Crypto Gems – A Complete Beginner’s Guide


Before diving into the details, a beginner should understand that almost every person who was a crypto investor and became a millionaire was also in the same situation that you are..!watching the Crypto, prices collapsed, and all the weekend shook up, where media is spreading fear and uncertainty about the Crypto and realizing that this could be the last opportunity you have seen to get profits. So here we are sharing a few crypto gems which are not captured and are hidden, which have the excellent probability of giving you 10 to 100X returns. Investing in these hidden crypto gems may make you the next millionaire..!

Here are a few crypto gems that have the potential to rule the market..!

Top 5 Crypto Gems in 2023

Eleva Ways (TRAILS)

Crypto Gems - Eleva Ways
Eleva Ways – Top Crypto Gems

Eleva Ways token presale price as of 7th June 2023:$0.006 

Eleva Ways is a small-cap alt token that aims to harness global support for community development, cultural preservation, and sustainable is an enterprising community initiative that promotes a harmonious relationship between humans and nature, allowing communities and ecosystems to thrive together. From an investment perspective, Eleva Ways are associated with a small-cap crypto coin with an enticing potential return of 10 to 100 times the initial investment. This allure stems from a growing number of volunteers from around the world who are actively participating in the Hanging Trail project. The initiative has garnered significant community outreach and is well-advertised among the target audience to create a strong demand for tokens. Eleva Ways is a hidden crypto gem for investors with promising future profits.

Tokenomics of Eleva Ways

The Eleva Ways tokenomics comprised five successive offerings with distinct token quantities and prices. Ten million tokens were initially offered for $0.0025. This offering raised a total of $25,000. A market value of $600,000 was achieved after 20 million tokens were sold in the second round for $0.006 each, raising $120,000. These successful offerings contributed to the growth and value of the project. In the next game, 15 million tokens were sold at a rate of $0.007, raising $105,000. The fourth round introduced 20 million tokens at $0.008, generating $160,000 and bringing the market cap to 800,000. Finally, the fifth round included the sale of 2 million tokens priced at 0.009, raising 135,000 and increasing the market cap to 900,000.

yPredict (YPRED)

top crypto gems -

yPredict token Presale Price as on 7th June 2023: $0.050

yPredict is a crypto platform where users can get access to AI tools which helps them to make the right investment decision.yPredict has highly researched predictive models and data built by the top 1% of developers and quants. With the help of AI signals, investors can identify how the crypto chart is going to take shape ahead. The crypto market fluctuates anytime investors can gain or lose, and deciding whether it will go up or down isn’t easy. With these complexities of the market, investors and traders get confused as they are predicting the market through social media and news which are not trustworthy.yPredict is solving this issue by giving access to data-driven insights, analytical statistics, and a marketplace from where an investor can get a prediction of cryptocurrency movements. The native token of yPredict is $YPRED, currently in the presale stage. yPredict’s hidden gem cryptocurrency still needs to be covered or found by investors, but it will bloom in the market soon.

Tokenomics of yPredict

The tokenomics of yPredict incorporate a series of offering rounds featuring diverse quantities, prices, raises, and market capitalizations. In Round 1, an offering of 2 million tokens was made at a price of $0.036, resulting in a total raise of $72,000. Round 2 involved the sale of 8 million tokens at a price of $0.0375, raising a total of $300,000. In Round 3, 1.5 million tokens were sold at a price of $0.038, generating a raise of $60,500. Subsequent rounds followed a similar pattern, increasing quantities and prices, leading to progressively higher raises and market capitalizations. Prior to the official release, the penultimate round sold 17.5 million tokens at $0.11 each, generating a total of 1.92 million. Subsequently, 12 million tokens were offered at a price of $0.12 during the launch.

The Sandbox (SAND)

top crypto gems - Sandbox Token

The Sandbox Token Price as of 7th June 2023:$0.50

The Sandbox is a blockchain-based implicit world that allows users to buy, sell, build, and create digital assets through the game form. The Sandbox pioneers a decentralized platform for the gaming community by leveraging decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and innovative technology. This blockchain-based platform is based on the Play-to-earn model, allowing users to be creators and gamers simultaneously. This play-to-earn game platform will enable players to participate and benefit from the game economy through digital assets. Players can join in creating NFTs and DAO and become players as well. 

The Sandbox has three products. First is Game Maker, where users can create 3D games on their LAND using ASSETS. Here users can also edit game elements and NFTs without advanced programming skills. VoxEdit is free software for platform users where users can create avatar equipment like weapons, pets, clothes, etc., and can create NFTs. Third is the marketplace, where users can sell and upload NFTs created by them with SAND tokens. The Sandbox is unique because it has taken blockchain technology to the gaming world. It has made a metaverse of players who can contribute to the platform’s development. Here users can share their ideas and views about the project’s development through decentralized governance.

The Sandbox is getting a rise from investors and users; more exchanges have started trading with SAND tokens, and The Sandbox will set new heights, increasing marketplace and adoption. If you guys are looking for a Crypto which is going to be profitable, this can be a good starter.

