Top 7 Best Gaming Tablets Under $400 [Latest Reviews 2023]

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You are at the right place if you are looking for Best Gaming Tablet Under $400. A tablet is a device that has broken through all of the limitations of a PC and a phone, found its place in the tech industry, and doesn’t seem to be slipping from its lofty heights anytime soon.

You can get some genuinely high-end devices with fantastic display quality if you’re ready to pay more money to get the best tablets in the sub-$400 price bracket due to the high rates of interest and fees, which are very large for some of them.

The Galaxy Tab S8 is one of the best options. Let us give you the most excellent convertible and budget-friendly tablets that can provide customers with the Best Gaming Tablet Under $400.

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Our Recommendations

ImageProductGlobal RatingPrice
CHUWI UBook X 12

CHUWI UBook X 12

  • 4.0 out of 5 Stars
Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab

  • 4.7 out of 5 Stars
ASUS Chromebook Detachable CM3

ASUS Chromebook Detachable CM3

  • 4.2 out of 5 Stars
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6

  • 4.7 out of 5 Stars
Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini

  • 4.6 out of 5 Stars
New Microsoft Surface Go 2

New Microsoft Surface Go 2

  • 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Apple iPad

Apple iPad

  • 4.6 out of 5 Stars

Top 7 Best Gaming Tablet Under $400 2023

Our Top Pick Gaming Tablet – CHUWI UBook X 12 

CHUWI UBook X 12

Chuwi, while not a well-known brand, delivers the tablet on this list with the giant screen. This innovative tablet’s 11.6 IPS touch screen is entirely laminated, guaranteeing usage free from scratches. The tab’s 1920 x 1280 resolution offers a fantastic viewing experience with a clean image and vibrant colors.

In terms of storage, the tablet includes 256 GB of memory that can be used to store all of your preferred videos, music, photographs, and programs. In addition, the tablet is equipped with LPDDR4 8GB dual-channel RAM, which provides a lovely app launch speed.

The Intel N4100 Quad-core processor features an Intel Ultra High Definition 600 GPU from the 9th generation. It allows for fluid and HD gaming. In addition, it provides clear video quality that improves the whole experience of watching movies or streaming YouTube.

The tablet’s battery life is around 6 hours, though it may be longer depending on how you use it. The tablet has a built-in keyboard and a kickstand in the shape of a U that can be used to turn it into a laptop.

Personal Review

The tablet includes a stylus pen that may be used for taking notes or producing images. It is a dependable device to buy because of all these features. It is exactly as described, arrived relatively fast, and was reasonably priced. For the time being, it functions as intended and poses no issues at all. I’ll observe its behavior over time.

  • Wide interactive touchscreen
  • Includes a micro SD card reader port
  • Convertible design
  • 256 GB of SSD storage
  • Low battery backup
  • Low-quality front camera (2MP)

Runner Up Pick $400 Gaming Tablet – Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab

The extra-wide 10.5-inch super AMOLED display on this Android tablet looks stunning. Additionally, the 5.5 mm slim metal body gives it a realistic style. The tab’s dark black color makes a striking contrast and enhances its visual appeal.

Due to the identical screen size, this tablet looks like an Apple iPad. This tablet is easy to go anyplace you want because it just weighs 0.88 pounds (400g). So, if you’re looking for a thin tablet with exceptional performance at a reasonable price, look no further.

This tab is available in three lovely colors: polished metal finishes in gold, silver, and black. Utilizing a strategy for screen brightness that has been tuned, enjoy 15 hours of excellent battery backup. If the 64 GB of onboard RAM is insufficient for your needs, you can upgrade it up to 512 GB. With USB 3.1 capability, file transfers are rapid.

Whatever number of applications you install and use, there won’t be any lag. With 4 GB of RAM, you get the flexibility and performance of an Octa-core processor to do everything. Four tablet stereo AKG/HARMAN speakers create loud, sharp, and clear music. Additionally, this tablet has a built-in capability called DeX mode that allows you to use it as a PC with a keyboard or mouse. In essence, it is the desktop mode.

Personal Review

Super AMOLED screen, good battery life of at least one day, and stock Android 10 operating system. You may easily acquire it on well-tuned LineageOS 17.1 or even LineageOS 18 with little effort (Android 11).

  • Amazing display
  • The great AKG audio with four speakers
  • Included S Pen
  • Support DeX mode
  • Without S Pen stylus support
  • The face-unlocking range is concise.

