Top 8 Best WiFi Light Bulb Security Camera 2023 Reviews

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As you all know, hidden cameras come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Smart Light Bulb Cameras are also considered the type of hidden cameras. They’re a mix of an actual lightbulb and a security camera that’s usually hidden in the bulb base. WiFi Light Bulb Security Cameras are the ones having the feature of Wi-Fi networking in them.

We have invested a lot of our time researching the Best WiFi Light Bulb Security Camera for you from various Wi-Fi light bulbs available on the market, along with their features and positive and negative aspects.

To view live streaming and recorded videos, the Wi-Fi Light Bulb Security Camera connects to the Wi-Fi and uses a smartphone app. Setting up a Smart Light Bulb Security Camera requires no DVR or NVR as it makes the entire setup and installation procedure extremely simple.

You won’t need to drill or mount these surveillance cameras because they’re built to fit in a standard light bulb socket. It is effortless to set up. The majority of Wi-Fi light bulb security cameras are meant to cover the entire top view. However, it enables you to change its direction whenever you want.

For your convenience, we’ve reviewed several models, chosen the top 6, and nominated the Sonew Light Bulb Camera as our Editor’s Choice. These cameras feature a resolution of at least 1080P, 360-degree coverage, and an FPS of at least 25 for fluid recording. They come in various 128GB storage sizes; some even provide cloud storage choices for safe backup.

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Our Recommendations

ImageProduct NameGlobal RatingPrice
Eversecu 2K 4.0MP Wireless

Eversecu 2K 4.0MP Wireless

3.8 Out Of 5 Stars

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XVIM 3MP Home Light Bulb Camera

XVIM 3MP Home Light Bulb Camera

4.1 Out Of 5 Stars

Check Reviews on Amazon
Home Security Camera

Home Security Camera

3.8 Out Of 5 Stars

Check Reviews on Amazon
WiFi Camera, 1080P WiFi Security Camera

WiFi Camera, 1080P WiFi Security Camera

3.7 Out Of 5 Stars

Check Reviews on Amazon
Light Bulb Camera Wireless 360

Light Bulb Camera Wireless 360

3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

Check Reviews on Amazon
Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

4.4 Out Of 5 Stars

Check Reviews on Amazon
WiFi Panoramic Camera

WiFi Panoramic Camera

3.2 Out Of 5 Stars

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Wireless 360 Panoramic Bulb Camera

Wireless 360 Panoramic Bulb Camera

3.2 Out Of 5 Stars

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Top 8 Best WiFi Light Bulb Security Camera 2023

Following are the Top 8 Best WiFi Light Bulb Security Camera In 2023. Let’s review each one in full detail with its Pros and Cons.

Our Top Pick Light Bulb Camera – Eversecu 2K 4.0MP Wireless

Eversecu 2K 4.0MP Wireless

Check out our cheap selection, the EVERSECU Light Bulb Camera, if you’re looking for a quality camera that will fit into any budget. Without any blind spots, the 360-degree whole-angle vision enables you to monitor an entire room or keep a watch on your front door or yard.

This camera contains a motion detector similar to more expensive models, and if anything is seen, an alert is sent to your phone. Micro SD cards are required for live watching, although SD cards up to 128GB can be used to record video.

On your smartphone, it utilizes the ICsee app for remote viewing. There are seven various modes available. You can listen and talk from anywhere at any time with the two-way talk feature of the app. The app can also take still photos, record videos, or operate the light directly.

The 2.4G WiFi this camera uses can be challenging for some individuals to connect. Even though it comes with mounting screws and an E27 base, you may easily screw it into any regular light fixture.

Some customers thought the setup wasn’t as simple as expected and that the night vision left much desired. A few people also had issues with the sound quality.

Personal Review

It was budget friendly for me. It provides excellent features and good security from my home. I love the way it secured me!

  • Budget-friendly
  • Using a micro SD card with motion detection
  • Seven viewing modes for a smartphone app
  • A two-way conversation
  • Includes the base and mounting screws
  • There is room for improvement in night vision.
  • Setup can be challenging.

