Best Things To Do With iPad [All You Need To Know]

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We’ll discuss the Best Things To Do With iPad. The iPad isn’t a laptop replacement, despite what Apple would have us believe, but anyone who flat-out denies it’s a valuable tool for productivity also shouldn’t be taken seriously.

The iPad may seem magical when you know how to use the appropriate methods. Once you’ve mastered them, working can occasionally be enjoyable. You wouldn’t be right to reject it as a giant iPhone, even though it may not be a MacBook.

Here is a brief introduction to the magic Apple hides behind the recognizable face of iOS. Some advice essentially serves as a review of the courses, but other passages could leave you in awe. (I’m citing personal experience).

Once you access these resources, you’ll realize why Apple has such an absurd advantage in the tablet industry. With an iPad, you can do endless things, from streaming movies to enjoying top-notch games. The iPad has many great uses thanks to the hundreds of apps offered in the Apple App Store.

Best Things To Do With iPad

Things To Do With iPad

Take Complete Control

Swipe down from the rightmost corner of the Home Screen to open Control Center, which provides quick access to frequently used functions such as adjusting the screen’s brightness and volume, activating Bluetooth, locking the screen’s orientation, and more.

You may also control your smart home appliances from here if you have them. You may add or remove controls in Control Center by going to Settings > Control Center.

Data Booby-Trapping

Does your iPad include information you don’t want to be accessed by unauthorized parties, like your top-secret plans to rule the world? No issue. To erase data, navigate to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and scroll down.

If ten passcode tries fail, you can use this to delete your iPad automatically. Additionally, you can designate whether or not certain features can be accessed when your iPad is locked.

Utilize The Covert Trackpad

In an application like Mail, the on-screen keyboard transforms into a trackpad when touched with two fingers; the pointer moves in tandem with your finger movements. It’s a massive help with document editing.

Ignore Notifications

Every program appears to want you to activate notifications, and some of them abuse your trust by inundating you with intrusive advertisements. You may quiet certain apps by heading to Settings > Notifications, where you can modify app notifications.

Connect To A VPN

Your iPad can join a virtual private network if you have access to one. Just provide the necessary information by going to Settings > General > VPN. This setting is system-wide, in contrast to VPN apps, which might only encrypt data from within specific programs.

Streamline Wi-Fi

Simplify WiFi By turning on the Auto-Join Hotspot choice at the bottom of the screen in Settings > Wi-Fi, you can configure your iPad to connect to your iPhone Personal Hotspot automatically. In the Ask To Join Networks section, you can also turn off the alerts when your iPad discovers a new wireless network.

Identify Energy Wasters

This is the iPad tips for conserving energy. To find out how well your iPad’s battery is performing and which apps are using up the most power, go to Settings > Energy. As you can see in our screenshot, a single game has consumed 44% of our battery over the past 24 hours.

This program list will assist you in locating apps that might be overly resource-intensive or that you need to be made aware of were operating in the background.

Use Text Shortcuts

If you find yourself constantly reusing the same chunks of text, save yourself some time by adding them as Text Replacement items in Settings > General > Keyboards. You can then set up shortcuts, such as “sorryno” followed by a semicolon, to automate courteous responses to product pitches.

Use Emoji

Hit the smiling face key in the bottom left corner of your iPad’s on-screen keyboard to utilize emoji; tap ABC to switch back to the regular keyboard. No emoticons? Select Emoji from the list under Settings > General > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard.

Create A Float Keyboard

In landscape mode, the iPad’s standard keyboard takes up a lot of space. Press and hold the keyboard symbol in the lower-left corner of the keyboard while swiping your finger over “Float” to make it smaller. Now that the keyboard is somewhat smaller, you can move it by dragging its bottom border. To restore it to its original size, pinch it out with two fingers.

Use AirPlay To Stream

By pressing the AirPlay icon in Control Center, you may stream movies and music from your iPad to an AirPlay-compatible device, such as an Apple TV or an AirPlay speaker. If your device doesn’t support AirPlay but has a competing system like ChromeCast, check for an app like Tubio, which broadcasts to various devices in sharp HD.

Snap A Picture

The Home and Sleep/Wake buttons (or Volume Up buttons or if your iPhone lacks a Home button) must be pressed simultaneously to hear a click. The screenshot is immediately added to your Photos library, but for a short period, a thumbnail appears on the screen; tap that to tweak the screenshot before saving or sharing it.

View Two Apps Simultaneously

With Slide Over, which is compatible with iPads starting with the iPad Air and iPad mini 2, you can rapidly utilize another app without closing the one you’re currently using. For quicker switching, your iPad remembers the apps you use in this mode. Open the first app to access it, then slide the Dock from the bottom.