Decentralad (MANA)

top crypto gems - MANA token

Decentraland Token Price as on 7th June 2023: $0.4315

Decentrland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain where users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications. Two tokens of Decentraland are MANA and LAND. MANA is the official currency of decentral and. Decentaland platform is entirely owned by its users; within the metaverse, users can purchase plots of land, own non-fungible tokens, and can take part in the decentralized autonomous organization of the platform decentral and DAO.decentraland is built for content creators, and businesses who are looking for the source of entertainment and business opportunity.

To summarize, decentral is a decentralized game where players own lands and choose what to do with their lands .metaverse is divided into several parts, each with a different size and theme .many decentral users generate income by creating and selling items on the marketplace for MANA tokens.MANA is an ERC-20 token, which means it is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is the most popular network for crypto tokens that don’t have their native blockchain.MANA is doing well in the market. If an investor wants to go for the investment, investing in Crypto is good.

Steller (XLM)

Top crypto gems - steller token

Steller token price as on 7th June 2023: $0.087

Steller is a peer-to-peer decentralized network, and its native currency is XLM. It is the intermediate currency for operations and is used to pay transaction fees where protocol converts money in XLM and then into the requested currency. The steller payment protocol is based on distributed ledger technology owned and distributed by the community. Steller emphasizes cross-border transactions with low transaction fees and faster procedures .steller also works as a decentralized exchange and marketplace where platform users can manage orders and select and set their preferred assets in a settlement. Steller supports multi-currency transactions and the ability for cross-currency transactions with stable speed and low transaction costs. Steller looks promising Crypto, which will grow anyway in the coming time.

Crypto Wallet

Normally we keep our physical money in our wallets to keep it safe, same as there is the digital wallet to keep cryptocurrency safe, which allows users to send and receive cryptocurrency securely with the help of private keys or passwords.

A crypto wallet is a software or hardware which enables an investor to store, send and receive cryptocurrency with the help of Keys. Every crypto wallet contains a special pair of these keys: public key and private key.

What is a public key?

The public key of the crypto wallet is extracted from correlating private keys using a statistical function called ‘Elliptic curve multiplication.’ This is cryptographic code that is used to encode messages and verify digital signatures. The public key is like your bank account, which is visible and can be shared with anyone to receive cryptocurrency.

What is a Private Key?

Private is a chain of alphanumeric characters mathematically related to public keys. The private key is a secret code used to access a cryptocurrency wallet and authorize transactions. Private keys are like ATM pins of our bank, which should not be shared with anyone and should be kept secret.

Why do you need a Crypto wallet?

Cryptocurrency can be stored directly on the exchange. Still, it’s not desirable if a user trades cryptocurrency frequently and has a larger amount, as the user’s cryptocurrency is only safe as they use the method to store it. It is advisable to use the crypto wallet to store the cryptocurrency and get full power and control over your finances.

How do Crypto Wallets work?

Banks keep money in the account, and we can access transactions, but unlike banks, crypto wallets do not hold tokens or coins. It just works as a medium to reach their coins through the password keys stored on a public blockchain network. Understanding the relationship between crypto wallets and transactions is crucial. When ‘A’ wants to send coins to ‘B’, ‘B’ shares their public key with ‘A’. This enables ‘A’ to send tokens to ‘B’. The process of recording transactions on the blockchain and verifying them through miners plays a vital role in ensuring the security and trustworthiness of cryptocurrency transactions. To access a transaction, party B must utilize their private key, emphasizing the importance of cryptographic authentication. This is how wallets work.

Types of Crypto Wallets

Primarily there are two types of crypto wallets

Hot wallets (which are software-based)

Cold wallets (which are physical in a hard piece of metal)

Hot Wallets:

A hot wallet device is connected to the Internet, which is easily accessible. There are three subcategories of hot wallets.

  • Web (online) Wallets
  • Mobile Wallets
  • Desktop Wallets

Web Wallets:

Web wallets are the most common type of crypto wallets, prominently used by investors in the category of hot wallets. Web wallets can be accessed anywhere through a web browser with a password key without downloading any specialized app or software.

Mobile Wallets:

To use mobile wallets, users must download specialized applications to access the wallet. Mobile wallets are also connected to the Internet and can be accessed anywhere with Internet service availability.

Desktop wallets:

Functions of desktop wallets and mobile wallets are similar, where users will have to download software or an application that will generate data files to keep the keys of the users. The user will have to generate a password to access the keys.

Cold Wallets

Cold wallets are offline wallets, and the Internet is not required. There are two variants of cold wallets, as mentioned below.

  • Paper wallets
  • Hardware wallets

Paper Wallets:

As the name indicates, it is a piece of paper with a QR code printed. Some wallets also allow downloading code to generate new addresses offline. It’s like the user keeps their Public and private key offline on paper.

Hardware Wallets:

A hardware wallet is a device like a pen drive or USB which stores keys. Hardware wallets provide enhanced security by avoiding internet exposure, ensuring ease of use on any device.

Additionally, wallets can be categorized as custodial or non-custodial, expanding the classification beyond the two main types.