Runner Up Pick WiFi Bulb Camera – XVIM 3MP Home Light Bulb Camera

XVIM 3MP Home Light Bulb Camera

The XVIM 1080P WiFi Light Bulb Camera has a 360-degree panoramic view, night vision, and 1080P HD quality for clear and fluid live video to keep your house secure at all times.

It has a robust human motion detection system with alert capabilities. The APP allows you to see the remote view and adjust the camera angle from any location. Videos can be kept in the cloud or on an SD card.

Personal Review

During the day, the visual quality is superb. Even though the IR isn’t mighty, the nighttime view isn’t too bad if there is additional ambient light. For quick camera positioning changes, the camera also features a ton of “presets” that can be configured.

One of my favorite features is the built-in storage choice with a microSD card slot. You can configure the camera to record motion or constantly to the SD card with an option to overwrite when the card is full after inserting the microSD card. Then, you can use the app to see your recorded videos and, if you’d like, share them.

  • Easy to Set Up
  • Excellent security camera
  • Summer and daytime cause a minor distortion in the image.

Editor Choice WiFi Camera Bulbs – Home Security Camera

Full HD 1080P Wireless Panoramic Wi-Fi IP Camera

Its panoramic viewing Angle and built-in HD 1.44mm Fish-Eye lens give you a 360° panoramic bird-view experience without any blind spots in 1080P resolution. It has a Built-in Motion Sensor Display that works. By combining the three motion sensor flood lights with this Wi-Fi camera, the light turns on by default whenever anyone walks by at night time. There are also different modes, including On/Off/AI/Timing/Auto.

This Smart Light Bulb Supports remote viewing and motion detection so that whenever any motion is detected, the App will receive instant notification. By inserting a Micro SD card, you can store snapshots and recordings.

The install, and setup process is convenient because to install this camera, you just have to insert it into a light socket of powered E27 and afterward read the directions in the manual. The setup is as simple as changing a bulb.

It doesn’t support more than 2.4GHz however if your modem is a dual-band modem, add your phone to the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi while installing this camera because it only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Know Everything about those cameras that work without any Wifi from our website.

Personal Review

When I followed the directions to disable my router’s 5G frequency temporarily, I had no trouble connecting. (After connecting the camera to the 2.4G, I turned the 5G back on.) The image is clear, and the lighting is enough (but not needed because the night vision works so well). Perhaps it might aid in frightening potential intruders away.

I may use WiFi or a cellular connection to access the live feed on my phone. It records video on an SD card, and I can view recordings using either WiFi or cellular service on my phone. Red marks show motion was detected in the video’s timeline on the phone app. Excellent function for quick searches.

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Affordable
  • Works very well
  • Easy to use
  • Light is not too bright
  • The camera quality is not that good

Best Seller Light Bulb Surveillance Camera – WiFi Camera,1080P WiFi Security Camera

WiFi Camera, Include 32gb Card 1080P WiFi Security Camera

You may utilize it as a light bulb, Wi-Fi camera lights up, and Camera Light Bulb tracks your place, which will instantly turn on when it senses a dark space, even in total darkness. A transparent picture can be used.

The E27 power socket on this bulb camera is simple and easy to mount, just like a simple bulb. It doesn’t require any wiring. If the socket is inside the Wi-Fi range, it could be directly mounted on the socket in the same place where the standard light bulb is located.

Motion detection is allowed by a Micro-SD card, including a 32GB Micro SD CARD, which has already been mounted in the security bulb’s SD card slot. There are five levels of sensitivity to choose from to satisfy the requirements.

Has Real-time detection of the people on the camera screen and works whenever it detects that anything is changing, an alert will be sent to your phone, ensuring your property’s protection.

You can view the live video on your iPhone/Android phone/iPad after linking the camera to WIFI. You can still see what’s going on in the house by grabbing your cell even if you’re on a business trip.

Personal Review

Not having night vision. Continually on or off. With a variety of sensitivity settings, motion detection works great. It will only distinguish a human silhouette in the dark if the sensitivity is set to the maximum.

