Difference Between Gaming Chair and Office Chair (Compared)

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Whether you’re updating your home office or upgrading your gaming configuration, the chair you choose for the center will make and break your space. Choosing Difference Between Gaming Chair and Office Chair is a major decision that should not be taken lightly.

Working from home or staying put for those lengthy gaming hours means you’ll be investing a lot of time seated, and choosing the proper one not only feels better but can also prevent long-term back and neck issues.

Difference Between Gaming Chair and Office Chair

One of the glaring distinctions between most office chairs and gaming seats is their mesh backs. Office chairs are often manufactured with mesh backs to increase airflow and keep you comfortable during lengthy workdays, as opposed to the latter, which are virtually entirely built around the racing bucket-seat design with a solid back.

difference between gaming chair and office chair

It can be tough to determine whether even the greatest gaming chair on the market is sufficient to ensure proper seating. After all, office chairs are supposed to be comfortable for long amounts of time at a desk. Unfortunately, there are a few distinctions between the two that must be examined before you begin your search for the ideal spot to rest your back.

What’s the difference between a gaming chair and an office chair?

The distinctions between a gaming chair and an office chair are typically obvious. For one thing, gaming chairs stand out due to their vivid colors and typically bulkier frames, whereas office chairs blend in much more easily.

If you’re wondering how a game chair differs from a standard office chair, there are a few crucial differences to consider. With a tall winged back, bucket seat, and elevated seat edges, a gaming chair is frequently constructed in the racer style. Typically, lumbar and head support cushions are featured, as well as armrests that may be adjusted in at least three orientations.

Gaming chairs can also recline considerably further than office chairs, and some even have rocking and tilt locks. The use of an office chair significantly reduces the amount of noise. A flat cushion with a flightless back, generally with built-in fixed lumbar support, can be found. Armrests will often only move up or down, and folds down will be restricted by tilt locks.

It’s worth noting that we’re comparing standard PC seats here, not the floor-based rockers that make up the top PS5 and Xbox gaming chairs.


Gaming chairs are designed to sustain repeated usage, which means they generally use materials that are more appealing to a wider range of users. Memory foam seat cushions with cushioning up the back and on the armrests are more likely to be found in the lower price range.

Unless you choose a particularly expensive chair, office chairs frequently use thinner material to keep costs down, which implies you’ll need to take more regular breaks throughout your session. Furthermore, gaming seats are typically larger than office chairs; consider the width of the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition, for example.

While this may not be a selling point if you’re working in a tiny space or want your desk to disappear when not in use, these chairs are designed to fit a wider range of body types and shapes, with even the smallest persons being able to sit securely in the larger ones. It should be noted, however, that for the best ergonomics, choosing a chair with the correct size for you is always recommended.

Cheaper office chairs, on the other hand, may be less comfortable in terms of padding and size, but their materials are frequently cooler. At this pricing point, a mesh design is significantly more common, which provides a more temperature-controlled experience and promotes greater ventilation.

In the lower price range, faux leather gaming chairs are an option (though more breathable materials are dropping in price these days and are available on more premium models like the Secret lab Titan Evo 2022). Cheaper leather, like this, warms up quickly and isn’t as durable as these more quality materials used in office chairs at higher prices.


One of the most critical questions in the game chair vs office chair discussion is whether the former’s aesthetic matches the needs of the majority of today’s chair customers. As more people look for a comfortable place to work from home, tastes are evolving, and also some gamers can’t even bring themselves to put a large, colorful hunk of furniture in their lounge room.

A basic gaming chair’s appearance may not appeal to everyone, but if you’re looking for a chair to stream from, the tall headrest and branding cushions are common. Right now, you can get some fantastic deals on pink gaming seats.

A home office, on the other hand, may require something a little more formal, in which situation an office chair will appeal to a far wider range of interests. Simple black, grey, or white color patterns with a minimal construction that promotes function over form are typical of office chairs. As a result, they work well in a wide range of settings and may even be used in an RGB-enabled gaming setup.


While the racer back shape of the classic gaming chair is popular, the office chair appeals to a far broader range of interests and uses. Because of the versatility of a more subtle design, you’ll be able to place your office chair in every room and have it fit in seamlessly, whereas gaming seats might take up a lot of space.


In the argument between gaming chairs and office chairs, the ergonomics of their frame is among the most significant considerations. Ergonomics is the science of adjusting your setup to find the best angles & heights for a particular frame or activity.

This is why gaming chairs are designed with customization in mind. Detachable and height-adjustable lumbar and backrest support pillows provide customized relief for chronic back pain during long periods of sitting. This is particularly well done by the Andaseat T-Pro Series 2. At the lower end of the price spectrum, very few office chairs offer a lumbar support pillow.

