Why Does My Internet Drops Every Hour? Causes + Solution

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You can be frustrated and want to know Why Does My Internet Drops Every Hour? But don’t worry. You are not alone; several other users have experienced the same problem. In today’s world, it’s difficult to imagine life without the Internet. With the support of the internet, we are getting a lot of things done today. It may be video conferencing, emails, or some other form of communication.

In today’s world, the Internet has too many uses, including work, business, studies, personal communication, entertainment, and much more. That is why, even though it is only for a short time, we cannot afford to be disconnected from the internet.

It goes without saying that you can make the most of every service that you pay for. While internet connection errors are common, they are not something you have to deal with on a daily basis.

A once-in-a-blue-moon disconnect is tolerable, but the frequency of such errors and disconnections must be avoided at all costs. There’s no need to be concerned about this situation since most problems can be resolved in a matter of minutes.

Why Does My Internet Drops Every Hour?

Since the “Internet disconnects every hour” error is linked to your network, you should first check the system cables and routers. It would be okay to make sure the cables are where they should be. You can restart your router if you use wifi. If this doesn’t work, try something else.

Internet Drops Every Hour

The internet is running the world today, or the world is running well because of the internet, both claims are right. The world today is conceivable because of technology, happy because of technology, and past the terms of contact because of technology.

That is how the Internet aids people in gaining a greater understanding of the environment and discovering all of its facets. However, one of the most common problems is that people say the Internet goes down every hour. It follows that having proper internet access becomes necessary.

People are often found claiming that their Wi-Fi cuts out every hour, causing a great deal of annoyance. However, there are several methods that can assist people in comprehending the explanation for the drop-off.

Many times, it is not about the internet, but about something else. However, much of the time, several explanations are possible, and users are unable to choose only one.

However, once you have a clear understanding of it, it will be far easier to go deeper and consider the specific issues. At the very least, you will be able to resolve some minor problems and gain a better understanding of the Internet.

Check If The Router Is In Right Place

This commonly occurs when users fail to remember and position their router in the incorrect location. As a result, it’s essential to comprehend that the internet functions well when it’s positioned correctly. In reality, how you place your router is critical.

Users always position their routers in the incorrect location, and as a result, they complain about their internet when it drops every hour. It should not be placed in corners, on the ground, or even behind concrete, metal, or wood walls. The internet is finding it difficult to keep up with the pace.

Weather Issues

So this is clearly not a man-made catastrophe; it is a natural disaster that the internet causes on its own. No one is aware of it, and they have no way of knowing whether their internet will go down or remain up.

However, the common complaint of internet outages every hour is a source of concern for many people these days. You and everyone else have no power over the weather or the temperature, but you may become more aware of the internet.

Radio signals are absorbed by rain droplets, according to science, but if your router is tuned with rain droplets, this isn’t the case. You must not be bothered by your internet because it will go down every hour. It’s usually out of control, but when the rain stops, the issue goes away on its own.

Router Issues

As a result, this problem is directly connected to the Router. Yes, as users purchase, they seldom consider the possibility of having problems with their router. However, this is a fact; it normally occurs when the router and adapter settings are out of sync. To work properly, both the router and the adapter must be compatible.

Solutions For Why Internet Drop Down?

To begin with, let’s look at the diagnosis for internet disconnections every hour. To fix the issue where your internet disconnects every hour, you must first figure out what’s wrong and what issues you’re having.

Solutions For Why Internet Drop Down

To begin, determine if the internet is cutting out or whether there is an issue with the settings on your router or with your cables. This will not only help you understand the issue better, but it will also make finding a solution easier. The first step is to determine when and how often this problem occurs.

Hardware Issue

If your internet suddenly stops working at any moment, you can run a series of network tests. The following are some of the tests you can perform:

Examine The Connectors

The connectors at the cable’s end are crucial for contact. A poorly tied connector may also be the culprit in your situation, causing serious problems. Ensure that all of your PC’s connectors are securely wired and in good working order. Inspect them thoroughly for any damage and repair them if you notice any wear and tear or carbon buildup on the connectors.

Examine The Cables

Make sure that all of the cables are in good working order. A slight bend, wear and tear, or some kind of scratch on your cables will cause them to heat up and cause link problems after use. Check all of the cables that are linked to the modem/router and your computer to make sure they are all in good working order.

Your Modem/Router Should Be Reset

Your modem/router must be reset. This is the simplest approach available, but it works admirably the majority of the time. This will assist you in removing any settings that may be causing the problem. There’s also a possibility that some part or software is stuck in a loop, and that resetting your modem/router will get it working again.