Editor Choice Tablet Under $400 For Gamers – ASUS Chromebook Detachable CM3

ASUS Chromebook Detachable CM3

One of the finest Chrome OS tablets under $400, the Asus Chromebook CM3 delivers next-level productivity. The Chromebook CM3 has a great selection of features that can quickly facilitate daily work. You will receive a 10.5-inch, 60 Hz display with this device.

The Asus Chromebook CM3 has an Octa-core MediaTek MT8183 chipset with an ARM Mali G72 GPU and 4GB RAM to help with performance. A pen is also included with the Chromebook CM3, which is a massive benefit for all makers.

Furthermore, this inexpensive tablet comes with 128 GB of SSD, ensuring you never run out of space. The Asus Chromebook CM3 will let you do sketching or big-screen movie-watching without exceeding your spending limit.

Personal Review

This tablet for Pokemon Go is simple to operate and has a traditional keyboard. I adore it! Anyone who enjoys access to a keyboard and a touch screen should consider it.

  • Outstanding display
  • Long-lasting
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Features a reliable stylus
  • The processor’s ability to render complex tasks is limited.
  • The keyboard needs to be more significant.

Customer Pick Under $400 Tablet – SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6

The best option is to choose the less expensive S6 Lite if you desire a Galaxy S6, but it is too costly. The 10-inch screen on it looks fantastic. Additionally, it is a fashionable, lightweight, and elegant tablet.

With a color-matching Samsung S Pen, you can choose from various color options, including Oxford Gray, Angora Blue, and Chiffon Pink. This pen is a fantastic tool for taking notes, sketching, and editing documents.

Additionally, this pen is not rechargeable and is simple to attach to the tablet. If you believe there is insufficient space, you can add a micro SD card with a 1TB capacity. If you enjoy watching incredible movies on a large screen, use the Samsung smart app to connect your tablet to a Samsung TV. The S6 light features a smaller screen when it comes to displaying size.

Personal Review

Excellent for taking digital notes. Since this is the only purpose I give it, it is more than adequate in capacity and display and free of any performance or battery issues. I’m the type who makes notes about anything that has to do with my job.

It would help if you frequently referred to old notes due to the accumulation of your notebooks over the years, but when you are not in the office, it is impossible to review those notes. Here, digital technology will help you work/study more productively because all of your messages will always be available to you. I use OneNote, and it works great for me.

  • Its bezels are svelte.
  • The aspect ratio is optimal for watching movies.
  • It comes with an S Pen.
  • A good battery backup is provided.
  • Performance is somewhat lower.
  • There is no audio jack on it.

Best Seller Apple Gaming iPad – Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini

When looking for tablets online, Apple products like these continue to top the list. Therefore, the Apple iPad Mini 5 is available if you’re looking for a dependable tablet. You may read, play light games, and enjoy daily amusement on the recently announced Apple model.

The lightweight 0.67 pounds (308 grams) design makes one-handed operation ideal. You don’t have to worry about time or space when you have this tablet. The tablet is powered by 2GB of RAM, and depending on your storage needs; you may choose between a 64GB or 256GB edition.

The capacitive multi-touch retina display provides a fantastic movie view while enabling fluid device interaction. If you’re more of a photographer, you may use the 8MP camera to capture images and videos that are incredibly crisp.

Personal Review

The iPad Mini 5’s battery allows it to operate continuously for 9–10 hours. It can be used for web browsing, streaming videos, and music listening. The item was exactly as described, had no dents or scratches, was in top functioning condition, and appeared brand new.

I didn’t keep the charger and cable included because I don’t trust third-party accessories. It was adequately packed to prevent damage during transportation. If you’re searching for a lightly used mini iPad, I suggest it. I’ll buy it once more.

  • Widescreen,
  • Strong battery
  • Lightweight construction
  • Large storage capacity
  • Low RAM
  • Anti-reflective coating

Best Gaming Tablet Under $400 – New Microsoft Surface Go 2

New Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft gives its competitors fierce competition with its new Surface family gadget. If you are more accustomed to Windows than iOS or Android, the new Microsoft Surface is one of the best tablets under $400 to choose from.

Regarding technical details, the tablet is powered by an Intel Pentium 4425Y Gold Processor, which provides excellent performance for home and personal use. As it seems like working on a laptop, you can enjoy yourself. Furthermore, you will always have storage space because it comes in 64GB and 128GB variations.

The PixelSense screen and its aesthetically beautiful design ensure that you can have both functionality and style. The tablet’s speed is also unmatched due to its 4GB or 8GB RAM, depending on the model you purchase.

