Top 8 Best Slide In Electric Range 30 Inch 2023 Buyer Guide

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With so many options to choose from Best Slide In Electric Range 30 Inch. It can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to purchasing a new appliance for your house. You can choose between freestanding electric ranges a gas range fitted into the wall or an induction slide-in range.

A slide-in (or front-control) range can give your kitchen a sophisticated design without costing a fortune. After carefully examining various radiant-electric and induction slide-in stoves, we concluded that the GE JS760 is a reasonably priced choice that will fit well in most kitchens. It is from a well-known brand and has a beautiful selection of cooking functions.

We’re here to persuade you to choose just one arrangement for your kitchen from a wide range of possibilities. Looking for a slide-in electric range with a sleek, custom-built appearance? We’ve got eight of the greatest models for you to choose from.

What Is A Slide-In Electric Range?

With a tight fit, a slide-in electric range is designed to slip into a specific area or cabinetry. The controls on this style of the gun are always located on the front of the gun. The sides and back are not frequently polished, and the back guard is not very bulky. The top of a slide-in electric range would overhang the countertop because it fits between two cabinets.

Types Of Electric Slide-In Ranges

Electric ranges with Slide-In choices are divided into two categories:

Electric Smooth Top

One of the most popular slide-in range options is the electric smooth top range. Ceramic glass with a heating element is commonly used to make the top of a stove. Smooth top ranges take longer to reach the proper temperature than gas ranges, and the residual heat they generate causes the elements to cool more slowly. Smooth top ranges take longer to reach the proper temperature than gas ranges, and the residual heat they generate causes the elements to cool more slowly.

Electric Induction

Coils are concealed on the top of an electric induction stove, making it easier to cook. To transfer heat to induction-capable cookware, these ranges use electromagnetism and a metal coil. Cooking on an induction range doesn’t use any more energy than cooking on an electric range.

Freestanding Electric Ranges

A freestanding range does not have to be integrated into the kitchen cabinet design and can be put anywhere in the kitchen on its own. While freestanding ranges can also fit between the kitchen cabinets, they are more expensive than their slide-in counterparts and do not look as beautiful.

Slide-In Electric Ranges

If you can’t decide between a freestanding and a slide-in range, you’re not alone. Freestanding cooktops have some advantages over Slide-in electric ranges, including the following: To avoid getting burned by a hot pan, slide-in electric ranges feature temperature controls on the front.

Overlapping the countertop effortlessly, these ranges give the kitchen a built-in look that is both classy and modern. Easy to install, slide-in electric stoves give your kitchen a modern, polished appearance. This sort of range has no back guard, allowing you to check the splashback in all its glory. The slide-in range makes cleanup a breeze because spills and food don’t run down the side.

In a Hurry??? Check Top 3 Electric Slide-In Range Below…

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Our Recommendations

ImageProductGlobal RatingPrice
Frigidaire FFES3025PS30

Frigidaire FFES3025PS30

  • 4.3 out of 5 Stars
Bosch HEI8054U 800

Bosch HEI8054U 800

  • 4.2 out of 5 Stars


  • 4 out of 5 Stars
GE JS760SLSS Smoothtop Cooktop

GE JS760SLSS Smoothtop Cooktop

  • 4.2 out of 5 Stars
6.3 cu. ft. Electric Single Oven

6.3 cu. ft. Electric Single Oven

  • 4.1 out of 5 Stars
Frigidaire FGES3065PF

Frigidaire FGES3065PF

  • 4.1 out of 5 Stars
GE PS960SLSS Electric Smoothtop

GE PS960SLSS Electric Smoothtop

  • 4.4 out of 5 Stars
GE Appliances JS645SLSS

GE Appliances JS645SLSS

  • 4.3 out of 5 Stars

List Of Top 8 Best Slide In Electric Range 30 Inch 2023

Following are the Top 8 Best Slide In Electric Range 30 Inch 2023:

Our Top Pick Slide In Electric Range : Frigidaire FFES3025PS30

Frigidaire FFES3025PS30

The 30-inch slide-in range with four heating elements, a microwave, and a storage drawer makes baking and cooking a breeze. The range also features warning lights that indicate when the top is hot so that you don’t touch it.

Automatic shut-off and delayed cooking are both available in this range. In addition, you have a timer with a delay start option, which is quite useful if you have guests and want to serve the dish hot and fast. You may get everything ready and still use the delay start feature.

