75 Inch Vs 85 Inch TV Comparison: Which Is Better To Use?

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Do you know that a 60-inch television offers 225 percent more screen space than a 40-inch television? Or How Much Bigger Is A 85 Tv Than A 75? If you think that’s remarkable, wait till you see a 75 Inch Vs 85 Inch TV. If you’re ready to upgrade your TV, you’ll be glad to know that new models are always being introduced on the market, and each moment they get stronger and bigger.

Given that many of us will be spending a lot of time at home in 2020, it’s clear that getting a better TV would be vital. According to industry experts, the average person updates their television every seven to eight years.

75 Inch Vs 85 Inch TV

A 75-inch TV measures around 2,407 square inches, or 65.4 inches in width and 5.45 feet in height (1.555 square meters). The size of the TV is obvious from the description, so ensure you have the ideal location in your room where it will fit comfortably.

The 85-inch TV has a width of about 74.1 inches, a length of about 6.2 feet, a height of about 3.5 feet, and a surface area of 3,090 square inches (1.993 square meters). This is one of the biggest TV screen sizes available. Because it stands out as an accent piece, the 85-inch TV will appear larger in a large room than in a small one.

75 Inch Vs 85 Inch

How long have you had your present television? Obtaining a larger group with more additional features is one of the best ways to improve your TV experience. A 75-Inch Or 80-Inch Display will make your head explode if your present TV is a 40-inch. Large screen TVs, due to modern technology, will take up less room than you imagine, as they are remarkably thin and light. New TV displays can be hung on your wall as a work of art.

Hanging the giant screen will not only give your home a modern, aesthetic edge, but it will also create additional space around the room. So, how big do you want your screen to be; The 75 Inch Television or 85 Inch Television? The following is a description of how the 2 categories of screens compare:

75-Inch Television Characteristics

The following are some of the screen’s features:


A 75-inch TV has a width of 65.4 inches (5.45 feet), a height of 36.6 inches (3.05 feet), and a surface area of 2,407 sq ft (1.555 square meters). The TV is enormous, as you can guess from the description, so make sure you have the appropriate space in your room for it.


A 75-inch television is 65 inches by 36 inches by 2.4 inches.


When it comes to enormous TV displays like this one, keep in mind that the closer the screen is to the eye, the better. Because today’s 75-inch TVs have a 4K or Ultra HD quality, they should be viewed from a closer distance.

The distance between your couch and the 75-inch TV is between 6.3 feet (1.9 meters) and 9.4 feet (2.9 meters). This will guarantee that you can fully appreciate and enjoy the screen’s great resolution.


It’s critical to keep the Television screen within the above-mentioned distance range from your sofa because the distance increases the pixel density, which results in better images.

85-Inch Television Characteristics

The following are the characteristics of an 85-inch television:


The TV has a width of 74.1 inches (6.2 feet), a height of 41.7 inches (3.5 feet), and a surface area of 3,090 sq ft (1.993 square meters). This is one of the largest TV screens available. Because it sticks out as an accessory, the 85-inch TV will appear larger in a large room than in a small one.


An 85-inch television is 74 inches by 42 inches by 2.8 inches.


As previously stated, the larger the screen, the nearer it should be. The 85-inch TV set’s suggested viewing distance is around 11.6 centimeters (3.52 meters). If you want to use the Television screen in a theatre setting, the ideal distance is between 7.1 and 10.6 feet (2.2 meters) (3.3 meters). Because of the great distance required, an 85-inch TV is suited for large spaces. If your space is small, you would not be able to experience the full resolution of the screen.

75-Inch Vs 85-Inch TV Size Comparison

A 75-inch television has an area of about 2,407 square inches, roughly 65 inches wide by 36.6 inches high by 5.45 feet high (1.555 square meters). The description gives you a good idea of the size of the TV, so you can plan to find a good position for it in your room.

The 85-inch television has a width of about 74.1 inches ( 6.2 feet), a height of about 41.7 inches ( 3.5 feet), and an area of around 3,090 square inches (1.993 square meters). This is one of the largest available televisions. The 85-inch TV is best suited for a large, open space rather than a cozy nook.

How Far Should You Sit From An 85-Inch TV?

Between 10.5 and 17.5 feet away

Is 85 Inches Too Big For 4K?

4K is the bare minimum for an 85″ TV. 8K televisions naturally double that resolution once more. 8K TVs are beginning to appear and might quickly replace current models. However, you would require HDMI 2.1 if you choose an 8K model.


Whether you choose to buy a 75 Inch Vs 85 Inch TV, make sure you measure the Television watching distance in your home beforehand. A large percentage of 85-Inch TVs have a 4K resolution, which means the pixels are densely packed. At the correct distance, human eyes will not be able to detect all of the pixels’ flaws.

Set the Television screen at around a 30-degree angle from your sofa to guarantee that you can see the images. You may measure the distance and choose the screen size that best suits you by using an online TV size calculator. A human’s visual system has a horizontal angle of view of 135 degrees. This is why staring at a TV screen too closely might make you feel sick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a significant difference between a 75-inch and an 82-inch television?

It’s 7 inches longer! Yes, there is a significant difference. By edging closer to your existing screen to approximate the field of vision of the items you’re considering, you can replicate the observed increase in the field of view.

How big should your living room be to accommodate an 85-inch television?

If you’re watching an 80-inch television, you should sit from 10 to 16.5 feet distant from the screen. If you’re watching an 85-inch television, you should sit from 10.5 and 17.5 feet distant from the screen.

Are 75 inches in front of the television too big?

It’s not too enormous for theater-like immersion, and there’s room to get even bigger. You might think it might be too big for casual day-to-day TV viewing, but if you’ve just had the TV for a brief duration, you’ll grow used to it quickly.

How high should a 75-inch television be hung?

The middle of your TV should be at the correct position, which is normally around 42 inches high, for the greatest viewing experience. A 75-inch TV, for example, should be mounted roughly 24 inches from the floor to the base of the TV.

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