Are iPads Allowed On Planes? (Quick Answer)

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Let’s find out more about Are iPads Allowed On Planes? Traveling and all the entertaining things you can do with them when it’s in airplane mode! For travelers, picking out the stuff to pack in their carry-on bags can be difficult. But if you want something to do to pass the time on a plane, the iPad can be helpful.

Aside from letting you express your creativity, iPads can store various material types. Yes, tablets and iPads are permitted on flights. It will fall under the category of Personal Electronic Device (PED). It is allowed in both checked and carry-on luggage.

Are iPads Allowed On Planes?

Using ordinary-sized computers, tablets, and other small portable electronic devices is permitted aboard airplanes. At security checkpoints, larger electronic gadgets must be individually checked, including computers, gaming consoles, and DVD players.

iPads Allowed On Planes

What Is Airplane Mode?

Regular travelers automatically activate airplane mode without understanding how it functions. Your phone or tablet can no longer connect to Wi-Fi or cellular networks once you turn on airplane mode. Although the devices will work flawlessly, you won’t be able to use them for browsing the internet or talking with pals.

A mobile cannot interfere with in-flight communications when in airplane mode. Additionally, it keeps the cell towers operational because the volume of daily flights may disrupt the entire world.

How To Put Your iPad In An Airplane Mode?

When flying, you must always use airplane mode. Therefore, you have come to the right site if you need to learn how to turn it on. There are two fast ways to activate airplane mode on your iPad.

Control Center

The quickest method is using the Control Center to put your iPad in airplane mode. You may go there by swiping down from the screen’s upper right corner. At the top of the menu will be a tiny gray button with an airplane. Tap on it to put your iPad in airplane mode. Orange will appear on the icon. You naturally do the same thing to get out of airplane mode.


The Airplane Mode tab can be found on the right side of the screen by opening Settings and selecting that option. It is very near the top. You must tap on a switch that is located inside the tab. The gadget is in airplane mode when it turns green.

Awesome Things To Do On iPad While In Airplane Mode

While your iPad is in airplane mode, you cannot access the internet, but don’t worry there are still lots of things to do even if you are not online! Here are a few examples:

Awesome Things To Do On iPad While In Airplane Mode

Catch Up On A Show

Most streaming providers let consumers download individual episodes or whole films to their devices, including iPads. Find an app for your preferred streaming service by going to the App Store. From there, you can watch your preferred programs for the duration of the flight.

Read An eBook

Thanks to the Books app, the iPad may quickly become an eBook reader. Users can download books, audiobooks, and even magazines in the app. You can read the books once they are in your library, even if your device is offline. Therefore, if you are a bookworm, a long flight is the ideal opportunity to finish a book on your list of things to read.

Listen To Music Or Podcasts

Did you realize that Spotify allows you to download music? Users can enjoy their favorite music without constantly being online. Additionally, you are not required to stick with just one album or artist. Find a playlist you like instead, and keep it on your iPad all the time. Additionally, listening to podcasts while flying is a lot of fun!


Do you have a lot of unnecessary apps on your iPad but need more time to organize them? An extended journey is ideal for arranging your apps and cleaning up your iPad. Keep in mind the gallery! After all, you undoubtedly have a large number of screenshots and pictures. You will free up storage space to download even more fantastic performances on the return trip.

Play An Offline Game

Most people entirely disregard video games when not connected to the internet, believing that we must be online to play them. However, you may play many fantastic games anywhere and whenever you like. There is something to enjoy for every mobile player: memory cards, sudoku, and Plants vs. Zombies 2!


While their iPad is in airplane mode, creative individuals can polish their drawing and illustration skills. Procreate, for instance, may be accessed without an internet connection. Given how soothing this pastime may be, it is just what anxious flyers require.

The Right Way To Pack Your iPad In Checked Baggage

Even though we don’t advise it due to the risk of theft or damage, if you must send your iPad or tablet in checked baggage, below are some suggestions to assist you in safely transporting and safeguarding your electronics.

  • If you bring uninstalled lithium batteries or bower banks with your iPad, pack them in your carry-on bag because the FAA forbids them in checked baggage.
  • Before packing your device in your checked luggage, switch it completely off. Most airlines do not recommend leaving your device in sleep mode.
  • Create a complex password for your tablet to prevent data theft.


You made it to the finish, so here is a summary of whether Are iPads Allowed On Planes? On most flights, there are no restrictions on bringing iPads or other tablets in your carry-on or checked baggage as long as you stay within the airline’s weight and size limits. However, you could be compelled to take your tablet out of your suitcase and put it in the garbage for screening at the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an iPad allowed in carry-on luggage?

Most battery-operated consumer personal electronic gadgets, such as mobile phones, smartphones, data loggers, PDAs, electronic games, tablets, laptop, computers, cameras, camcorders, watches, calculators, etc., are permitted in carry-on and checked luggage.

Do iPads need to be taken out for TSA?

Any electronics more significant than a phone will require a bin during security checks, so be prepared to remove them from your carry-on bag. (Passengers who have TSA PreCheckTM are exempt from this).

How do you travel with an iPad safely?

Consider the following tactics to protect your iPad while traveling.
•       Buy a Case First.
•       Discover How to connect to the Data Connection on Your iPhone.
•       Log on to (and off of) the guest Wi-Fi.
•       Use Find My iPad and a passcode to secure your iPad.
•       Prepare the iPad Before You Go.

What is not allowed on a plane carry-on?

Food items that are liquid or gel more significant than 3.4 oz cannot be brought on board and should instead be packed in your checked bags. According to TSA inspectors, things such as powders and foods that can get stuck in bags and block clear X-ray images may be prohibited from carry-on luggage.

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