Personal Review

It’s been three months since I installed this stove, and I’m still in love with it. The package arrived on schedule. I had it installed by my handyman, who performed an excellent job. The burners are well-balanced, and the storage capacity is adequate.

  • Using a burner ensures that the food is cooked evenly.
  • There’s enough room for everything.
  • Timer and lockout feature.
  • An oven rack that has five slots
  • Elements that can be expanded in terms of space
  • Color-coordinated door and large window
  • The oven fan make a lot of sound
  • A flimsy drawer at the base of the chest
  • We don’t have any rising air from the south.

Runner Up Pick Slide-In Electric Range : Bosch HEI8054U 800

Bosch HEI8054U 800

With a 30-inch width and a solid design, the Bosch Slide-in electric range is the perfect addition to a high-end kitchen. In addition to five heating components, a baking drawer, and a convection oven, the kitchen range has a smooth surface.

Cooking elements on the electric range extend over the counter. There is an extensible feature that allows you to store larger pots and pans. Additionally, it has a warming element & LED lights that indicate the state of the heaters.

In addition to convection conversion, the convection oven gives you access to 11 cooking modes, including fast warm-up, proof dough, pizza, and so on. Convection ovens include warming drawers beneath them to keep food warm while you cook your main dish.

Personal Review

I had none of the issues that other reviewers reported. This stove not only looks great, but it also works perfectly. The German-made glass is of the highest quality. There is only one problem I have with this stovetop: the stainless vent on the back of the stove does not extend to the end of the glass top, leaving a gap in your counter!

Because so many other reviewers agree that Bosch’s current design is flawed, we can only hope that they fix it in the future. The vendor replaced the broken warming drawer that was sent with a brand-new one.

  • Elements that have red lights on them imply that they’re currently active.
  • Vents are built into the oven to reduce smoke.
  • Cleans up with a simple swipe of the hand
  • There are a total of eleven cooking modes.
  • Two heating elements in unit
  • Without a power cord, the range is useless.
  • The oven finish has a strong chemical smell.
  • Unwieldy and time-consuming to transport

Editor Choice 30-Inch Slide-In Electric Range : GE PHS930SLSS


With an induction cooktop and a convection oven, the GE Profile PHS930 provides a safer, faster, and more precise cooking experience than radiant electric cooktops. The slide-in range features 5 induction components, a cooktop, and a warming drawer. A Wi-Fi-enabled LED display monitors the induction range’s touch-sensitive controls. So, you can control your smart induction range oven from your smartphone.

Multiple racks measuring 23 x 16 can be placed higher or lower in the range oven according to your preference. With Chef Connect, you can sync clocks, range elements, surface lights, and vents all in one convenient location. You shouldn’t have to move or stir food about as much when conducting a sauté because the heat is instant and there are no hot spots in the pans.

Personal Review

Unlike our gas stove, which would take at least 60 minutes to clean, and much longer if you had a boil-over? Silicone baking sheets for small personal-sized pizzas that work excellent to keep induction elements clean and unscratched, as well as pan bottoms like new, are what we use to cook on.

  • Glide controls allow you to fine-tune the temperature.
  • The induction oven quickly and evenly heats the pan.
  • Controlling and using touch panels is simple.
  • Cleanup is a snap with long-lasting racks.
  • Using your smartphone, you may operate the oven remotely.
  • This device’s front-facing glass is not shatterproof.

Best Seller Electric Range Slide : GE JS760SLSS Smoothtop Cooktop

GE JS760SLSS Smoothtop Cooktop

A slide-in range with modern controls and an attractive design is a good option to consider. The electric radiant range has five heating elements, one of which is warmer. The top ceramic plates can be activated using either a knob or a touch panel.

With its classic slate-colored oven, the electric range looks great with any of the kitchen’s white, black, grey, or brown cabinets. Auto shut-off, self-clean, rapid bake, delay bake and delay clean, LED light, and cool down time display are all included in the oven’s features.

Personal Review 

The oven and burners heat up quickly. Broiling has yet to be tried. All muffins in a tray or two are baked to the same level of brownness using the convection bake option. Roasting meats with a convection oven adds an extra layer of browning to the meat. When you need to boil a lot of water quickly, Power Boil burners are the best option.

However, they aren’t as simple to control on low or simmer. When I’m cooking delicate dishes, I use the back burners on the stove. In the course of setting up a large supper, I’ve only utilized the 5th warming element a couple of times. Three keypad settings keep mashed potatoes and sauce warm, but there’s no knob for the fifth burner.