Remember that resetting your router will return it to its default settings, and you’ll have to re-enable any SSIDs, passwords, or network protection protocols on the modem/router. This is worth a shot, but if it doesn’t work, you can also look into the following possibilities.

Problems With Software

If you’ve done all of the above and your internet is still disconnected on the dot after an hour, it’s likely that there’s a problem with your settings or your ISPs. To resolve the issue, you must take the following steps.

Reset Network Configuration

Your internet access is regulated by a number of settings. DNS, VPN, and other options are among the options available. You should try reconnecting to the internet after resetting all of your PC’s internet settings. This will almost certainly fix all of your problems. If you don’t want to reset all of your network’s settings, there is a workaround for that as well.

Metered connections are monitored for use, which could result in you losing connectivity every hour or so for a while. Check your PC’s metered link settings and restore them to normal. You can also reset and switch off the metered link if you see a cap there that you haven’t set or don’t want on your network.

If Your Internet Connection is Disconnected Every Hour, Take Note of the Time

You can use it for a few hours to see if it disconnects every hour or if it happens at random. Another thing to keep an eye on is whether it is causing problems every hour on the dot, or whether the timing is unpredictable but very similar to every hour. This will assist you in better understanding the situation and resolving it appropriately.

To begin with, if your internet is randomly cut off for a short period of time before returning to normal, this indicates that there are software and hardware faults on your network that you should investigate, and we will show you how to do so.

However, if it is on the spot for a few seconds after one hour and then works again, it means you are experiencing a software problem, which should be simple to resolve. There are a variety of solutions that might function in both cases. Whatever the problem, there is one easy solution that you must begin with.

Your Network Has Too Many Devices

Another thing to keep an eye on is how many devices are connected to your network. Internet service providers also enable up to four devices per subscription plan. This means you can attach up to four (4) devices to your modem and have easy, unrestricted internet access.

When you connect more than four devices to your network, however, the performance of your network begins to suffer, especially if those additional devices are streaming or downloading videos.

If you have more than 3 or 4 devices in your home streaming video at the same time or using a lot of bandwidth for backups or live video streams (not to mention all the other devices your average household has these days), you’re likely to experience unreliable Wi-Fi and frequent dropouts at some stage. To get better Wi-Fi speeds, upgrade your internet or move to a new ISP.

How Do I Stop My Chromebook From Disconnecting From Wifi?

Closer proximity to the Router. Switch to a different wifi network. Forget and Rejoin the Network. Turn off Bluetooth. Check your Router’s settings. Disconnect the Router from any other devices. Disconnect your VPN connection or app. The Router should be restarted.


These are some of the most important explanations and solutions. There may also be some minor explanations that receive little publicity. It’s really inconvenient when your internet goes down every hour, particularly if you’re working on a critical assignment that you need to send on time. I hope the above tricks and tips will assist you in resolving your problem of Why Does My Internet Drops Every Hour?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it that my internet keeps disconnecting?

Because your modem isn’t communicating properly with your internet service provider (ISP), your internet can disconnect at any time. Since modems are built to transform data from a network into a signal for your router and Wi-Fi phone, they’re critical to getting you online.

Why is it that my internet connection keeps falling for a few seconds at a time?

It’s possible that interference from other wireless signals or wireless networks is causing your Internet to disconnect for a few seconds. To solve the issue, upgrade your wireless channel to 9 or higher by following the instructions in your router’s manual.

How do I stop my internet from disconnecting at random intervals?

Restart your mobile or device after resetting your router.
Get closer to the Wi-Fi hotspot or router.
Download WiFi analyzer software and check for Wi-Fi interference.
Visit the manufacturer’s website to update your Wi-Fi adapter drivers and Wi-Fi router firmware.

Why is it that my Internet connection on Windows 10 keeps dropping?

If Windows 10 keeps dropping your Wi-Fi link without notice (and you’re sure there’s no problem with the router), the issue may be caused by the power management settings on your network adapter. To save energy, you must revoke the permission that allows Windows to switch off the adapter.

Why am I always losing Internet access on my laptop?

It’s possible that your wireless network problem is caused by your device turning off your wireless network adapter to conserve power. To see if this solves your problem, switch off this setting. To check the power-saving settings on your network adapter, go to: Click Properties after right-clicking your Wireless/Wi-Fi network adapter.

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