Why Does Arris Modem Keeps Rebooting? Causes + Solution

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As a business, we have nothing but praise for Arris. As far as routing devices go, they’re up there with the best, at least from our perspective. It’s not, however, a guarantee that they’ll perform all the time correctly. Is your Arris Modem Keeps Rebooting?

The more features and functionality a modern router have, the greater the risk that something may go wrong. Having scoured the Internet for user-reported issues, the news is overwhelmingly favorable. There doesn’t appear to be much difficulty repairing an Arris at home if something goes wrong.

Why Does Arris Modem Keeps Rebooting?

We saw several flaws, but one, in particular, attracted our attention. People who use Spectrum’s Internet claim that their Arris Modem Keeps Automatically Resetting. It’s safe to say that this is one of the most frustrating issues you’ll ever face while using the Internet.

We decided to investigate the issue further in light of the large number of similar reports we’ve received. We hope this information will assist you in identifying the root cause of your issue. Even better, we’ll show you exactly how to fix it from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to get help from outside!

Why Arris Modem Keeps Rebooting

Troubleshooting The Arris Modem Keeps Rebooting

If you’ve read any of our previous articles, you’ll know that we prefer to discuss the problem first before attempting to solve it. This explanation aims to help you better prepare for the next time something similar occurs. There are several possible explanations for this uncommon problem.

Arris routers and modems have been known to drop signals at inconvenient moments, resulting in various connectivity issues. However, these issues aren’t just a fluke. In truth, there’s a single cause for this, and changing it is so simple it’s almost depressing. When consumers position their routers in the wrong places, they are more likely to encounter these problems. The modem’s physical position can significantly impact how well or how poorly it functions.

Internet capacity can be effectively limited if you position it in a location that receives weak and intermittent signals. However, there can be a variety of other underlying concerns at play simultaneously, as well. The next step will be to look at all of the changes that can be implemented to improve this scenario.

Let me say up front that you don’t have to be a techie to perform these repairs yourself. None of them are of a professional caliber and won’t require you to disassemble anything or jeopardize your equipment. Now that’s out of the way, let’s work on fixing your issue!

Step 1: Update Firewall And Device Software

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure your gadget is completely up to date.
  • To accomplish this, we’ll need to update the device’s firmware and install the most recent version of the firewall.
  • This is simple enough to accomplish if your know-how and all information can be found on the manufacturer’s website.
  • If you are completely new to this, we recommend enlisting the assistance of a buddy. It should only take a few minutes this way.
  • Open the firewall and type this ZurL ( into the address bar area of your firewall web browser after you’ve upgraded and installed everything you need.
  • Then, on the help tab, click. On the router page, you should be able to see all of your modem’s information.

Step 2: Equipment Health Check

You should now perform a safety check on your equipment. It may seem elementary, but you’d be amazed how often a faulty cable or connection can let the entire team down.

  • In other words, make a thorough inspection of every cable and splitter that leads into your home.
  • One at a time, unplug them from the wall sockets.
  • Wait a few minutes after unplugging all of the cables from your Arris device before plugging them all back in again.
  • Do not hesitate to replace any cables that have become frayed or damaged throughout this process.

Step 3: Secure All Wired Connections

  • Our next step is simple: Reconnect everything you’d previously disconnected.
  • You should also make sure that every connection is as tight as possible while performing this task.
  • You may now check the status of your Spectrum internet connection from the main menu’s drop-down tab.
  • Rechecking the entire connection architecture if your Spectrum signals are still weak or the Arris modem keeps restarting is necessary.
  • Also, if the signal is weak, consider relocating the device to a different location.
  • Keep your Spectrum cable connected directly to the street and inside the house without the use of any splitters if you want the finest possible results. Another factor that affects connectivity is the length of cable you use.

Step 4: Check For ISP Service Outage

It’s reasonable to say that you’re among the unhappy few if you’re still having issues. Generally speaking, if you followed the preceding procedures, the issue should be resolved at this point. The fact that this isn’t the case suggests several possible possibilities. Arris modems have a tendency to reset themselves, which indicates a more serious problem.

In addition to this, it’s possible that a faulty internet connection is to blame. Before phoning the appropriate customer support hotlines, you should double-check to ensure the modem is not near any other electrical equipment that could cause interference. Problems with Spectrum Resetting on Arris Modems.

There is nothing else you can do to fix it unless you hire an expert. We’ve dealt with Arris before and can attest to their above-average customer service, so getting a technician to fix it shouldn’t be too difficult. It is, however, possible to fix this problem by using another way. If you know of a solution, please share it with our readers.

Arris Modem Keeps Disconnecting

Because of loose connections, a shaky internet connection, outdated firmware, or an external device attempting to connect to the network connection, your Arris modem may continually disconnect.

How Often To Reboot The Modem?

“Restarting the primary internet router every few months is an excellent idea. One of your first steps in troubleshooting in a residential or consumer context should be to reboot the router. This can resolve various Internet connectivity problems, from poor wireless connections to no Internet connectivity.


One of Arris’s many products and services is modem manufacturing and distribution. Arris Modem Keeps Rebooting, even though the company is well-known for them (and without warning). Is there a reason for this, and how can it be remedied?

Resetting your Arris modem over and over can be caused by an ISP “Factory Reset,” obsolete hardware, or worn wires. Inadequate WiFi signals and out-of-date modem firmware are two other culprits to watch out for.

If your Arris modem breaks down within the first two years of ownership, you have the option of purchasing a new one to replace it. We have put together a list of simple fixes to help you or anyone else who may be having this issue!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the deal with my modem restarting all the time?

The most typical cause of a modem restart is a faulty power connection. The problem could be caused by a bad connection at the outlet or the power port on the back of your modem. As you twist both ends of the power cable or connection, keep an eye on the power indicator on the front of the modem.

What is the cause of my Arris router’s continuous disconnections?

This disconnecting issue is sometimes caused by a loose or defective cable. We can see if it’s correctly connected to the devices; if it is, the cable may be faulty, and we’ll need to replace it. A malfunctioning or broken equipment is a common cause of internet disconnections.

How often should you reboot your modem?

“Rebooting the main internet router every couple of months is a good idea.” A modern router reboot can fix certain Internet connectivity difficulties in a home or consumer environments, such as no Internet connectivity or poor wireless connections. It should be one of your initial troubleshooting actions.

What happened to my Arris modem?

Make that the power cord is correctly connected to the wall outlet and the modem’s back panel. Make that the electrical outlet is operational. Contact Customer Support if the electrical connection is fine, but the modem reset does not work. Check the modem and wall outlet coaxial cable connections.

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