  • To avoid accidental activation of items, use a control lock.
  • Reduces steam and smoke in the oven with an in-built fan
  • The digital display serves as both a timer and a countdown.
  • Recipe conversion on the go, as well as Sabbath mode
  • This oven has excellent temperature control.
  • Options to delay cleaning and baking
  • Because of the thin lip on both sides, it is difficult to clean.
  • The stovetop is prone to scuffs and dents.

Customer Pick 30-Inch Electric Range Slide-In : 6.3 cu. ft. Electric Single Oven

LG LSE4613ST 30

With four heat sources, ProBake Convection, and six knob settings, the LG LSE4613ST slide-in electric range excels. Displays of the current state of these knobs can be seen in the middle.

After baking or roasting, you may keep your food warm in the warmer drawer located between the two rear parts of the oven on the smooth top range. A heated element is within easy reach of the warmer drawer.

Several of the range’s smaller components can be utilized with smaller pans, one of which is part of the larger unit. Using a bridge connection, you may link the left-side burners and expand their capacity, allowing you to cook with larger pots and pans.

Personal Review

I found a terrific deal on a product from an online merchant! The price was so low that I assumed it had been refurbished. The item was brand new when it was shipped to me, and it performs exactly as stated.

  • Stainless steel trim encircles the main cooking area of the glass top.
  • The oven heats up quickly and there is no loss of heat.
  • Uses steam to clean it.
  • Hidden burning components
  • Knob controls that are simple to use and understand
  • A larger viewing area for keeping tabs on your meals
  • The oven door has two glass panels on it, and splatter can get in there.
  • The variety is not child-resistant.
  • I find it difficult to remove stubborn stains from the surface.

Best Slide In Electric Range 30 Inch : Frigidaire FGES3065PF

Frigidaire FGES3065PF

Gallery by Frigidaire is a 30-inch smooth surface range that features a double convection oven, five heating components, and a smooth top. Both a dual element, as well as a warming element, is included in the set.

Using the touch controls, which include bake, broil, quick warm-up, microwave, and keep warm mode, takes the guesswork out of cooking. As an added convenience, the range includes a variety of time-delaying functions such as a delay timer and a delay start timer.

Personal Review

A quick and odorless 20-minute oven cleaning method exists. You may clean your oven in two hours using the self-clean cycle. Temperature sensors are easy to use, and they tell you when the desired cooking temperature has been attained.

  • Cooking and baking can be done faster with a quick pre-heating of the oven.
  • Multiple dishes can be prepared simultaneously.
  • Pizza & chicken nuggets have been pre-programmed.
  • Because it’s Smudge-Proof, stainless steel won’t show up on your clothes.
  • Using the self-cleaning option, you don’t have to scrub the oven.
  • Monitor and replace food items from the extendable rack.
  • Allows you to add a minute to your cooking time with the press of a button
  • Vibrating noises might be heard from the cooling fan.
  • Before it heats up, the machine blows chilly air.

Top Electric Slide-In Range : GE PS960SLSS Electric Smoothtop

GE PS960SLSS Electric Smoothtop

Even cooking and baking can be achieved with this convection oven electric range’s precision air movement technology and contemporary style. Your mobile can be used to operate the functions of the oven on the stainless-steel range.

The temperature can be adjusted with the sweep of a finger thanks to the range’s glide touch controls. The convection oven has elements with a combined surface area of 8 and 5 that can be controlled with a single button, allowing you to use larger cookware when cooking a large quantity of food.

Personal Review

In the year that I’ve owned it, there have been no issues whatsoever. It’s both beautiful and functional. A double oven is a godsend because it heats up in a flash. In terms of electric ranges, this is about as good as it gets. I love how it looks in my contemporary kitchen.

  • Cooking is monitored via a temperature probe that is embedded in the food.
  • Using a fast preheat ensures that your meals are ready promptly.
  • Overwhelmingly durable oven racks
  • Oven with self-cleaning features
  • Gliding controls on a digital display.
  • There are a total of five radiant elements in this design.
  • Allows for a delay bake, a delayed start, and a Sabbath mode
  • It’s difficult to get the top clean.
  • Disable or modify a setting that isn’t available through the App.

Best 30 Slide-In Electric Range : GE Appliances JS645SLSS

GE Appliances JS645SLSS

Two 3100 W 9/6 power boil elements on the GE JS64 electric slide-in smooth top range allow you to easily adjust the pots and pans on the range and boil water 25 percent faster than the typical GE heating elements.

