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Playing an engaging and thought-provoking video game is the best way to spend your free time. Do you know Is The Last Of Us Available On PC? Nothing is the answer. When The Last of Us was released in 2013, gamers worldwide fell in love with its post-apocalyptic scenario and brutal video game storytelling.

With much expectation and appreciation, The Last Of Us: Part II was published earlier this year. Is The Last Of Us as good as everyone says it is? What on earth is the point of this video game? Playable on the PC? Detailed instructions are included.

Is The Last Of Us Available On PC?

Yes! The Last of Us Available On PC.

Last Of Us Available On PC

How Much Does The Last Of Us Cost On The PC?

The original answer was that “The Last Of Us” is a console exclusive. Yes. PlayStation Now, Sony’s streaming service, offers access to the game. You can’t play it through PlayStation Now because there isn’t a native Computer port for it.

Since its first release, the game has garnered many accolades, including more than 200 awards. It’s been five years since The Last of Us: Part I and the award-winning sequel has just been named Game of the Year at the 2020 Game Awards. Joel and Ellie currently reside in a tiny town in Wyoming, where they enjoy a calm existence. As a result of the upheaval in her life, Ellie is forced to fly to Seattle to exact retribution.

Players are thrust into moral and ethical binds in the latest edition, which looks at the most sinister aspects of human nature and the intricacies of violence that repeats. Both The Last of Us games may appeal to players that enjoy strong female characters, emotive storylines, and a rich gaming experience.

Where To Play? 

Unfortunately, the only way to play The Last of Us is on a Playstation console. The critically praised video game, one of the best on Playstation, was developed specifically for the firm. Playstation has no plans to release The Last of Us or The Last of Us Part II on any other platform, including PC, at this time.

Purchasing a Playstation only for the sake of playing The Last of Us may be a bit extravagant, but it is necessary. This may be considered the gaming Mona Lisa when it comes to video games. The Last of Us on PC may be more convenient, but sometimes the best things necessitate giving up convenience.

The second game’s accessibility is a fantastic feature. The Last of Us Part II can now be played by everyone, regardless of their ability or condition. You have the option of playing the game just with your ears, or you can adjust your concentration to see better. In terms of gameplay, there are more than sixty different accessibility choices accessible.

How Do I Play “The Last Of Us” On My Computer? Is It Even Conceivable Without A Port?

The Last of Us can be played on PC even though Naughty Dog hasn’t been formally ported yet. PS Now has The Last of Us Remastered and The Last of Us 2, which were released this month. On the PC, PS Now is a game-streaming service that gives users access to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 titles.

All you need is a PSN account and at least 18 years old to activate your subscription. To play The Last of Us on PC, you’ll need a solid connection to the internet, a controller, and a desire to enjoy the game without having to wait for the PC port.

What Is The Release Date Of The Last Of Us For PC?

The Last Of Us PC port has yet to be scheduled for release. However, we’re inclined to wager that you’ll have to wait until the PC release of the Uncharted Collection and the PS5 port of The Last of Us. By revealing a date for a The Last Of Us PC port, We’re betting on an official declaration in 2022 and a release date for The Last of Us on PC in 2023, given how close we are to that year.

Whatever the case may be, you can count on Naughty Dog to release the game for the PC shortly. Many of Sony’s (former) PlayStation-only titles will be coming to PC soon, as the company has made it clear for some time.

The argument is simple: More customers mean more revenue, and more satisfied gamers equal more brand awareness for a company. With the latest consoles being rare and gamers dispersed across multiple platforms, it makes little sense to keep games exclusive indefinitely.

Why Last Of Us Is Not On PC?

The Last of Us Part 1 will get a PC port, much like the previous God of War 2018 and Spider-Man ports that startled players. At the time of writing, there is no official release date, though senior environment texture artist Jonathan Benaino noted in the article linked.


Concluding Is The Last Of Us Available On PC? Yes, but I’m still a little apprehensive. Other than PlayStation Now, which is a premium subscription service, a PS3 emulator is currently under development and claims to create roughly 30 frames per second for The Last of Us.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, why aren’t they on PC?

How come “The Last of Us” isn’t available on the PC? The reason for this is that The Last of Us is only available on the PlayStation 4. Sony owns Naughty Dog, a video game development studio that creates exclusive PlayStation games like Last of Us and Uncharted.

Is there a Steam version of the game?

Unfortunately, this is not likely to happen. One of the best-selling PS4 games is The Last of Us. If you don’t own a Sony console, this list of PC games similar to The Last of Us should satisfy your curiosity.

Playing PS4 games on PC isn’t working; why?

Following these instructions will allow you to play PlayStation 4 games on your PC or laptop without needing a PS4 console.
The PlayStation Now app can be installed on a PC by first downloading it.
Make a PlayStation Network account and establish your subscription.
Use a USB port to connect a DualShock 4 game controller.

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