In my house, I have two bulbs. It works exceptionally well at night because a cell phone’s extremely low light is picked up. In low sensitivity at night, It resembles a light detector more. Outside, it becomes susceptible to changes in light. My entrance door has a big glass. Thus it serves my purpose.

  • Works great
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for daytime
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent quality
  • Light is not bright

Customer Pick Light Bulb Socket Camera – Light Bulb Camera Wireless 360

Wireless Camera 2.4GHz-Bulb Camera Wi-Fi

This Wi-Fi light Smart Bulb Camera is only equipped with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. The live streaming can be viewed via iPhone/Android mobile phone/Ipad when the camera is connected to Wi-Fi. You can also use it to keep an eye on the baby whenever and wherever users want. It has Total HD 1080P picture quality and is a 2.0 MP home surveillance camera with high-quality optics of SONY and auto white balance and contrast for better-capturing images.

Night vision with floodlight and infrared light, with IR auto turn. It gives you vivid photos regardless of the time of day or night. This Wi-Fi camera uses standard encryption software to store your videos on a micro SD card. And in case your camera or SD card data is lost, no one can transfer the video file from the SD card using the card reader.

You can only have access to the video files on the SD card inside your account. When it senses any kind of movement, bulb CCTV will send a warning message to your cell phone that will guard your home and keep an eye on you.

You may control the time by setting it according to the movement that must be detected whenever you wish. This camera helps you interact primarily with the camera at any time, which is accessible and valuable. It could be used to keep an eye on a child or a cat.

Personal Review

Good night vision and picture quality. I had to watch YouTube videos to set it up, which took some time. Extremely attentive to bugs and alarms. Short, jerky videos on occasion, and frequently goes offline. It is beneficial for my purposes and the pricing because it does not look like a surveillance camera.

  • Easy to install
  • Amazing viewing angels
  • Exceptional quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Require extra troubleshooting to connect

Best WiFi Light Bulb Security Camera – Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

Its Input Voltage is AC100-240V, and Cold White (6000-6500K), and its Output Power is 12W with 100-Watt Equivalent, which is 1000ml luminous it’s an E26 lamp type having a Working Temperature of 14°F (-10°C) to 95°F (35°C) for indoor use and 95°F (35°C) for outdoors use if the temperature of the outside is between 14°F (-10°C) and 95°F (35°C).

A high-quality sensor is mounted at the tip of the light bulb so that whenever the motion is detected, the sensor bulb can light up instantly within 8-10 feet, then turn off automatically after 45-60 seconds when the motion has stopped or vanished.

The height and the angle of the Light Bulb Security Camera can be changed during the installation process to increase the sensitivity of the bulb, and you can also point the sensor in every direction you may want it to be. And when motion is detected in the daytime, it will not light up.

When the light bulb is switched on for the first time in the day, the bulb will turn on for 30 seconds before turning off. These motion sensor lights only light up in the range at night and in a dark atmosphere and save your energy by protecting the environment and lasting a long time.

They can be used in stairwells, hallways, bathrooms, front entrances, storage rooms, garages, closets, balconies, and gates, among other places. The greater the scanning range, the higher the bulb should be hung because the highest point can be 10 feet vertical. 1 x manual, and 2 x Aukora Cold White is included in this kit of Motion Sensor Light Bulbs.

Personal Review

I’m thrilled with these bulbs, in my opinion. I’ve used both of the set’s bulbs. Longevity: They have endured a sweltering Minnesota summer and a bitterly frigid Minnesota winter without incident.

One problem was that because the radar on the bulbs was so sensitive, they turned on at night whenever a car drove by. I was worried that nighttime light flashing could annoy my neighbors. It also pointlessly reduces the lifespan of the bulbs.

  • Bright LED lights
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Works very well
  • Motion light is super bright
  • It doesn’t fit well in an outdoor fixture that may be surrounded by glass.

Top Wireless WiFi Light Bulb Camera Security Camera – WiFi Panoramic Camera

WiFi Panoramic Camera, Include 32gb Card 1080P WiFi Security Camera

This light bulb camera works with its official App named “iCsee” app (iOS/Android). You can install it on your tablet. Once the installation is done, you can monitor the videos after connecting them with the WiFi Light Bulb Camera.