The second app’s icon will now appear in its panel when you touch and hold it and move it upwards. Slide the app you’re opening over the bar separating the two open apps if you’re currently in Split View (more on that in a bit).

Make Use Of Motions To Multitask

In iPadOS, there are numerous gestures. Use four or five fingers to squeeze an app to reveal the open apps; use the same fingers to slide sideways to move between running apps. You can disable them in Settings > General > Multitasking if you discover that you frequently activate them by accident.

Use Split View To Run Two Programs Simultaneously

With Split View, available on the iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, and newer iPads, you may work in two applications simultaneously. For instance, you might have Pages open next to Safari as you research and write an article.

Drag the second app from the dock to the screen’s outer right border. It functions precisely like Slide Over. You should notice your apps running simultaneously when you release the button.

Use Google Although Apple would prefer that you use its iCloud for everything, many of us prefer Gmail and Google Calendar. Not to worry: While Settings > Mail does the same for Gmail, Settings > Calendar > Accounts guides you through the step-by-step procedure.

View Videos While Performing Other Tasks

You’ll see a small icon on a screen with an arrow while using FaceTime or viewing a movie in full-screen mode. For instance, if you’re using Apple Music and are watching a music video, the icon is to the left of the close icon at the top of the window. When you tap it, the video shrinks; when you tap it once more, the movie resizes.

Use AirPrint

You can print documents if you have an AirPrint printer and your iPad is linked to the same WiFi network. Just go to your app’s Share menu and select Print to print. The iPad should automatically detect the printer.

Add Any Attachments To Your Mail

When you push and hold in an empty section of a Mail message, a toolbar opens, allowing you to enter items. Choose Insert Photo or Video to add a photo or video from your Photos collection; hit Add Document to add a file from iCloud Drive, Dropbox, or another installed storage app. Additionally, you can upload a sketch or scan a document from the camera into the Mail.

Continue Adding Symbols Everywhere

You can add punctuation and symbols while typing without leaving the ABC keyboard. To type a symbol, swipe down on a letter. For example, to enter a @ sign, swipe down on the A key; to type an exclamation mark, swipe down on the comma key. Holding down a key for a long time may also add accents for different languages. For instance, if you long-press A, you’ll get options for ae, â, and so on.

Make VIPs For Mail

You can instruct Mail to inform you just when a message arrives from a Very Important Person and to create an inbox folder that only contains messages from those VIPs to control unwanted notifications. You must first add someone to Contacts before making them a VIP. When you tap their name in Mail, an Add to VIP option will appear.

Check The Children

There are several methods to use an iPad to prevent your children from accessing something you don’t want them to. For each child’s Apple ID, you can establish app, communication, and time restrictions in Screen Time. You can also utilize Content & Privacy Restrictions for prohibited content.

Make An App Private

You can enable Guided Access for highly young children or nosy adults, restricting them to the currently open app and letting you turn off the confidence of its features or screen areas.

Guided Access is located under Settings > Accessibility. Open the app you want to share when it has been enabled, and then triple-tap either the Home button (on iPads with a Home button) or the sleep/wake button (on iPads without a Home button).


I cannot only advise purchasing an iPad if you want to improve your life. However, it’s only a piece of equipment you can use to perform some enjoyable activities and stay organized. You decide how to use it. IPads last a very long time.

They last a decade, so you only buy them for a year or two if you treat them well. Sincerely, I have no motive to persuade you to purchase it or not. I’m only here to demonstrate the Best Things To Do With iPad and how it may be used – the various alternatives – with no personal gain in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities can you perform on an iPad?

·       Get complex tasks finished quickly.
·       Run powerful applications with ease. With the extra convenience of touch input, the iPad is compatible with the robust programs you’re accustomed to using, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop.
·       Utilize several apps at once and switch between them.
·       Files let you save and share all of your content.

What is an iPad’s best application?

In reserve to being more portable than a laptop, an iPad’s large screen makes it easier to work on projects, stream videos, and browse webpages than a phone. The iPad makes a superb e-book reader as well.

Can you perform all computer-like tasks on a mobile?

To replicate the experience of a standard laptop, an iPad will need additional peripherals. To use any mouse and keyboard directly with iPad OS, connect them through Bluetooth or USB. The iPad even features a special cursor that mimics the feel of utilizing mouse-based touch input.

Is buying an iPad worth it?

There is a reason why Apple’s iPad is the most well-known tablet in the world. When compared to Android-powered tablets, it is noticeably more sophisticated.

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