Can Drones Record Audio? Quick Answer

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Aerial photography and videography with camera drones are fantastic, but do you know anything about Can Drones Record Audio? To accompany the visuals; Drones do not have built-in microphones, hence they cannot record sounds. Even if you attach an external microphone to the drone, you’ll be capturing a lot of motor noise and propeller wash, which tend to drown out any other sounds.

Can Drones Record Audio?

Drones can record video, but they usually can’t record audio as well. This is because neither an internal microphone nor an audio recorder is present. Even if a drone were equipped with a microphone, it would primarily record the whirring of the blades. Furthermore, drone-recorded videos are silent.

Drones Record Audio

In an ideal world, your drone video could record audio from the environment or activities you were filming, but that isn’t a realistic expectation right now. Not to say that there aren’t a few ways to record sound that syncs up with your drone footage.

Is There A Microphone On A Drone?

For me, one of the most important considerations when purchasing my first two drones was whether they featured a microphone. When I learned that drones do not come equipped with a microphone, I was shocked.

I was surprised to hear, though, that you can purchase an extra microphone to attach to your drone and use it for recording. Drones are unable to record sounds since they lack a microphone. Drones don’t come with mics for a good reason, though.

A drone flying hundreds of feet in the air doesn’t have a lot of options for recording noises. A drone’s blades would cancel out any sound even if it were audible from that altitude. Propellant noise would obstruct any recorded noises, no matter how low you flew the drone to capture them.

An external microphone can be used to record sounds if you’re determined to give it a shot. However, keep in mind that the external microphone and gadgets will record the sound and wash the prop.

Alternatively, you can capture sounds directly from your controller device. Although sound editing software is widely used to filter and remove the props’ sounds, the results are often dubious. This is because the recording device is too close to the source of the noise.

Why Drones Don’t Have A Mic?

There are three main reasons why drones don’t have microphones built into them.

  • One of the most noticeable aspects of flying a drone is the sound it makes. The low humming noise made by electric motors may be recorded if drones had built-in microphones.
  • Since the prop wash is the most audible sound in the vicinity of the drone, the microphone will focus on capturing this sound. Propellant wash is a typically loud sound produced by the high air volume dispensed by a drone’s propellers.
  • Even if the electric motor noise is minimized and the prop is made silent, wind noise will still be an issue. Adding insult to injury, as drones travel through the air, wind noise is generated around the microphone.

Is The Mavic Mini Capable Of Capturing Audio?

Because it lacks a built-in microphone, the Mavic Mini cannot record audio directly. To record audio with your Mavic Mini, an external microphone is recommended. If you’d prefer to record noises, you can do it with your controller’s microphone. However, keep in mind that the external microphone and gadgets will record the sound and wash the prop.

Drone Footage: How To Add Audio?

Even while drones can’t record sound, you can still apply audio to drone footage despite this limitation. An external microphone can be attached to a recording device so that audio can be added to the video. While the drone is taking pictures, the sound is captured on the device.

Utilize software to edit and integrate the resulting aural and visual output of the drone after that! Use audio editing software to ensure that you’re audio is of the highest quality.  However, if music is what is wanted, video editing software is needed to incorporate the soundtrack into a visual record. The DJI GO 4 software can be used in this situation.

Make sure you have music in your collection before using this software. Then you are editing click the + icon on the song to add it. Once you’ve done that, you can go ahead and adjust your local music. You can use this to add the music of your choice to the video you’ve just recorded. During the editing process, you can do this at several points.

Can Drones Pick Up Sound?

You are well aware that drones cannot record audio or detect sounds. Drones do not generally include internal audio recorders for various reasons, including audio quality and noise.

Do DJI Drones Have A Mic?

Two transmitters with built-in microphones are included with the DJI Mic. Both transmitters feature omnidirectional audio, which makes them perfect for small studio settings and multi-person interviews.


There are a lot of nitty-gritty aspects of adding audio sound to video footage that, in my opinion, make it less worthwhile than it should be. Even if the quality of the sound was outstanding, the effort would almost be worth it! So, Can Drones Record Audio? The short answer is no.

Drones typically lack an inbuilt microphone unless one is specifically requested in the product’s spec sheet. Even so, they may not be able to function properly because you will need additional equipment to record the sounds. There is still a long way to go before drones can truly take over as our eyes in the sky.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of drones are capable of recording audio?

It’s possible to catch sound from a mic on the device you use to fly and operate your DJI drone using an app called DJI GO 4 if you’re a DJI owner. You can record audio on your iPhone or iPad using the built-in recorder.

Is it possible for military drones to capture audio?

The capacity to listen or record audio is almost universally accessible in drones on the market. Drones will be able to record crystal-clear audio from great distances in 2018. In terms of military strategy, this is a huge leap forward.

How can I know if my DJI drone can record audio?

When flying your DJI Mavic Mini, you can’t use your mobile device like a microphone to record sound. To record audio, a video must first be edited and audio must then be added.

Is it possible for drones to take video?

Drones with built-in cameras often offer advanced functionality such as video transmission to mobile devices & recording to remote storage, which can be used for flight-specific purposes.

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