It only supports a 2.4G wireless connection. You can use this for multiple functions such as Baby monitoring, pet monitoring, and home security monitoring. These are all possible with this device. You could keep track of everything that is going on when you were away from home.

However, this camera does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi. It gives a complete 360-degree viewing angle, and there is no blind area that this Wi-Fi camera can’t reach. Throughout the day or even at night, you will be able to see the whole room with this camera. The camera captures the entire scene. You won’t be able to remember what is happening in your home.

 If movement is sensed, a warning is automatically sent to your smartphone, making your home or office safer. It is Ideal for vacation home surveillance, pet surveillance, business surveillance, and senior surveillance.

The Wi-Fi camera has a fantastic night view so that you can watch even in low-light conditions. The user manual included in it will walk you through each step in our App (iOS/Android), and then you will monitor the camera in under a minute. It comes with a bracket and can be installed on the house ceiling.

There is no need for additional installation. It provides you with a live view, does recordings and saves them in real time on a Micro SD card that Contains 32GB memory storage. The Wi-Fi camera comes with a light that can be turned on or off automatically, remotely, daily, or locked.

Personal Review

I needed this gadget. Everything depends on the night vision and image quality. Bedroom functionality was good.

  • Great image quality
  • Easy to use and install
  • Well built
  • Can store a large amount of footage
  • Not suitable for daytime.

Best Light Bulb CCTV Camera – Wireless 360° Panoramic Bulb Camera P8

Wireless 360° Panoramic Bulb Camera P8 - COSULAN 1080P Security Light Camera

This Bulb Camera has a 1920×1080 high-resolution image and a 2MP full-size clear image that shows you every detail. You will be able to watch fluent live video in real time through your cellphone, thanks to the latest compression algorithms. In addition, a Micro SD card can store four times the amount of video under H.265 than most can under the H.264 standard.

It can take up to a 128GB Micro SD card. This wireless panoramic camera features a wide-angle fisheye lens that allows you to see the whole room leaving no blind spots, as well as it includes a high-quality microphone and speaker so that you can chat with your family as though you were in a video conference.

You can also keep an eye on your baby’s home, your pets’ activities, and the welfare of your elderly relatives from afar. Whenever this intelligent security camera senses someone approaching or a shift in the video screen, it sends a real-time warning alert to your cell phone. Furthermore, its detection system can switch lights on and off automatically at night and monitor alarm recording.

You found these functions on the App. This intelligent light camera includes three white LED lights and three infrared lights. At nighttime, a white LED floodlight may be used as a flashlight.

The floodlight turns on for visibility when it detects people are approaching or when they leave, the white LED turns off, and the infrared lights turn on automatically. Even at night, you can get simple, vibrant images with the help of its dual lighting mode.

Installing this security camera inside your home is quick and straightforward; you have to screw it inside your light power socket E27. This camera also includes one E27 socket. The installation and activation of a network are fundamental and straightforward.

Simply download our software and obey the on-screen guidance or follow the instructions written in the user manual; the camera can also provide voice prompts. This bulb camera can only link to the internet at 2.4 GHz and does not support 5 GHz Wi-Fi.

Personal Review

It operated without a hitch when it was dry outside, but during a severe T-storm, it became soaked and ceased to function. Although it is in a weatherproof light socket, the open slots and SD card could allow moisture to enter. It did not mention being unable to serve as an outdoor security light.

  • Works great
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality picture
  • The socket has to be placed high
  • Not a waterproof bulb

Product Comparison

Face recognition, motion sensors, object and pet identification, infrared night vision, and a 360° viewing angle are all the Amaryllo 360° Light Bulb Security Camera features. The installation of this biometric inside security camera was made simple and hassle-free.

You can live stream video and watch it later at any time with the help of the free smartphone app that is connected to your light bulb. With the manufacturer’s subscription plan, you may enable the device’s biometric functions, such as its ability to recognize fire, humans, vehicles, and pets.