Custodial Wallets:

Custodial wallets are those where private keys, which are required to sign for, are held by exchanges and custodial wallet providers. Users do not have full access to their tokens. Mostly web-based crypto wallets are used to be custodial wallets. This type of wallet is mostly popular with new investors for ease of usage. To check uncertified transactions, the user should check that the custodial wallet provider is implementing strong security measures like email verification, two-factor authentication, bio metric authentication, etc..

Non-Custodial wallet:

Non-custodial wallets give access to the keys to the user, and the user retains complete control over their funds. When the user switches for a non-custodial wallet, the user is given a series of 12 random words, which works when a user forgets keys or account recovery is required.

Factors to consider in choosing a crypto wallet.

Security Features and Reputation of Wallet Provider

The entire crypto wallet feature came into existence to keep users’ funds safe and private keys secure. Hence, security is the most crucial factor when choosing a crypto wallet. This depends on the wallet the user has chosen. When using internet-connected software wallets, ensuring password security is essential for all users.

When choosing a crypto wallet, it is crucial to prioritize security features like two-way authentication, email verification, biometric authentication, and multi-signature. These safeguards protect against hacking attempts, ensuring the account remains secure and unauthorized access is prevented. Details with passwords alone as other security steps are there. One should also check if a backup feature exists in your chosen wallet. Mostly it comes in a seed phrase, which would be used to recover the funds if the user forgets the pin or log in details.

If the user has opted for a hardware wallet, it is really important to check whether that device is secure or not; it is advisable to get one that has CC EAL5+ certified secure element chip where the user’s private keys are stored .here also recovery seed phrase is important, which will give access to user’s private keys in case user lose or break the wallet.

User-friendliness and Accessibility

While having experience with the crypto wallet, it’s very important to have a user-friendly wallet, and the user does not have problems navigating the app and can use it to its fullest. This eliminates needless troubles while using the wallet’s features. While selecting a wallet, it is necessary to check how to proceed if the user forgot to log in or lost the device. What security features and backup processes are available and it should be smooth to avoid unnecessary problems during the recovery process?

Compatibility with the desired cryptocurrency

Whenever a user opts for a crypto wallet,the user will have to check if the wallet supports the crypto that the user wants to hold.For example, suppose a user wants to buy Ethereum,but the wallet supports Bitcoin only;then this won’t be right option for the user.Users can also hold different cryptocurrencies where the user has to find a wallet with multi-currency.

Is a crypto Wallet Necessary for Cryptocurrency Transaction?

Crypto wallets are created to store users’ cryptocurrency securely and safely. Crypto wallets are required for many critical things, which help validate cryptocurrency’s practical utility.

Crypto wallet users can send and receive cryptocurrency securely with a pin and monitor a balance for cryptocurrency assets.

A crypto wallet enables transactions with a username that can be linked with a public key address on a blockchain.

Apart from this, many crypto wallets have applications for businesses where businesses can build their crypto wallets and merge them with payment and other business solutions. 


There is no perfect solution for selecting the right currency that gives you confirmed gains, as this market comes with fluctuations and uncertainty. As we are associated with this market and researching Crypto, we have shared our opinion. As an expert, we have picked Eleva Ways and yPredict as crypto gems that are not discovered yet by investors and have promising futures. It is important to conduct thorough research and due diligence before considering any investment, particularly in the realm of cryptocurrencies.As with any investment opportunity,potential risks and rewards should be carefully assessed and it is advisable to take advice from financial professionals for up to date information.


Investing in crypto gems can present lucrative prospects, but it is crucial to acknowledge the associated risks, perform comprehensive research, and gain a profound understanding of the project prior to committing any investments.

Eleva Ways and yPredict will be the most promising Crypto in 2023. To know more, find a list of best cryptocurrencies to invest in that have picked by the experts.

Crypto wallets are created to keep transactions safe and secure through public and private keys. There are two primary types of wallets: Hot and Cold wallets; user Users should select the right wallet according to their requirements.

Low cap crypto gems are relatively unknown or undervalued cryptocurrencies with small market capitalizations, often offering high growth potential.

You can find low cap crypto gems on various cryptocurrency exchanges, online forums, social media platforms, and dedicated crypto research websites.


Seed Phrase: A chain of random words stores the data required to recover cryptocurrency on blockchains or crypto wallets.

Cryptography: It is the process of coding information so that only that person can read the message for whom it was intended.

NFT: It is an acronym for a non-fungible token that works the same as cryptocurrency.

Crypto Investor: Someone who invests in cryptocurrencies, aiming for high returns and potential profits.

Crypto Gems: Undervalued cryptocurrencies with the potential for significant returns.

Volatility: The rapid and significant price fluctuations often observed in cryptocurrencies.

Hidden Gems: Undiscovered cryptocurrencies that have the potential to generate substantial profits.

Small-cap Alt Tokens: Cryptocurrencies with a relatively small market capitalization.

Compatibility: The ability of a crypto wallet to support a specific cryptocurrency or multiple cryptocurrencies.

Practical Utility: The usefulness and functionality of cryptocurrencies in real-world transactions and business applications.

Financial Market: The overall environment in which cryptocurrencies operate, characterized by volatility, uncertainty, and potential opportunities.

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