s possible that the engines can be swapped, but the blades and the driving systems may be different.

Is It Possible To Swap Out Lawn Mower Parts?

Lawnmower engines can all be swapped out for one another. The mounting points for the engine are universal. As a result, any engine can be easily removed and installed on a different deck.

Is It Possible To Use The Same Starter On A Riding Lawn Mower?

The solenoid and starter are almost interchangeable amongst all riding lawn mowers because they run on the same 12-volt circuit as an automobile. It’s just like a car: When the solenoid wears out or breaks, the starter won’t be able to start.

Is It Advantageous To Have A Larger Mower Deck?

The larger the chopping deck, the more space there is for mowing the lawn. Allows you to mow the lawn in half the time with fewer passes; this is why it’s important to match the cutting deck’s size to the size of your grass. A 40-inch-wide deck is ideal for half-acre grass.

Evaluate Your Lawnmower

So, what exactly does that imply? As a result, we’ll have to double-check that the rest of your mower is in working order. As a result, you’re probably familiar with starting and operating your lawnmower. However, it’s worth inspecting the commercial mower, as there’s no use in replacing the deck if the drive system or the engine is failing.

It will cost you money and time if you get this incorrectly. Is this clear? There are more expensive parts to repair or replace, so the engine or drive system is where we’ll start looking for problems. Before changing a deck, the following should be considered:

Engine Condition

  • Is the engine swap simple?
  • How’s the engine’s health?
  • If the oil is dark or grey, that’s not a good sign.
  • How much oil is in the engine? A low level can indicate engine wear, and a carburettor issue can be indicated by a high level
  • Does the engine appear to be having any oil leaks? In most cases, mower oil leaks are caused by crankshaft seal failures.
  • Is it easy to start the engine? May signal that a tune-up or new carburetor is required to get the mower up and running again
  • What is the procedure for starting and operating the engine? However, it could also imply a more costly repair is required if the engine is misfiring or sputtering.
  • Do you hear a smooth, even revving from the engine? – An increase in blood sugar could indicate the need for a new carbohydrate source.
  • Whether or not the engine is emitting smoke, There is a correlation between engine wear and smoke, although overfilling oil can also cause the engine to smoke.

Is A Bigger Mower Deck Better?

A greater deck size can assist in overlapping mower demands by reducing trimming and speeding up more time-consuming tasks. DO consider the mower’s footprint and select a size compatible with your storage or hauling capabilities. Don’t count on using larger mower decks to cut more quickly or save money.

Do Smaller Mower Decks Cut Better?

Since a small mower has only one blade, the cut is more even. You can only turn the engine on at about 3600 RPMs with its horsepower.


Here we conclude all about Can I Put A Bigger Deck On My Mower? The two lawnmowers had the same deck and handlebars, so switching the engines was a simple matter. Typically, a lawnmower blade is held in place by a single bolt. Remove the throttle lever from the handlebar, and the engine will pop right out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any blade can be attached to a lawnmower?

The blades of lawnmowers are not interchangeable. This means you can use another manufacturer’s blade to replace the blades on your mower if they match up in terms of their length and thickness and their, width and the number of holes they have in them. On the other hand, the correct blade must be selected with care.

Can a riding mower be started with no starter?

Then you know that a bad start to the day can hurt your entire day. It’s unnecessary to use the starter to start the lawnmower; you can do so instead. Even though starting a lawnmower with a defective starter can be difficult, you shouldn’t be concerned.

How can I tell if the starter on my riding mower is defective?

There are a variety of symptoms that can indicate a broken starter, such as a loud cranking noise, a clicking sound when the ignition button is pressed, or an unresponsive mower. A faulty starter motor is indicated by the absence of other electrical issues that may be verified more readily.

How do you check a riding lawn mowers starter solenoid?

The first step is to turn on the ignition. The solenoid’s huge terminal posts are where the red wires attach to the solenoid. You can do this by using a screwdriver’s metal shaft to touch both big terminals at once. The solenoid should be replaced if the engine turns over and starts.

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