Above all else, its 1920 x 1280 (220 PPI) resolution screen offers a superb video viewing experience regardless of what you watch. An 8MP camera for sharp photographs, Wi-Fi, and a one-year guarantee are other features that will be useful when using the tablet. Consequently, it is the best option.

Personal Review

Aside from the frequent updates, I only use it for taking notes in one note. Additionally, I adore how the stylus pen functions with my Surface laptop. The integrated kickstand is a superb design feature that is reasonably practical.

  • Obvious camera
  • Reliable and quick connectivity
  • Appealing to the eye
  • Absence of a fingerprint reader
  • A little bulky

Best Tablet Under $400 – Apple iPad

Apple iPad

Until now, Apple has served as the industry standard for excellence in the smartphone sector. And Apple expanded its line of devices in 2020 by releasing a new iPad 8. This is the most excellent and affordable option if you’re looking for an Apple tablet of the highest caliber. You can choose from the three elegant colors of Silver, Space Grey, and Gold for the iPad 8.

These vibrant colors improve the device’s overall looks, adding to its wealth of premium features and performance. Start with the storage now! The 32GB and 128GB models of the Apple iPad 8 best fits your storage requirements. Additionally, its 10.8 retinae super clear display offers exceptional picture quality.

If you enjoy taking pictures, you may use its 8 MP camera, which also captures 1080p high-definition video. Stereo speakers for crystal-clear, calming sound, two microphones for continual communication, and Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity for constant internet access are additional outstanding features that place this product at the top of this list.

It is the ideal option because of these features. We advise purchasing the most recent iPad, the 9th generation, as the price difference between it and the iPad 8 is a little small.

Personal Review

I’m glad to have found such a high-caliber item at a reasonable price. We have had no problems with the iPad and have loved it.

  • A large retina display
  • Fantastic camera
  • Speedy performance
  • Reasonably priced
  • The 32 GB of storage memory is inadequate.
  • Lack of a facial recognition system

Best Gaming Tablet Under $400 Buyer’s Guide

How To Choose The Best Tablet Under $400 For You?

Open your pocket and consider how much your smartphone is used to begin thinking about the operating system you live in. Owners of iPhones may immediately purchase an iPad or iPad mini. They would be wise to do so since iMessage connectivity and the shared app ecosystems of iOS and iPadOS make for the perfect pairing.

Android users have more options, but now is an excellent time to think about them since Android apps could do better on tablets as everyone would like. Despite the fantastic screen and Android apps on the Galaxy Tab S8, isn’t Windows 10 a more robust platform?

The Surface Go 2 is your most significant tablet if you’re nodding your head “yes.” In light of everything stated above, choose the Fire 7 if you’re on a budget (or I require an affordable tablet for the kids.) and the Fire HD 10 if you want a little more power and a more excellent screen if you have a large enough family and you’re all a part of the Amazon Prime ecosystem.

Android, iPadOS, or Windows: The Best Tablet Software for Gaming

Choosing between an iPad and an Android tablet is a crucial decision. Your preference and the kinds of other devices you own will determine how you feel about this. For instance, an iPad is better if you’ve been using iOS for a while and have Apple One (which includes the Apple Arcade gaming service).

An Android slate makes more sense if you own an Android phone and frequently buy apps or other content from the Google Play store. Regarding the Microsoft platform, the main problem with gaming on Windows tablets is that most of them lack enough power.

Additionally, a mouse, keyboard, and controller are required for many PC games, which defeats the purpose of casual mobile gaming. The Asus ROG Flow Z13 is the main exception to that rule. One of the complete gaming tablets available, but still way too expensive for most people.

Size Of Tablet

Screen and tablet sizes are related, making them additional considerations, but ultimately it comes down to how much comfort and portability are important to you. Table screen sizes typically range from seven to twelve inches, with 10 inches being the standard.

A seven-inch slate can easily fit into a handbag or pocketbook, making it easier to transport. However, a 10- or 12-inch tablet will need something bigger, like a backpack, to be carried around.  Larger pills are heavier and can tire your hands if handled for an extended period. Choose the size that seems most comfortable to use and carry about.

Screen sizes greater than eight inches have the advantage of offering significantly more space for gameplay. Undoubtedly, you desire a device with at least 1080p Full HD resolution, preferably higher. A high refresh rate (90Hz or more excellent) will significantly enhance your experience.

Cellular Tablet Gaming

What games you intend to play on the tablet and where you plan to use it the most will determine if you need to spend the extra money (often $100 or more) for a tablet with a cellular connection. You should be alright without cellular coverage if you frequently spend time at home, in a coffee shop, or in another location with regular Wi-Fi access.

