Why Are Slack And Discord So Similar? All You Need To Know

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Even though both Slack and Discord have millions of users and offer similar services, they are used by two completely different groups of people. Slack is a commercial communication tool, while Discord is the go-to app for gamers worldwide. So, continue reading to know Why Are Slack And Discord So Similar?

Why Are Slack And Discord So Similar?

It can be challenging to decide between Slack and Discord because of their many similarities. Both let users share files, feature free and paid services, and give voice and video chat choices. Small, medium and big teams may all benefit from using both programs.

Both are used for communication but for different purposes. The two aren’t the same. There are a few differences between these two! Discord and Slack should be your top priorities seeking an effective communication tool. Which one will be the greatest fit for your company?

Slack And Discord So Similar

Is there a clearer winner? In what ways do they differ? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with any of your inquiries and concerns! To help you decide, we’ll go through the distinctions between the two tools in this article.

Discord Vs Slack For Community

Slack is better for corporations, whereas Discord is better for online communities. They were designed specifically for it. That doesn’t mean you can’t shake things up. Slack is an excellent platform for hosting online communities, especially if you’re content with keeping an archive of just the 10,000 most recent messages.

The first thing we’ll talk about is the people who use the tools. Both of these technologies are similar in that they are meant to aid in the exchange of information among members of a team. Discord and Slack are two popular programs for group chat that make it simple for groups to communicate and stay organized.

The primary distinction between the two is the demographic of those they hope to reach. Millions of gamers use Discord for screen-sharing, live chat, and other gaming-related functions. Instead, Slack is solely for business-related communication.

However, the differences between Slack and Discord for the community do not mean that one is better than the other. On the other hand, Discord includes a variety of servers that may be joined by users based on their interests. Even though most servers are used for e-gaming, many more are used for other purposes.

Users are free to join any community that interests them. One of the primary goals of Discord is to allow users to have an uninterruptible and error-free voice chat experience. Discord is an excellent choice for gamers that need a lag-free chat to interact with their friends.

Instead of being a workspace, Slack was built to facilitate teamwork and increase internal communications. When it comes to deciding between Slack and Discord for the community, it’s important to think about the culture of your organization, the needs of your team, and how you communicate with others.

Video Calls In Discord App Vs Slack

For video conversation, it’s hard to beat Discord. With the Free plan, only two users can use Slack video chat at a time. You can add up to 15 users to premium plans. On the contrary, Discord’s video call features are more advanced.

You can adjust the chat’s noise suppression, echo cancellation, and other characteristics. You can also switch from a voice conversation to a video call and speak with up to 25 people at once by clicking on a unique button.

Voice Calls In Discord Slack

Using Slack for voice calls is more deliberate. A voice call can be initiated by pressing the “call” button in direct messaging or a channel. Only two people can participate in a voice call in the free plan, whereas 15 people can join in the paying plan.

Discord allows up to 5k people to participate in an audio call, bringing communication to a new level. By eliminating the need for users to set up separate calls, the voice channel in Discord allows them to communicate in real time without the hassle. It is possible to make a private or public phone call.

In addition to the ‘push to talk feature, Discord’s voice call has another feature that can be exploited. By pressing a button, you can switch on your microphone, which is useful when interacting with a big number of people. Since most gamers desire uninterruptible real-time communication, Discord’s audio calls are more inventive than other services.

Slack Vs Discord: Third-Party Integrations

As an added convenience, Slack offers over 800 integrations with third-party tools to help streamline your productivity. You can also receive notifications directly from the apps in Slack. Find the best Slack extensions here.

Discord does not yet have any third-party integrations. However, your Discord account can be integrated with a variety of games and social networking platforms. Discord’s ten native integrations include YouTube, Twitch, Blizzard Entertainment, Skype, Facebook, Steam, Reddit, Twitter, Spotify, and Xbox Live, all of which are tied to gaming in some way or another.

Discord App Vs Slack: User Interface

The user interfaces of the two applications are very similar. While the contacts may be seen on the left side of the screen, the chats can be seen on the right side of the screen. In comparison to Discord, Slack’s user interface is more user-friendly. Slack’s user interface is tailored to fit the needs of workplaces, as previously noted. A user-friendly layout makes it simple to use and enjoy the app’s capabilities.