The electric range includes professional as well as stylish stainless steel controls that give you a strong feel while using. You’ll also receive a full-width storage drawer with a slide-in range for your kitchen’s other necessities. The oven has two cavities, each of which generates an equal amount of heat.

Electric ranges come with completed sides, allowing for a variety of installation options. There is enough room in the oven to cook a full dinner at once, with a capacity of 5.3 cubic feet. In addition, the line’s self-cleaning capabilities require no scrubbing at all.

Personal Review

The entire oven is heated uniformly. The oven component of this stove has a digital thermometer, which allows you to set the precise temperature you desire. Because of how rapidly the burners on my stovetop heat up, I can cook faster. This is a gorgeous stove that looks great in our newly renovated kitchen.

  • The white LED makes it simple to keep an eye on the screen’s content.
  • Self-cleaning with steam
  • A huge oven can accommodate a lot of food.
  • If you’re going to use a power boil, you should use it for everything.
  • Cookie sheets, pots, and other cooking utensils can all be stored in the removable drawer.
  • Installation flexibility with polished side surfaces
  • A rolled countertop won’t fit the stove.
  • It’s common for pans to bang on the controls when cooking.

Product Comparison

GE makes other different slide-in varieties, so if you like the look of one in particular but we don’t expressly mention it in this tutorial, it should be alright. Most of GE’s major cooking appliances have high editorial reviews, above-average owner ratings, and a respectable reputation among appliance experts like technicians and kitchen designers.

The now-discontinued HII8055U is a model of the 800 Series made by Bosch that had an induction cooktop. It costs a lot of money, has any bridgeable elements, and has cooktop controls that aren’t as sleek as the ones on the GE Profile range that we adore.

We previously recommended the 6.3 cu. ft. Electric Single Oven, which was also on our shortlist for this update. On paper, it seems promising because it has a sizable oven and most reviews are favorable. However, LG’s ProBake convection technology, Which positions the baking element near the fan in the back of the oven, has received far too many owner complaints.

Unsurprisingly, many individuals lament the uneven cooking of their meals, with burned food in the back of the oven and undercooked food on the bottom. We now avoid LG models with ProBake because of a sufficiently widespread complaint. For much the same reasons, we rejected the 6.3 cu. ft. Electric Single Oven induction version.

A close competitor was the now-discontinued Whirlpool WEE745H0FS. It was priced similarly to the GE Profile PHS930 and featured equivalent cooktop and oven specifications. However, the owner evaluations were somewhat alarming because many users complained about the finish “peeling off” or chipping.

Additionally, Whirlpool’s proprietary AquaLift steam self-cleaning technology, which is commonly included without a high-heat substitute, is disliked by consumers. We rejected the KitchenAid KSEG700E and Maytag MES8800FZ for the same reasons: Each model has unfavorable owner evaluations and only provides AquaLift self-cleaning.

The one exception is the KitchenAid KSIB900ESS, which employs induction technology, offers touch-based burner controls, good reviews, and a high-heat self-cleaning option. Its structure is more complex, though.

Three actions involve turning on an element: turning on the cooktop, choosing the element, and adjusting the power with a touch-based sliding scale. Reviews we’ve seen describe this procedure as needing to be more complex and precise.

We also thoroughly examined two Samsung models later withdrawn from the market: the NE58K9560WS and NE58N9430SG. On paper, Samsung ranges always appear fantastic, and both of these models had excellent specifications, including potent burners, large ovens, and feature-rich convection settings. We could not firmly endorse Samsung at the time because we were not sure they had resolved their all-too-familiar customer service and quality control difficulties.

The Frigidaire FFEH3054US, the electric variant of our affordable gas slide-in selection, was the last appliance we examined. It is an excellent low-cost solution that is affordable and ought to function well. Said, the GE JS645 provides much more value for your money.

Product Testing

We know what it takes to produce an excellent kitchen device because we are ardent food and beverage enthusiasts who have written about things like meal kits, pressure cookers, microwaves, and sous-vide immersion circulators. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or adding a wall oven you’ve always wanted to replace an outdated range with, we have your back.

To help customers choose which burners are best for simmering soup and which can become hot enough to sear a steak properly, we measure each burner’s maximum and minimum temperature for items that have them.

A range or cooktop with numerous burners with a wide variety of temperature capabilities will perform effectively. Scores will be lower if only one burner can perform each task or if burners cannot attain extraordinarily high or low temperatures.