Another fantastic feature is this product’s ability to add local storage using a Micro SD card or the manufacturer’s cloud storage.

The APP makes it easy and quick to set up the VHOB 1080P Light Bulb Camera. Motion detection delivers push notifications or email alerts with motion photographs or movies to your devices when activated. White light and ultra-long-range infrared are both included in this WiFi camera.

You may see it as if it were day by switching between color and black-and-white night vision. It can detect any movement and keep an eye on moving people, things, and animals while delivering email or notification alerts and letting you see what happened.

How Do We Test Best Home Security Cameras?

We compared several robust design, functionality, and practicality elements to verify that our reviewed home security cameras may be appropriately compared. Each camera was given a score based on the caliber of the footage captured during the day and night, the clarity of the two-way chat features, and the settings for arming and disarming the camera.

The ease of setup and installation, the effectiveness of the cameras in sending motion notifications, and the accuracy of AI capabilities intended to determine if a person caused an action, animal, vehicle, or other source were other considerations for each model.

We examined each model’s battery life when appropriate, and for cameras with lights and sirens, we also compared their brightness and volume to see whether they were adequate. We also evaluated each model’s strength and style, checking whether it had proper mounting plates and the flexibility to change the camera position to fit your space. 

Best WiFi Light Bulb Security Camera Buyer’s Guide

We know that you must have gotten an idea about the best security camera for you from all of the cameras mentioned above. However, still, we want you to go through the buying guide before buying any camera as these are the necessary things that you have to know.

Simple To Install And Compatible Socket

People preferred light bulb cameras for two key reasons.

  • It is disguised.
  • The process of installation is simple.

The most crucial aspect of any disguised camera is that it shouldn’t be visible externally, which means it should not appear genuine. Everyone who will look at it should not know it is a surveillance camera. When inspecting the light bulb, ensure that its body configuration is as authentic as it can be.

Detecting Motion

Any hidden camera should have motion detection as a standard feature. Hidden surveillance cameras are designed to be as small as possible to make sure that they are undetectable. Hidden Wi-Fi bulb cameras do not have a DVR or NVR, unlike other security cameras. Security software is built on DVRs and NVRs, allowing you to customize them for detection systems and other activities.

However, since these light bulb surveillance cameras lack a robust NVR or DVR, the mobile App is responsible for motion detection. When looking for the best Wi-Fi light bulb security camera, be sure to look for one that has a motion detection capability.

Two-Way Audio

You will be able to watch and talk at the same time with the two-way audio feature. It’s just like using a home intercom system. You can speak to the person/kids via your smartphone if you have a two-way audio-activated light bulb camera.

It’s a great function to have. It has no direct effect on your surveillance capability if you’re not using a two-way audio option.

Multi-User Collaboration

The ability to share among multiple users is a fantastic feature. It helps you to link the live and archived feeds with someone else, such as your partner. It’s a fantastic feature because it allows many users to view the live stream at the same time.

This functionality is not available on all light bulb security cameras. You have to read the product description before purchasing if this feature is essential to you.

Feature That Can be Turned On and Off at Any Time

The planned recording is a valuable function, in my opinion. It enables you to start and stop the recording at a predetermined time or event. Both of these settings must be made via the mobile App. If necessary, you must allow push notifications. If this is a must-have feature for you, make sure to check for it before purchasing.

DVR or NVR with HDD is installed in both wired and wireless surveillance cameras. Hard Disk Drive is the abbreviation for the hard disc drive. The HDD is in charge of preserving all of the video footage captured by the cameras.

Ability to Support Micro SD Card

I’m sure you’re aware that light bulb surveillance cameras don’t come with a DVR or NVR. As a result, there is no HDD on which to save the footage. Luckily, Wi-Fi light bulb security cameras, they can save the video footage to a MicroSD card.

You can then move the stored video to your computer or any other external drive later. It’s a great function because you can save and store video footage without any limitations. If there’s any movement detection or interference in the monitored region, this feature will notify its user.