If you often find yourself in areas without easy access to Wi-Fi, think about spending more money on a tablet with 4G or 5G coupled with a monthly service subscription from your wireless provider.

The kind of games you enjoy playing is another thing to consider here. A Wi-Fi-only model might work OK if you often stick to single-player games that don’t demand a continual internet connection. However, a tablet with cellular capabilities may be helpful if you want to play multiplayer games that require back-and-forth communication over the internet.

How Do We Test Tablets?

To see how quickly the tablet is in ways that can be directly compared to rivals, we first run as many benchmarks as it can support. Some tablets, like Amazon’s Fire slates, have issues with side-loaded Android apps, so we state “will enable”.

Then, to gauge how vivid and dazzling the screens of these tablets can become, we utilize colorimeters and light meters. After that, we put them through our battery test; it calculates the amount of time it takes for a tablet’s battery to run out while it is being used to browse the internet at 150 nits of brightness.

After that, we engage in various activities, including web browsing, YouTube watching, gaming, email writing, and much more. If a keyboard is available, we write some (or all) of our tablet evaluations on the testing devices. I assure you that nobody wants to compose their masterpiece on a glass screen.

Product Comparison

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8
Amazon Fire HD 10
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8
Amazon Fire HD 10
2022, February 09
2021, September 13
6.1 inches
6.1 inches
6.14 ounces
5.78 ounces
Apple A15 Bionic (5 nm)
Exynos 2200 (4 nm) – Europe
12 MP, f/1.6, 26mm (wide), 1.7µm, dual pixel PDAF, sensor-shift OIS
12 MP, f/1.6, 26mm (wide), 1.7µm, dual pixel PDAF, sensor-shift OIS
Li-Ion 3240 mAh, non-removable
Li-Ion 3000 mAh, non-removable

The iPad is Apple’s most reasonably priced tablet, but it still needs to be a bargain. The 2021 iPad receives the necessary performance boost from the A13 Bionic chip, allowing iPad OS 15’s new machine learning features like LiveText.

At this price point, the iPad’s screen is still vibrant and brilliant, precisely what it needs. Additionally, Apple continues to support its first-generation Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio, which many people may find more convenient to use than alternative Bluetooth choices by third parties.

The Galaxy Tab S8 excels at being a high-end Android tablet despite being outstanding in many other areas. It can be used to complete tasks quickly, but it works best as a quick all-purpose tool for enhancing the enjoyment of work and play.

When you take the trouble to invest in the Galaxy ecosystem and make your workplace compatible with Samsung’s DeX mode, it’s beautiful for gaming or reading comics on the sofa and helpful to have at work as a supplementary display or note-taking tool.

With the Amazon Fire HD 10, an excellent tablet receives minor improvements, including a slightly brighter screen, 1GB additional RAM, and a more compact and lightweight design. Even though it’s optional for anyone who purchased the 2019 model, it is an excellent example of Amazon’s capacity to produce a value-driven slate that will satisfy most customers.


When selecting the Best Gaming Tablet Under $400, realistic expectations are essential. As you can see, there are a ton of possibilities available on the market today for the $400 price range, so if you’re on a tight budget, don’t go for a gadget that is generally excellent or has an excellent rating. It acquires what you need.

Consequently, determine your personal needs and requirements before purchasing to avoid breaking the bank. This list of the top tablets under $400 streamlines your search because it contains affordable tablets that meet various user needs. One thing left to do is choose the decision that best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Samsung Tab good for gaming?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 delivers more than enough to enjoy tablet gaming while not being the most powerful tablet available. At its core, the Unisoc Tiger T618 can struggle with some of the most demanding games available, but it should handle most tablet games without too many problems.

What tablet is best for drawing and gaming?

Using an Apple Pencil stylus, it’s also fantastic for immediately writing, sketching, or annotating on the screen. The Apple M2 CPU in this recently upgraded 2022 tablet makes it simple to multitask and use iOS 16’s new Stage Manager feature.

How much RAM is needed for gaming on a tablet?

In 2023, how much RAM will I require? 4GB is enough for casual users. In most circumstances, 8GB is preferable, and 16GB is needed if you want to utilize a tablet for gaming or as your main computer’s memory. Remember that tablets are typically used with other gadgets between your phone and PC.

For gaming, how much RAM do I need?

Most games advocate using 16GB of RAM, which will significantly improve performance above 8GB. Applications can be executed in the background without interfering with gameplay.

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