Users can quickly log in and communicate with other team members using the server’s many channels. In addition to contacts, the left-hand corner of the screen displays a list of all channels and messages. However, Discord is a little more complicated. Direct messages and channels each have their menus.

Channels appear on the left, while message text appears on the right. Discord has more advanced customization options than Slack. It’s possible to modify the color of the sidebar in Slack with eight color options. In contrast, you may easily switch between a light and dark theme in Discord.

You may access all the servers in Discord once you’ve logged in. Each workspace has its unique login, and you can access all channels in each workplace by logging in. It takes some time to become acclimated to Discord’s interface, but once you do, you’ll be able to navigate it with ease.


In terms of pricing, Discord is more community-oriented than Slack, which focuses on businesses. Running a Discord server for free comes with almost all the functionality you want. Individual users can purchase Nitro, which can access extra features, including personalized emojis and larger upload sizes.

Individuals’ boosts can also unlock more emoji slots and animated server icons. It’s up to the community members to provide these extras, and the differences are mostly purely aesthetic. Slack is a very different beast. The free version misses a large number of essential functions. The most notable limitation is that the archive can only hold the 10,000 most recent messages.

An individual user can’t upgrade; the admin must pay, and the pricing per user is in place. The Standard tier costs $8 per user per month, which is the most affordable, especially in an online group that quickly adds up. On the other hand, businesses may be able to afford this pricing structure.

Why Would Someone Use Discord Over Slack?

Discord isn’t too different from Slack. Thus your query is well-phrased. As both chat and communication platforms, they are utilized by people who want to communicate with each other via text message, video, or voice call.

However, I believe that Discord’s intended demographic sets it apart from Slack [and vice versa]. Businesses, developers, and other formal organizations can use Slack to communicate and work more effectively. In the beginning, Discord was designed to connect gamers, but it has since expanded to include everyone who shares a shared interest. So, in a way, it all boils down to what people value most: the essential features.

Apart from these, I can think of a few other reasons Slack users might prefer Discord. One of the most important aspects of Discord’s community is the ease of joining and navigating between servers. Although I am a member of tens of servers, switching between them is a real pain, and you can’t even add “friends” on Slack to see what other people are playing or doing.

As a result, Discord resembles a social network in that it is interconnected and bound by shared interests. Because you may connect to a variety of different servers (also known as “subreddits”) and participate in active discussions, I like to refer to it as a “real-time Reddit” (posts.) On the other hand, Slack is more like a conference call or a corporate chat room because it focuses on providing a service tailored for businesses and internal communications.


Which one should you choose in light of these discrepancies? Why Are Slack And Discord So Similar? Honestly, I think you should rely on the brand’s reputation (and this is coming from someone who does not, as a rule, trust branding). Slack is better for corporations, whereas Discord is better for online communities. Exactly what they were designed for.

Nevertheless, this does not preclude experimenting. If you don’t mind only keeping the 10,000 most recent messages in your archive, you can use Slack to create an online community. You can also use Discord for business if you’re prepared to work past some of the constraints of the application. Although these tools aren’t technically interchangeable, you can choose one over the other. Keep in mind the distinctions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Slack Vs Discord: which one is better?

Most organizations prefer Slack. However, Discord is a viable alternative for those that can’t afford Slack’s high price. Open-source and video game development teams will find Discord a superior alternative to Slack.

Discord or zoom: which is better?

Put it all together. So, Zoom or Discord: which is better? Discord is a great software if you need to chat and use video or voice. On the other hand, Zoom is geared toward businesses and conferences and offers a variety of capabilities to help you interact more effectively.

Is there anything that beats Discord?

Slack. Slack is frequently hailed as one of the best tools for chatting with coworkers. It has more integrations than Discord, making it a superior choice. Slack, unlike Discord, has built-in integrations with a wide range of third-party apps, including Trello, MailChimp, GitHub, and more.

Discord vs. Microsoft Teams: Which Is Better?

Which is better for your team: Discord or Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams is generally superior to Discord. Microsoft Teams has an advantage over Discord in the free version when it comes to filing sharing and productivity apps.

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