Boiling a pot of water is one of the most frequent jobs for a stove or cooktop. We use a pot of the proper size and halfway fill it with purified water for each burner. Then, we place a thermometer vertically in the center of the water column and horizontally in the center of the pot. We keep an eye on the thermocouple and note how long it takes for the water to warm up to 212°F.

After 35 minutes, the test is terminated if the water temperature has not reached 212°F. We grade the water boil test based on how quickly the water boils because the water volume varies depending on the size of the burner: Higher scores will be obtained with faster water boiling, whereas lower scores will be obtained with slower water boiling.

We time how long it takes for the oven to reach the preheating temperature of 350°F using a stopwatch. When the oven’s preheat indicator beeps, we pause the timer. Shorter preheating times yield more significant marks, whereas longer preheating times yield lower results because no one wants to wait for an eternity.

Best Slide-In Electric Range 30 Inch Buyer’s Guide

A slide-in range is one of the most significant and pricey kitchen appliances that you’ll ever purchase, so you’ll want to make an educated choice to locate the best electric range for your needs. When looking for an oven, these are the most crucial things to look for.

Capacity For Cooking

Most slide-in ovens are between 2 and 5 cubic feet in capacity, although larger ovens, double ovens, and even models with a bottom and upper oven can provide much more oven area for preparing a significant amount of food at once. However, if you only have a small family, not much kitchen area, or if you occasionally find yourself in the situation of cooking for many, an oven with a 4-5 cubic-foot volume is ideal.

A Component Of A Heater

The oven’s interior heating element is a critical component and the first to wear out after prolonged use and exposure to the elements. These, on the other hand, may be easily and cheaply replaced. In addition to metal (such as nichrome and cupronickel), polymer, ceramic, and semiconductor heating components are also available. However, the cooktop surface of the oven can also be referred to as a heating element. Here’s more on that.

The Surface On Which Food Is Prepared

Ceramic and induction cooking surfaces are among the options available in an electric oven’s cooking surface. If the cooking elements in your oven are expandable, you can create a larger cooking surface by connecting two of them with an expanding bridge zone.

Ceramic glass, for example, maybe more easily scratched than other types of cooktop surfaces, so placing a baking sheet between the tray as well as the cooktop surface can help prevent scratches. Like when looking for a traditional or electric stove, you may wish to check for a few alternative oven capabilities to simplify your cooking process.

Apart from standard features like racks, a warming drawer, a storage drawer for baking pans and other trays, heat distribution that’s even over the entire oven, high heat settings, and the ability to bake on multiple racks at the same time, current ranges offer a slew of other features.

These include microwave cooking and thermal baking options, and air fryer modes, some even have a glass multitouch panel with smart capabilities that allow you to operate the oven via a voice assistant or a smart device.

Some oven modes are designed to perform specific jobs, such as melting chocolate. There are also temperature sensors that can notify you exactly when the meat has achieved the ideal internal temperature, as well as a hot surface indicator and a convection bake mode.


Here we conclude all about the Best Slide In Electric Range 30 Inch; An elegant design can be achieved in your kitchen without breaking the bank with a slide-in (or front-control) range. GE JS760 induction slide-in stove is a good choice for most kitchens, according to our research, which included 56 different radiant-electric or induction slide-in stoves. It has a wide range of cooking options and is made by a well-known brand.

You wouldn’t be constantly adjusting your parameters. As a result, it is imperative that you get a top-quality cooking range. Slide-in electric ranges are extremely convenient to use, allowing you to cook in a variety of ways, and they’re easy to clean and maintain without the risk of side spillage. They also give your kitchen a modern style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best stove brand out there?

In the Range category, Bosch claimed to be the most dependable home appliance brand. GE, Frigidaire, Jenn-Air, Viking, Frigidaire, Café, and Samsung are also strong candidates. For example, the Bosch model performed admirably when it came to high and low cooktop temperatures as well as self-cleaning.

Are All slides in ranges of equal length?

In contrast to many other equipment, range dimensions have remained consistent over time. For the most part, 30 wide openings are the standard for freestanding, slide-in, and drop-in ranges alike. Generally speaking, the standard countertop height is 36, and most ranges likewise have a surface height of 36.

GE or Frigidaire, which is better?

Like smooth-top electric stoves in general, the GE Best Buy produced consistently better outcomes than the Frigidaire. In both baking and broiling, the cooktops performed excellently. It also has a large oven capacity and an easy-to-clean oven surface.

Are GE ranges have a reputation for being high-quality appliances?

GE ranges are built to last, even in the cheapest versions, and this makes them an ideal first choice when you’re seeking to replace your current range.

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