Are Cricket Phones Compatible With MetroPCS? (Answered)

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Do you want to know Are Cricket Phones Compatible With MetroPCS? With these recent adjustments to Cricket’s smartphone comparison, Metropcs and Cricket are now on the same footing. Both businesses now only accept a limited number of unlocked phones into their services and demand that customers purchase phones directly from their websites or physical locations.

For most Cricket subscribers, exchanging SIM cards is no longer possible, and it never was for MetroPCS customers. Only AT&T and T-Mobile still allow customers to purchase any unlocked phone of their choosing and use it on their network. 

Are Cricket Phones Compatible With MetroPCS?

Yes. Depending on the radio bands that each phone supports, they will all function with varying degrees of coverage. It’ll work. I connected my unlocked Metro phone to Cricket informally (using PDANet); no issues.

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Differences Between Metro PCS And Cricket

Plans And Pricing

There are five different varieties of cell phones offered by Metro PCS. Four are designed for personal use, while one is for family use. Additionally, Metro PCS offers monthly add-on services that are not needed to be purchased as part of a yearly contract.

The least expensive unlimited plan for one line begins at $50 per month. Prices decrease when you add more lines to your package. For Metro PCS’s offers, various carriers have varying costs to offer. For instance, Amazon Prime charges $60 more monthly for a single line.

Additionally, you can add extra services like blocked robocalls and more foreign data. You have the option of making payments in person or online. Compared to purchasing the services online, in-store prices are less high.

Eight cellphone plans are offered by Cricket Wireless. Additionally, they provide options that let us use a single line, such as the 2 GB plan for $30 per month. A family plan uses a maximum of 5 lines, making it cheaper. 5 Lines have a $150 monthly price. 


Since merging with T-mobile, Metro PCS’s coverage has expanded. The more comprehensive range makes five national networks available.

Cricket, in contrast, makes use of the AT&T network. T-Mobile and AT&T both offer extensive coverage. There is barely any distinction between the two businesses. Cricket, however, has more comprehensive network coverage.

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Access To The Network

In some circumstances, both networks have limitations. Cricket relies on the network and towers of AT&T. Your choice of plan affects the speed of data download on Cricket. When a network is congested, internet speed suffers as well. Due to priority, Metro PCS’s network also crawls during busy periods.

Buying A New Phone Or Bringing Your Own

Your phone must work with Metro by T-Mobile or Cricket cellular. Examine the compatibility by finding your device’s IMEI number. Alternatively, both carriers offer a variety of unlocked phone plans if you wish to purchase a new best phone. Models like the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy are among them.

Additionally, the two carriers provide free number-transfer devices. These phones cost a little more than $200. For new customers of their carriers, the promotional phones are sold for less than their regular cost. Before purchasing a phone, check out the offers made by the carriers. Although the monthly payment schedule seems appealing, the interest rate is substantial.

Calls And Texts

Before transferring, make sure your Metro T-Mobile network connection is solid. You won’t be able to use call or text services if Metro T-Mobile does not cover your location and vice versa. Cricket makes use of the top Internet service provider in America’s network.

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Therefore, there is a small probability that the internet will be compromised in some locations. Cricket prioritizes its clients. Therefore the internet may only be interrupted if you exceed your monthly limit.

Consumer Service

Cricket was named the top mobile carrier in a JD survey that Power performed. One of the top apps was Metro by T-Mobile. Both carriers provide chat options and are accessible around the clock to take your calls. The number for Metro by T-Mobile is 1 (888)863-8768. Call Cricket at (800)274-2538. You can visit the two’s actual stores if you have any questions.

Data Speed

The typical download and upload speeds for Metro PCS are 18.8 Mbps and 1113 Mbps, respectively. Metro PCS downloads faster than Cricket because of the difference in download speeds.

Final Verdict

I have explained Are Cricket Phones Compatible With MetroPCS? in this article. American firm T-mobile owns prepaid wireless service provider Metro PCS. Despite being established in 1994 under General Wireless Inc., the business didn’t become active until 2002.

Metro PCS offers fast wireless service, and unlimited data plans are available. With locations in practically all major cities, Cricket Wireless is one of the leading providers of mobile virtual networks (MVNOs). AT&T owns Cricket Wireless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Cricket phone with another carrier?

Phones from Cricket Wireless are pre-locked. If your phone is locked until you fulfill all the requirements to unlock it, you can only use it with the carrier from where you purchased it. Before you may unlock your phone, Cricket Wireless requires that you have had service for six consecutive months.

Is Cricket the same as MetroPCS?

Cricket Wireless is a subsidiary of AT&T and makes use of its network, including the same towers and coverage. Cricket does, however, restrict data download rates on some plans, and you can experience a slowdown when the network is busy.

Which wireless providers work with Cricket?

Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T are all carriers that work with Cricket. Any of those carriers can be readily changed over to Cricket. The general process to leave one of these carriers compatible with Cricket is outlined here: Make sure your existing carrier isn’t constantly communicating with you.

What is the Cricket phone unlock code?

Register, go to Account Settings, and choose Get Code. To find the phone number that you want to unlock, scroll down. Opt for Request Unlock. The unlock code will be texted to your phone and shown on the screen for supported Android devices.

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