Smartphone App Alert

The most important feature that every surveillance camera could have is a smartphone app warning system. You must always look for this feature in any CCTV camera you purchase, whether wired, wireless, PTZ, or for your home or company. This function is even more critical in the case of light bulb security cameras.

We need a secret surveillance camera because we want to track a specific location constantly. Getting a warning notification via push notification will help with this. When purchasing a Wi-Fi bulb security camera, we suggest getting one having a push notification option.

Camera with a High-Resolution Image Quality

It’s always easier to have more. We are confident that you will concur with me on this. A security camera with a resolution of 720p is preferable, but a resolution of 1080p is considered sufficient. However, the best one is 4K.

Choose the most high-resolution camera you can afford. Picture and video quality are directly related to the resolution of security cameras. The higher the resolution you get, the better the picture and video quality you’ll get if you have a high-resolution surveillance camera. You will be able to zoom the image to see the image and video in better quality.

Performing in Dim Lighting

The picture and video quality of every security camera are influenced by light. This is even more important for light bulb security cameras. You can get a better image and video if there is enough light in the room.

Many surveillance cameras are available on the market that performs well in low or dim lighting. If you want to mount a light bulb security camera in a location where the light isn’t bright enough, you have to look for light bulb security cameras with a large aperture.


It’s a challenging task for us to find and choose the Best WiFi Light Bulb Security Camera for you because there is no massive variety of Wi-Fi light bulb security cameras available on the market. However, we still did our best to find the best product for you.

The one I like the most is Motion Sensor Light Bulbs because of its high quality and all-in-one feature from all of the above-listed products.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I attach my camera to the wireless bulb?

You have to connect it to the security camera using your phone or another gadget with Wi-Fi. Enable your Wi-Fi menu and search for the latest devices to locate the security camera bulb, then press connect once you’ve found it.

Is it possible to use a Wi-Fi camera without access to the internet?

Well, they certainly can! CCTV cameras can be operated without using the internet, and they can also work without the need for electricity. Whenever the video needs to be viewed remotely, does an internet connection become necessary? While the internet has its advantages, it is by no means a requirement.

How does a surveillance camera with a Wi-Fi bulb work?

It’s not a difficult task to make a light bulb camera. With the help of a few advanced features, you can make it easy as it’s identical to every other surveillance camera. It stays linked to your personal Wi-Fi network at all times. When you attach your Wi-Fi security camera wirelessly, you’ll need to activate it using the smartphone app.
You will be asked to enter a password, among other things, after installing the mobile App so that only you can display the photos and videos. The majority of light bulb surveillance cameras come with two-way audio, motion detection, and other features that make them more useful.

What is the location of my Wi-Fi camera on my computer?

An IP camera can be connected directly to the pc through a LAN cable.
Using a LAN cable, connect the IP camera to the PC.
Go to the LAN network adapter on the PC where the IP camera is attached.
You can access your IP camera by going to the IP address of the IP camera in Internet Explorer.

What is the range of Wi-Fi?

According to a general rule in-home networking, Wi-Fi routers running on the typical 2.4 GHz band will reach 150 feet (46 meters) indoors and 300 feet (92 meters) outdoors. Older 802.11a routers operated on the 5 GHz bands could only cross around a third of these distances.

What is the data usage of a Wi-Fi security camera?

An IP network camera’s normal bandwidth usage is 1-2 Mbps (imaging 1080p using H. 264 codec at 6-10fps).

Is it worth the money to invest in wireless surveillance cameras?

Wireless cameras are a perfect option for renters because they are simple to set up and remove. Because of their adaptability, they’re also a smart choice if you believe you’ll need to reconfigure these in the future.

Is it essential for Wi-Fi light bulb cameras to have a MicroSD card with a larger capacity?

Without a doubt! In general, unlike DVRs and NVRs, light bulb surveillance cameras do not use innovative compression algorithms. As a result, the video footage size usually is considerable. If your Wi-Fi light bulb surveillance camera has a limited capacity MicroSD card, you’ll have to remove the video footage more often. Otherwise, no new ones will be registered. As a result, you recommend that you purchase the best light bulb security camera with the largest MicroSD card size.

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