Android Phone Playing Audio Ads Randomly (Fix This)

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Android users frequently experience problems with Android Phone Playing Audio Ads Randomly. Ads occasionally play loudly on phones without indicating where the audio is coming from or how to stop it. While the file is playing, there is no visible advertisement on the screen, and the phone can be used commonly.

After an anti-virus scan, the phone claims to be secure. Some customers report that deleting recently downloaded apps from their phones does not fix the problem. Numerous online forums have addressed this issue and based on their own experiences, Android users have shared a variety of fixes.

Android Phone Playing Audio Ads Randomly 1

Android Phone Playing Audio Ads Randomly

Several Of The Solutions Are Listed Below

  1. Any non-Play Store application on the phone has the potential to play random audio files in the background. Take this app off your phone. Apps that limit calls and SMS messages are also to blame for this problem. Remove these programs, and the issue should be resolved.
  2. By removing the Pandora Music app, some Android users were able to stop their mobile from playing random audio files. Run DU Speed Booster on the phone to clean it. The problem is fixed on the first try. Some users were able to resolve this problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook app. The Facebook app appeared to be operating in the background; however, removing the app halted the background play of random advertisements.
  3. Purchase the “Fast Reboot.” A non-root app, it makes every effort to halt and restart itself. Unexpected audio is terminated. Additionally, it provides a list of what it performs to find the root of the issue. Install a harmful energy removal app on your phone, research the subject, engage in a few rituals, and you’ll soon feel the change. For some users, the solution to the issue worked.
  4. During debugging, it was discovered that a small number of users had the bright pause/mute button locked to remain on. It refused to shut off. After contacting the service providers and the company, the issue was resolved by repeatedly refreshing the SIM card. After that, arbitrary audio files are no longer played in the background. Go to the Google History page and select Android as the filter. App: “Draw” appears far more frequently than it is utilized for some users. When the phone plays random sounds, the app occasionally displays “Used.” The issue can be resolved by uninstalling this program.
  5. In addition to the Draw app, search the phone for additional programs that are being opened without a need. The MAX Security app, designed to prevent malware and viruses, may be responsible for phones playing random audio files. Clear the app’s data before deleting it. Reset network connections and delete all browsing history. Since the advertising running on the phones is most likely the cause of these audios, stopping Chrome from running in the background solves the issue of random audio being played on the phones.

Fixes For Random Audio Files Playing On Android Phone

Clear Browsing Data

A few websites occasionally request access to your device before sending notifications and running background advertisements. These alerts and promotions may also be in audio form. Follow these steps to employ this technique:

  • Select Settings > History > Delete History from your web browser.
  • Before deleting the History, double-check that you have selected everything.
Android Phone Playing Audio Ads Randomly 3

The issue with audio advertising playing in the background on Android will be fixed.

Deleting 3rd Party Apps

Try to delete any apps you may have downloaded from sources other than the Google Play Store. It’s possible that the app’s background audio advertisements are what is causing the phone to play random audio in the background. You can fix the problem by deleting the program.

Delete Calls/SMS Blocking Apps

There is a tiny possibility that any call or SMS blocking apps installed on your Android device are to blame for the random audio files playing on your Android phone problem. You could try deleting the program to fix the problem.

Android Phone Playing Audio Ads Randomly 2

Use A Cleanup App

An app for cleaning can be downloaded from the Play Store and used. Find a cleaning app, and then download the one with the top ratings. Install it on your smartphone and start it after you’ve found one. It will resolve the problem of audio adverts playing in Android’s background. If not, go to the following one.

Locked Mute Button

There is a minor possibility that your mute button is locked and isn’t deactivating. Contact your carrier or try removing and reinserting your SIM card. It will fix the problem you are having.

Final Summary

These were simple solutions for Android Phone Playing Audio Ads Randomly. You should be able to choose one of these to fix your phone’s issue with playing random sounds. You can let us know in the comments if you’re still having trouble. We’ll make an effort to assist you in resolving this issue. I hope you found this post to be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my phone randomly start playing an ad?

Pop-up advertisements are unrelated to the phone itself. They result from third-party apps that you have downloaded to your phone. The more ads are seen, the more money the app creator makes. Ads are a kind of revenue for app developers. Some of them are highly persistent because of this.

Why does my phone randomly play audio?

Your phone may assume headphones are plugged in and begin playing music if your headphone socket is damaged or merely filthy switches. You can remove the headphone insertion auto-run option if you cannot clean the socket.

Why does my Android phone play music randomly?

When the phone detects an external audio source, music may begin playing automatically in particular phone and app configurations. Try cleaning the jack’s lint and debris out to fix this using a toothpick. Avoid touching the phone with anything sharp or hard that could break it.

How do I get rid of irritating ads playing in the background?

Disable the permission if you’re receiving annoying notifications from a website:
·       Launch the Chrome app on your Android smartphone or tablet.
·       Visit a website.
·       Click More Info just below the address bar.
·       Select Site options.
·       Special Notifications from the “Permissions” menu.
·       Disable the setting.

How do I stop random pop-ups on my Android?

On/Off switches for pop-ups
·       Launch the Chrome app on your Android smartphone or tablet.
·       From the option to the right of the address bar, select More settings.
·       Select Permission. Redirects and pop-ups.
·       Disable redirects and pop-up windows.

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