Are WD Hard Drives Good? Expert Guide

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Western Digital and Seagate are the most popular names in the storage industry, although WD is rarely a clear winner. Almost every section of the storage business is a battleground for these two companies, always looking for ways to improve usability and power efficiency. So, the question is Are WD Hard Drives Good?

There’s a considerable possibility you’ll have to select between a portable hard drive and an internal SSD for your PC. We’ve done the math to show you some of the significant differences between our products and theirs, hoping that it will simplify the decision-making process.

Are WD Hard Drives Good?

WD hard drives have been widely used for many years. They also expect a meager failure rate from WD hard drives because of their reputation for reliability. Among HGST, Toshiba, Seagate, and Western Digital, however, BackBlaze research found that Western Digital’s disks were the least trustworthy on average.

WD Hard Drives Good

Both Seagate and Western Digital make hard drives in the storage industry. The previous two decades have seen a dramatic increase when it comes to hard disc capacity, speed, and power. To meet the requirements of users who are more concerned with speed than capacity, distinct market groups have arisen.

Seagate Technology and Western Digital Corporation are both HDD manufacturers. So, what’s the distinction between their HDDs? To contrast the dependability, speed, and storage capacity of Seagate and Western Digital hard drives. Seagate Technology PLC was invented in 1978 and is situated in the United States.

Seagate Technology PLC was created as Shugart Technology but eventually changed its name. From 2010 to the present, Seagate has been based in Cupertino, California, and is incorporated under Irish law in Dublin, Ireland.

Seagate pioneered the development of the 5.25-inch SSD in 1980, and by the 1980s, the business had become the world’s leading microcomputer manufacturer. American computer hard disc manufacturer and data storage solutions provider Western Digital Corporation (WD), usually known as Western Digital and WD, is a household name.

Storage devices, data center systems, and cloud storage services are some of the many products and services it creates, produces, and makes available to meet the ever-changing information technology industry needs.

The electronic industry has known Western Digital for many years. In 1970, Alvin B. Phillips created the company based in Irvine, California, and has since relocated. San Jose, California, is currently where the company’s headquarters are.


Model, Brand, and capacity all affect the frequency of hard drive failures. Only when the manufacturer is taken into account these figures may be determined. Many people believe that Western Digital’s hard drives are more trustworthy than those made by Seagate after conducting an internet search. As a result, many consumers claim that Western Digital HDDs fail less frequently than Seagate drives.

WD or Seagate hard disk failure is possible, regardless of the Brand’s reliability, because not all hard drives are made equal. No matter which manufacturer makes the drive, it will eventually fail.


Most people agree that Seagate’s hard discs are speedier than Western Digital’s. Despite their better read/write speeds, Western Digital HDDs have a higher failure rate. While Seagate’s HDDs are faster, Western Digital’s are better for storage since they are more reliable and steady.


With a 2 TB SATA HDD, Western Digital has set a new standard for HDD storage capacity. In 2017, they introduced the world’s first 14 TB HDD, the helium-filled HGST Ultrastar Hs14. Their portable hard drive capacity is constantly increasing.

Up to 10 TB is the maximum capacity of Seagate’s desktop-class HDD. The 14 TB Seagate Barracuda Pro type HDD is built within the system. Capacity-wise, both companies can meet your needs.

As well-known names in storage drive solutions, it might be difficult to choose between these two, and the ideal option may depend on a variety of factors, including your needs and how you want to utilize the hard drive.

Which Brand Of The Hard Drive Is Most Reliable?

  • Seagate Exos X14.
  • Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS
  • WD Black WD10SPSX.
  • WD Blue WD40EZAZ.
  • WD Gold WD2005FBYZ.

How Long Do WD External Hard Drives Last?

In general, WD hard drives survive three to five years. However, this figure may vary significantly from one device to another based on both internal and external usage conditions.


This is all about Are WD Hard Drives Good? Storage drive manufacturers Seagate and Western Digital are household names. Depending on your needs, you may wish to go for the better of these two manufacturers when purchasing an internal or external hard drive.

Western Digital has a stranglehold on the market when it comes to external hard drives, recognizing that wireless connectivity and ease of access to digital media are now more vital than ever. It’s worth noting, though, that Seagate has yet to enter the wireless and cloud-storage industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the WD hard drive reliable?

Overall, Western Digital was the least dependable, according to this study. Western Digital had the highest yearly failure rate at just under 7%, while Toshiba and Seagate had less than 3% annual failure rates.

WD or Seagate: Which is better?

It is clear that Seagate Internal Hard Drive is superior to Western Digital Internal Hard Drive in every way. Because Seagate Internal Hard Drive is less expensive and more capable than Western Digital Internal Hard Drive, it’s a superior value in terms of all three of these criteria.

Are WD external hard drives worth the money they cost?

It may seem like a monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but our testing shows that the WD My Book is the greatest external hard drive for the money. In exchange for roughly $100, you get 4TB of hard drive space with hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption and WD Backup software.

How long does a hard disc last on average?

Backblaze conducted a study in 2013 that found that HDDs typically last between three and five years for consumers. Even though the research is a little stale, the findings remain valid. A Backblaze study found that HDDs fail in one of three ways: mechanical, electrical, or thermal.

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