Its well worth investing here, especially since a 2013 report revealed that a lower back cushion improves posture and comfort. You’ll have to spend a lot more money on an office chair than you might on a gaming chair to get equivalent lumbar support. As a result, the materials and support’s quality will be significantly increased.

Even on a budget model, the limited reclining capabilities of an office chair can keep a healthy posture. Gaming chairs, on the other hand, provide far more mobility, with locks that can extend to 180 degrees in some cases. While more recline options aren’t suggested for desk work, they do make it easier to find the ideal position for you.

The armrest, on the other hand, is one of the most important ergonomic features of the gaming chair. While the feathered racing back and brought-up seat edges are mostly for show, the armrest movements can significantly improve your comfort.

Armrests that move up, down, backward, and forwards are available on even the cheapest gaming chairs, while more mid-range ones allow you to change the rotation and spin of the rest itself.

The width of most office chairs can only be adjusted up and down, so you’re stuck with it. You won’t have any assistance when typing if you’re too little or large for the armrests. The cost of office chairs with this stage of flexibility is often much higher than that of gaming chairs.

However, there is one trick that office chairs have up their sleeves. A gaming chair with a flat or waterfall-style seat is better for your health than one with a raised lip. Gaming chairs can typically drop the back of the cushion and increase the front for a ‘jug’ feel, originally designed to mimic the lip of a race car seat.

This makes it difficult to sit at the necessary 90° angle with your knees bent. The linear sequential and adaptive seats (a lowered lip toward the front of the cushion) commonly found in office chairs, on the other hand, support the leg muscle tissue down the chair and provide a comfortable place position for holding your hands aligned. While the raised lip style of gaming chairs is becoming less popular, it’s still worth keeping an eye on.

A gaming chair is designed to be very configurable, with even the most basic models providing excellent adjustment options. You can customize almost every aspect of your observation with these chairs, from the armrests to recline, whereas office chairs have far fewer options, especially in terms of lumbar support. However, some gaming chairs still have a raised lip at the seat’s edge, which isn’t as comfortable as a flat pillow found in office chairs.


When trying to compare gaming chairs to office chairs, there’s an interesting difference between price and value. True, even entry-level gaming chair are far more expensive than office chairs. Even though office chairs are less expensive, the entry-level gaming range offers better value for money.

At a price range, you can expect memory foam cushions, customizable support, a larger structure, and a sturdier frame. If you can spend a bit more, you’ll receive a lot more for your money. Superior office chairs can offer a better experience, but they will cost more. When it comes to cost, the choice between the office and gaming chairs isn’t as clear. Standard office varieties are much cheaper if you’re searching to spend less money.

Is It Better To Get A Gaming Chair Or An Office Chair?

Even the least expensive gaming chairs offer superior ergonomic support for longer sessions with higher backs, greater adjustment options, and lumbar cushions. If money is an issue, higher-end office chairs might offer a better overall experience for a significantly greater price.

Can Gaming Chair Be Used As An Office Chair?

Or, depending on how much you spend, you may get a gaming chair with a more “gamer-friendly” design and unique functions. However, the titles of various kinds of chairs can be a little deceptive. Of course, you can use a gaming chair for work and an office chair for gaming.


When deciding Difference Between Gaming Chair and Office Chair, think about where you’ll put it, how long you expect to spend in it, how much you wish to spend, and whether you’re looking for a specific aesthetic.

Gaming chairs with higher backs, more modification options, and lumbar cushions for the lowest price range do provide getting appropriate support for longer sessions. If you don’t have a budget, though, more luxury office chairs can provide a significantly better experience for a considerably greater price.

Cheaper office chairs, especially ones that are priced similarly to gaming seats, are unlikely to deliver the same level of long-term comfort. If you want to use your chair in a more formal situation or a smaller space, the overall style and size of a gaming chair may not be appropriate. Office chairs feature a far more basic design language than their gaming counterparts, making them easier to fit into your space.

Freuqently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use a gaming chair at the office?

Gaming chairs, on the whole, aren’t designed with ergonomics in mind first and foremost. Even one mid-range game chair might be fine for occasional part-time work, but the truth is that your ordinary gaming chair isn’t a great option for the 9-to-5 grind, at least in our experience.

What’s the difference between a desk chair and a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs have higher backs than office chairs, which have a lower profile. Especially designed gaming chairs generally include reclining, lumbar support, ergonomically designed height, expandable arms, and footrests, among other comfort-enhancing features.

Is it possible to sit in a gaming chair all day?

Because of stress points that cause pain, insufficient lower back support, and wings that force users into uncomfortable sitting positions, gaming chairs are not super comfortable for long periods.

What is the best chair for your back?

Better spinal positions, particularly those in the arms and shoulders, head, and neck, can be achieved by using saddle chairs (pictured). Even when contrasted to other ergonomic chairs, scientific evidence suggests that these chairs lower the risk of damage.

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