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Here is How does ADB Uninstall System App With Root? If you acquired a new Android phone, it probably came pre-installed with several apps that you don’t need. OEMs frequently collaborate with other brands and businesses to pre-install apps on their devices. These apps might be anything from music players to streaming services.

If your phone is restricted to a specific carrier, your carrier may have pre-installed some apps on your smartphone that you would never use. These apps take up unnecessary space on your phone and may give you annoying notifications or even push advertisements. Worse, you won’t be able to remove this bloatware quickly.

ADB Uninstall System App With Root

  • Start your Android device, select “Settings,” “Applications,” “Development,” and “USB Debugging” before turning it on.
  • When requested to mount the phone, choose “Cancel” and connect the phone to your computer using the USB connector cable that came with it.
  • Your computer’s “Start” button should be clicked. Type “CMD,” hit “Enter,” then type “d:android-SDK-windows tool.”
  • To back up all of your applications, type “ADB pull /system/app desktop/app” and click “Enter.”
  • Enter the command “cd C: Androidtools” after typing it.
  • Replace “APKNAKE” with the name of the apps you want to remove when typing “ADB shell rm -f/data, system/app/APKNAME” and pressing “Enter.”
  • Replace “PACKAGE NAME” with the program title you want to remove before entering “ADB shell pm uninstall PACKAGE NAME.”
  • Restart your Android device to complete the application removal.
How Does ADB Uninstall System App With Root

Suppose you don’t want these pre-installed apps on your mobile and want to get rid of them to free up space or have a cleaner user interface with fewer distractions. In that case, we’ll show you how to get rid of carrier/OEM bloatware without root access by following a few simple steps with your phone and a computer.

This solution works not only for third-party apps but also for several OEM-supplied first-party apps. If your phone came with Samsung Calendar, but you prefer Google Calendar, you can delete Samsung’s software and set Google Calendar as your default calendar. Your Android phone, a PC/Mac with ADB, and a USB cord to connect your phone to your computer are the only things you’ll need.

How Does ADB Uninstall System App?

With root access to your Android operating system, you may customize your smartphone in various ways, including removing both native and third-party apps. Because native apps are included with the Android operating system and aren’t available in the Android Market.

It’s critical to back up your app library before uninstalling them. The command terminal in the Android SDK tools library is used to remove programs from your Android, just like other root user modifications.

  1. Turn on your Android phone, then go to “Settings,” “Applications,” “Development,” and “USB Debugging.”
  2. When requested to mount the device, connect the phone to your computer using the device’s USB connector cable and click “Cancel.”
  3. On your computer, press the “Start” button, type “CMD,” press “Enter,” and then type “d:android-SDK-windows tool.”
  4. To back up all of your apps, type “ADB pull /system/app desktop/app” and click “Enter.”
  5. Press “Enter” after typing “cd C: Android tools.”
  6. Replace “APKNAKE” with the name of the application you wish to delete in “ADB shell rm -f/data, system/app/APKNAME” and click “Enter.”
  7. Press “Enter” after typing “ADB shell pm uninstall PACKAGE NAME,” replacing “PACKAGE NAME” with the name of the application you want to remove.
  8. To complete the removal of the app, reboot your Android phone.

Can I Uninstall System Apps Using ADB?

The short answer is yes; we can remove apps from the current user using ADB commands. The background-running apps will stop, and they’ll also vanish from the launcher.


Most Android phones come with at least some bloatware or annoying apps. These could be common programs like Google Play Movies, Netflix, or Facebook, or they could be completely useless garbage. Some companies let customers uninstall bundled apps, while others make them system software that can’t be uninstalled.

Finally, can we delete the bundled system apps even if the brand has not provided this option? This is all about How does ADB Uninstall System App With Root? I hope you found this essay useful! Please forward this article to someone who could benefit from it. Please notify me if you spot an error or typo in one of my articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of the ADB system app?

Run the ADB shell into your Android device’s shell and delete the app. Run pm uninstall -k user 0 packages. Name from there (replacing package. name with the name of the package you searched for earlier). You can use ADB shell pm uninstall -k —user 0 if you want.

Is it possible to uninstall system apps after rooting?

You root your phone to discover that you can’t uninstall those apps! The Uninstall button does not appear on carrier-installed programs, even if the device is rooted.

What exactly is bloatware?

Bloatware is preloaded software with a computer, smartphone, or tablet. It consumes storage space, lowers battery life, and slows down performance. Bloatware is rarely beneficial and serves largely as a cash source for makers and distributors.

What is android rooting?

In Android, rooting is granting users root (superuser) access to their devices, i.e., rooting an Android device allows you to unlock the operating system and do almost anything with it.

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