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TV ratings and parental controls have been controversial topics ever since the emergence of TV. The TV ratings are mainly used to control the content aired on television, while parental controls regulate what children can watch and see. But do you know What Does TV 14 Mean?

With more and more parental controls on TV sets and ratings for shows, many parents are looking for ways to protect their children from what they view online. With the growing concerns of content being inappropriate for children and the rise of parental controls on TV sets, advertisers are changing their approach to children’s viewing.

What Does TV 14 Mean?

TV 14 designates content that most parents would think inappropriate for viewers under 14. The discourse in programs with this classification is highly suggestive; the crude language is powerful, there are heated sexual situations, or there is excessive violence. A well-known example of a TV program with a 14 rating is Stranger Things.

TV 14 Mean

TV 14 is a rating introduced on October 24, 1990, by the Television Broadcast Standards Council (now known as the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council) to help parents make better decisions about what their children watch. The new standard is TV14. This means that it is not recommended for children under 14 to watch this program.

TV14 ratings are a new standard on how to rate TV programs. They are meant to protect children from inappropriate content. This was developed after studies showed that a lot of content on TV was too violent and disturbing for them. The concept of TV14 has been criticized by some people who feel that they should watch whatever they want, free from the restriction.

What Is TV-14 Rating Mean?

A show with a TV rating of 14 signifies that most parents consider the content inappropriate for their children under 14. TV shows with this rating feature extremely graphic violence, sexual situations, or language. A well-known TV 14-rated show is Stranger Things.

What Is The Difference Between TV-PG And TV-14?

TV-14 is a rating given to films with adult situations and profane language. On the other hand, the TV-PG rating is given to films containing milder language and content that are not generally suitable for children.

The TV rating system is the commonly used content classification created by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The TV rating system is set up to classify TV programs and movies according to their content to be easily understood by their viewers.

The difference between these two ratings is based on four categories: sex, violence, language, and nudity. Both PG-rated movies and TV-14-rated programs are allowed to have a few of these four categories but not a lot.

  • Content classified as TV-G – General Audiences
  • PG – Parental Guidance Suggested
  • TV-14 – Parents Strongly Cautioned

What Does TV Rating Mean?

Television Ratings are snippets of data that show up at the upper right corner of the screen toward the start of each TV show to help guardians or parents know whether a show is appropriate for their kids. These ratings are dependent on the age group of the watchers.

Guardians and parents need to realize that TV substances are not modified the same way; nor are they recorded nor communicated to all crowds. The language, tone, sexual circumstance, or violence may not be proper for a specific age group. To this end, TV Rating proves to be helpful. It cautions the guardians about the adequacy of a show for their kids.

What Does TV 14 Mean On Netflix?

“TV 14” is a rating incorporated into Netflix content. This rating is not just restrictive because of the topics it covers; it is also restrictive because of the age groups permitted to watch these shows. This rating prohibits people under the age of fourteen from watching any show on Netflix with “strong sexual references, nudity, or some violence.”

What Is TV 14 DLSV?

This television rating is frequently written as TV 14 DLSV. At the point when a program has this rating, it implies that it contains any of the following:

  • Intensely Suggestive Dialogue (D)
  • Strong Coarse Language (L)
  • Intense Sexual Situations (S)
  • Extreme Violence (V)

Is TV-14 The Same As PG-13?

The TV Parental Guidelines in the United States classify programming with a TV-14 rating as having parental guidance. It matches the MPA’s PG-13 classification. For minors under 14, the content might not be appropriate.

It is often thought that TV-14 is the same as the PG-13 movie rating. But, both of these ratings are not the same. TV-14 rating has a lot of limitations when compared to PG-13. TV-14 gives a lot more freedom for mature content than PG-13 does.

The concept of TV-14 and PG-13 are two different ratings with many differences between them in terms of what they allow and what they don’t allow in terms of content for children and adults, respectively. Some people believe that it would be better for producers or studios to just use one rating instead of creating two separate ones.

Who Decides If A Program Will Be Rated TV 14 Or Not?

The rating is typically done willfully by the program’s maker or the television network where the program is being telecasted. Sometimes there is a gray area as to whether a program should be rated TV 14 or not—factors such as violence and profanity cause some programs to be rated TV 14 while others aren’t.

Many factors go into deciding what rating a program will receive. These include the age group that the program is intended for and the program’s content in general.

While I’m Away, How Can I Prevent My Child From Viewing Content Rated TV 14?

Naturally, you can’t forever be home to screen your children from viewing improper substances for them. You can utilize the TV Parental Guidelines with the V-Chip to censor the substance your children will watch on the TV. With this, you don’t need to remain with them the entire day to monitor the sort of TV content.

The function of the V-Chip is to alter the TV program ratings electronically. It makes it feasible for guardians and parents to obstruct shows they feel are inadmissible for their kids. You should set up a password-protected Wi-Fi network for your child to use.

On the web, you can have only the channels that are appropriate for her. You might also want to restrict access to the computer altogether when not in use so that she can’t browse online. If your child’s device has parental controls enabled, it might be easier for you to prevent her from accessing content on it.

Is TV 14 Appropriate For Kids?

TV-14 – These programs might not be appropriate for kids under 14. TV-MA: These shows are aimed at mature adult audiences and may not be suitable for youngsters under 17.


Television ratings are explicit about directing the ethical uprightness of television viewers. For children, it is not difficult to embrace a particular behavioral pattern dependent on the sort of content they are presented to.

That is why guardians should screen the content their children watch on TV. The TV 14 assists you with recognizing substances that are not appropriate for youngsters under the age of 14. That’s all I have on What Does TV 14 Mean?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TV-14 appropriate for kids?

TV 14: parents strongly cautioned not suggested for kids under 14.

Where to find a TV 14 rating on my Tv?

The TV 14 rating is on the right corner. It often shows up during the first few seconds of the program.

Can a 12-year-old watch TV 14?

No, it is not recommended for kids under 14.

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