How To Spam A Phone Number? (Free & Quick Ways)

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Do you want to exact vengeance on someone by using prank text services? Do you want to know How To Spam A Phone Number? Using this method, you can call a random phone number and leave a voicemail. Using only one click, you may bombard someone’s phone with text messages or phone calls.

My research into spam phone calls was extensive, including a look through Reddit answers, and I came up with the following results. Let’s examine How To Bombard A Phone Number With Text Messages And Phone Calls?

How To Spam A Phone Number?

Most consumers can give telemarketers access to their phone numbers and have them sign them up for spam calls by dialing an 800, 888, or 900 number. The Automatic Number Identification system logs your phone number when you do this. You should start getting spam calls from telemarketers because they will detect and store the phone number and crawl a web of digital markers linked to you.

Spam A Phone Number

Unwanted robocalls from cell phones are a long-standing annoyance. I’m not the only one who gets between four and six robocalls a day; a quick poll of my social circle confirms this. Every morning brings a fresh round of bombardment.

To hide their spam, robocallers use local phone numbers that appear to be legitimate. While it can sometimes be entertaining (like receiving threats of incarceration due to unpaid taxes), the great majority of the time, it’s an unwelcome interruption.

Scammers can easily use the internet to make many calls in a short period. As long as a few people fall for the scam, the con artists will have earned enough money to cover their small outlays of the fraud.

How To Spam A Phone Number Anonymously?

Although there are several possibilities, you may choose a harmless, albeit childish, and extremely frustrating one depending on what this “stalker” has done. Once there were apps that allowed you to send several “text bombs,” but Google has since banned most, if not all, of them. Even so, it is still possible to still discover these apps.

Regardless of your decision, be sure to follow the law and refrain from doing anything too excessive. Keep in mind that the best course of action, if the guy is harassing you in any way, is to report him to the authorities rather than just sending him some spam text messages!

Text Prank Platforms

You want someone to return your calls. Possibly they performed a trick on you. Therefore you’re seeking revenge. Cellphone numbers are the most personal of all personal information. Is this your first time losing your cell phone?

We guess that panic was the first emotion you felt upon hearing the news. What if you could make your target despise their mobile to the point where they’d want to toss it away? These text prank services will do precisely that for you.

It’s the final prank on our list of the top five. Pranking your intended victim on this website is much less harmful. You can use this site to send many “facts” about various animals, such as cats and dogs, as well as everyday objects.

Select the information you want to deliver and how many you want your target to get, then sit there and watch them squirm as they receive them.

Prank call website Goofy Prank calls is the ideal place on the internet to show your friends, coworkers, and family your wacky side while keeping your identity private. The victim has no way of knowing that you are the one who has been bothering them. Choose from a variety of amusing phony phone calls available online, and then effortlessly share them with your pals.

You can also peruse some odd facts that you may not have known about here. One of the best prank-calling websites, this site is easy to use, has straightforward IVR instructions, and has weird windups. It stands out from the competition.

It has the unique feature of providing you with an alternate phone number to use in place of your own. Cool! Isn’t it? To see the responses of your pals, select a bizarre windup and email it to them.


Another great website for sending amusing prank calls to your friends is an easy prank. Caller ID spoofing isn’t possible with this method; instead, you’ll need to utilize an alias number.

This isn’t to say that the site doesn’t have its uses. You can quickly and easily send prank calls to your friends using this service. As a result, this is an advantageous aspect of the website. It’s up to you.


Watch as they scramble to discover the posts where their mobile number is listed in a desperate search. If they’re looking for it, they’ll never find it since it doesn’t exist.

BlowUpThePhone.Com is the best revenge prank we could find. With this wicked hoax, pranksters can target their buddies and send them large text messages from different phone numbers. Your victim would have to ban over a hundred phone numbers from halting the attack, which is the finest part.

For up to 24 hours, you can bombard someone’s phone with text messages or phone calls. When you need to remain anonymous, this is the best way to prank someone else. You have the option of sending a custom message, although we found the pre-written ones to be rather amusing.

How To Spam A Phone Number With Calls?

Calling 888, 800, or 900 is the easiest way for most individuals to get spam calls. ANI registers your phone number when you do. This will recognize and save the phone number and crawl a web of digital identifiers related to you. Telemarketers should start calling you.

How To Spam Call Someone?

You can do many things, but depending on what this “creep” has done, you might choose something harmless but childish and very frustrating. Before Google banned most, if not all, of them from the play store, there were apps that let you send multiple “text bombs.” You can sometimes still find them if you look hard enough.

Or you could take a more tasteful approach, as James Veitch does in his YouTube videos about how to answer spam mail. No matter what you decide, follow the law and don’t do anything too crazy. Remember that if the creep is doing something to bother you, the best thing to do would be to call the police instead of sending spam text messages.

How To Spam A Phone Number With Texts?

To text bomb, someone, to flood their phone with messages, pick a friend from your contacts that you want to prank. Then type a letter or emoji at random and click “Send.” Keep typing the letter or emoji and sending it so that you send dozens of messages to your friend’s phone.

How To Send Spam Calls To Someone?

  • Install the most recent Google Phone app.
  • Toggle between “Settings” and “Caller ID and Spam” by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
  • To activate it, select “Turn Caller ID & Spam.”


That’s all I have on How To Spam A Phone Number? Or How To Get A Phone Number Spammed? I sincerely hope you enjoyed this compilation. Try these sites the next time you want to play a joke on a friend. We’re sure you’ll be delighted with these products!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to call a phone number and leave a voicemail?

When you call, your phone number will display as “unknown” because you can legally prevent it from being transmitted when you make calls. My intention is not to spoof.

Are you breaking the law if you bombard a person’s cell phone with text messages?

In August 2004, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued an order reiterating the illegality of SMS spam messages sent to mobile phones under the current Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

What’s the best way to spam someone’s phone?

You can report an unsolicited text message: Make a note of it in your preferred messaging app. See if you can find a way to register it as spam. Send a copy of this message to: 7726 (SPAM).

Is it legal to post a person’s phone number online?

Certainly, that is against the law. My colleagues have brought forward the term “doxing”. A local internet lawyer is your best bet for a quick resolution.

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