AirPods Flashing Green (Causes And How To Fix It?)

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Have your AirPods Flashing Green? See these tried-and-true solutions we have gathered for you. You have breakfast, listen to music on your AirPods, and then you’re ready to tackle the day. Nevertheless, only one of your AirPods appears to be functioning for some reason, and when you check, you notice a blinking green light on the charging case.

The only indication that something is wrong with your AirPods is the green light that flashes rapidly as if it were a coded message for you to decipher. You can now begin your day without listening to your motivational song. There’s no need to figure out what the flashing green light indicates or what you should do. Below, we’ll go through all that and offer a few short (but effective) fixes. Let’s get going!

AirPods Flashing Green

If your green status light blinks, the case may not detect one of your AirPods. This might be caused by the AirPods charge running low or by a pairing issue when the AirPods fail to identify each other as a pair.

Why AirPods Flashing Green

Possible Reasons Why Your AirPod Flashing Green?

The casing may not recognize one earbud due to several widespread problems. These are merely examples, and the problem at hand may not be one of them. Possible issues include:

  • Problems with charging: One or both AirPods must be correctly positioned for charging.
  • Your phone is in mono mode and configured to link with just one earpiece.
  • One or both of the earphones exhibit physical flaws or manufacturing errors.
  • The audio could be more consistent; either none produce sound, or they do so frequently.

Resetting your AirPods is the best solution to all of these problems. For these frequent issues, a factory reset is an efficient solution.

How To Reset Your AirPods?

Your AirPods Pro Reset (or a wireless compatible Gen 1 and 2)

Please be aware that restarting your AirPods will cause them to lose connection with every associated device. Your AirPods’ factory settings will be reinstated after the reset. Furthermore, remember that the problem can arise if you have a Gen 1 or Gen 2 and upgraded the casing to WiFi.

How To Reset Your AirPods

When switching to a Qi-enabled case, device compatibility varies. Check the device’s compatibility with iOS first, or have the retailer do it. To reset the AirPods, continue reading if the upgraded case is compatible.

To restart your AirPods, follow these instructions:

  • Insert the AirPods and secure the case. Open the lid after around 30 seconds, but keep the buds within.
  • Choose “Bluetooth” from the “Settings” menu on your phone.
  • Locate the name of your AirPods and tap the “Information” icon next to it. This should display the Bluetooth menu for the AirPods. Select “Forget Device.”
  • Keep the AirPods’ open case with their headphones inside. Next, hold down the back button while pressing it.
  • You can release the button once the LED light changes from green to amber.
  • Reconnect with your gadgets once the light flashes white.

The reset will still function even if you have an AirPod case cover. Do you need help with defining a case cover? A protective cover for the AirPod case is known as an AirPod case cover. Many other patterns are available, and you can also obtain an iPad case to match. There is a case for every occasion among the hundreds of designs on our website.

AirPods Max Reset

Now, resetting an AirPods Max will be unique from other resets. Before performing the reset, you must charge the device first. Then take these actions:

  • After charging, you must locate the “Noise Control” and “Digital Crown” buttons.
  • For 15 seconds, press and hold the buttons.
  • A white and an amber flash should follow each other.
  • You can connect to your gadgets once it flashes white.

Didn’t See An Amber Light During Reset

There might only sometimes be an amber light flashing. In this case, the LED can alternately continually flash white. Take your time with this happening; there is still a way to reset it. Instead, you’ll use your iOS device to reset the network settings. Keep your WiFi credentials close at hand before beginning. The WiFi settings will also be reset if the network settings are.

How To Restore The Default Network Settings On iOS?

  • Open your device and select “Settings,” followed by “General” and “Reset.”
  • Reset the network settings at this time.
  • Disconnect your AirPods when the previous process is finished. Choose “Forget Device” under “Bluetooth.”
  • You can now attempt one of the techniques above to reset your AirPods.
How To Restore The Default Network Settings On iOS

You might try cleaning the AirPods and case if none of the options mentioned above were successful. Pay attention to where the charger attaches. Also, you can clean the case’s interior and all other contact areas. After cleaning, reassemble the AirPods in their case and attempt the reset once more. You should take them to the Apple Store if the light doesn’t turn amber after a while.

Other Lights On AirPods And What They Mean?

Let’s look at some typical lights and their meanings.

  • A flashing white light will appear when you press the connection button on the bottom of your charging case. The AirPods are in pairing mode when the indicator light flashes white; at this point, you can begin a new Bluetooth connection with a different device.
  • When the charging case’s LED turns green while the AirPods are inside, both the AirPods and the charging case have reached full charge.
  • There is no need to plug in your AirPods while the charging case’s green led is on when the case is empty. It denotes the filing of charges in the case.
  • When you connect your AirPods, the case’s LED light changes from green to red, indicating that they need to be charged.
  • An amber light indicates that the battery needs to be recharged when the case is empty.
  • When connected to a power source, the AirPods charging case will flash red, indicating that it is in use.
  • Green indicator when plugged in – You can safely unplug the AirPods case from its power source.
  • Amber light that flashes: This indicates a pairing issue with your AirPods. Instead, you must first reset them by briefly pressing the connection button on the back of the device before attempting to reconnect.


You now have access to a thorough explanation of the AirPods Flashing Green. You should be able to use both AirPods simultaneously after attempting each of the fixes above. Therefore, you’ll be ready even if you reencounter this issue in the future. If none of those above fixes work, we advise you to contact Apple support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my AirPods blinking when charging?

AirPods and cases are fully charged (when attached to a power source). Flashing green light: The case might not be able to recognize one of your AirPods. Your AirPods are encountering a pairing error if flashing amber or orange. If there is no light, either the batteries are dead or not in use.

What Colors does AirPods flash when charging?

For 8 seconds, the status light should display the charge level as it is today. After placing your AirPods Pro or AirPods (3rd generation) on the charging pad, you can tap the case to see if they are charging (amber light) or are fully charged (green light).

Why won’t my AirPods stop blinking?

Your AirPods should be disconnected and reconnected in Bluetooth settings. Reset your AirPods to see if it fixes the issue. Restart your iPhone, disconnect your AirPods from your devices, and try again if the issue still exists.

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